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Broken wings

The disaster is ruthless and people are affectionate. In the face of disaster, we can choose to escape or choose to face. In my opinion, the person who chooses to escape is not necessarily a coward. Maybe he still needs time to heal, or maybe there is something in his heart that cannot be told, or he needs a medicine to nourish the mind to fill the defects in his heart. Choosing a face is not necessarily a strong one. Maybe he has a responsibility on his shoulder. Maybe he still has a spirit of not admitting defeat, or maybe he proves himself. However, whether you are passive or active, it seems to me that people's life should not be defeated by setbacks and failures, but should be overcome in setbacks and failures, learn to be strong, learn to think, learn to arm Is the real hero.

His name is Yu Zhiwen. When he was 9 years old, he lost his right and left arms because of a railway accident. From then on, he could only live with his right arm and then steel bars. For the 9-year-old child, it is time to replenish knowledge, play, and fantasies, but his heart is filled with tremendous trauma and spend his childhood. Perhaps it was a childhood that left a deep wound on his mind, so he will become stronger and stronger on the road in the future.

He has not been defeated by setbacks, but has gradually explored the value of his own life and sought his own values ​​in the face of setbacks. We must know that suffering is only a tempering for a person, but it is just for you to create value that the world cannot create. When he lost his hands, he did not bow his head, but he quickly stepped out of the shadows and continued his future. He knew that his life and others were destined to be unusual, because others were healthy limbs, and he... Therefore, in the future life path, he chooses to be stronger than others. He has self-study to obtain correspondence literature through his own efforts and a little talent, but this is not enough. In order to survive, he has more highlights for his life. He also gradually studied paintings and calligraphy. Paper-cutting, writing, etc., and re-exhibition of painting and calligraphy, won many municipal and provincial awards, and was invited to be a guest guest to attend these events. There is a saying that is very good. "Ten years of work under the stage, ten minutes on stage." He was not proud of the glory of painting and calligraphy, but actively studied writing, and also achieved good results in different levels of competition. Perhaps, in the case of others, he is already good enough, but he did not feel it, but continued to work hard and continue the long journey of the future.

For a person who has lost his hands, how difficult is it to write a good hand and draw a good picture? How much hard sweat does he have to pay for his stage? It is conceivable that he has paid the unpredictable sweat of ordinary people. Success is not easy, but it is not difficult. The key depends on how you position it. I didn't communicate much with each other, but I got attached to the text. He added my QQ and sent a lot of works to me. I am both praised for his work and proud of his spirit. However, there is a kind of quality that makes me shake for me. That is the "German" that he possesses. This "German" is what many unsuccessful uncles now have, that is, "Humble, be humbly and learn."

The value of life lies in struggle, in exploration. When I see his back, it reminds me of those who created history in the Paralympics, the athletes who struggled and killed the battlefield. From their body, let me understand the truth. "If you are alive, you have to do something meaningful. Don't waste your time, don't blame others, don't go to yourself, don't go to..., but go to the wings of the wings to find yourself lost. the value of".

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