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Classic inspirational story "A little progress every day, a miracle will happen"
There is a big whale in Hong Kong Ocean Park. Although it weighs 8600 kilograms, it not only jumps 6.6 meters above the surface, but also performs various acrobatics to tourists. In the face of this miraculous whale, someone asked the trainer for the secret of training. The trainer said that when we first started training, we would first put the rope under the water so that the whale had to pass over the rope. Every time the whale passed, the whale would be rewarded. Gradually, we will raise the rope, but each time the increase is very small, about two centimeters, so that the whale can jump over and gain rewards without much effort. Therefore, this often rewarded whale will be happy to accept the next training. Over time, the height of the whale jumped gradually, and finally reached 6.6 meters.
The trainer finally concluded that the trick to their success in training whales is to make it a little bit better each time. It is this insignificant accumulation of a little bit, and it has made amazing progress over time.
In the unit of measurement, there is a smaller unit of mass called ounces. It is often cited to borrow negligible things. However, just as the trainer trained whales just now, even if you make an ounce every time, to a certain extent, it will create a great miracle!
Every time you make an ounce, it's expensive every time. According to legend, the ancient Mongols also used this method when training Hercules. (Inspirational story) Specifically: they will let the children graze up the mountain with their newly born calves every day. The calves are often more than ten kilograms at this time, and the children can easily do the job. In this way, as the calf grows up day by day, the children's strength is getting bigger and bigger. Finally, when the calf grows into a few hundred pounds of big cows, the children also practice the power of power!

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