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Believe that you are an eagle

A man caught a young eagle in the eagle's nest on the top of the mountain. He took the young eagle home and raised it in a chicken cage. This young eagle is eating, frolicking and resting with the chicken. It thought that it was a chicken. The eagle grew up, the wings were full, and the owner wanted to train it as a falcon, but because it was mixed with the chicken all day long, it had become exactly the same as the chicken, and there was no desire to fly. The owner tried all kinds of methods and had no effect. Finally, he took it to the top of the mountain and threw it out. The eagle was like a stone, falling straight down, and it was desperately flapping its wings in a panic, and as it was, it finally flew! Tip 1: Train the power to summon success.

Five gold coins

There is a man named Abag who lives on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Once, the young Abag and his father lost their way on the grassland. Abag was tired and afraid, and he couldn’t move in the end. Dad took out five coins from his pocket, buried one coin in the grass, and placed the other four in Abag's hand, saying: "There are 5 gold coins in life, childhood, youth, youth, middle age. There is one in the old age. You only use one one now. It is the one buried in the grass. You can’t throw five pieces into the grassland. You have to use it a little bit. Every time you use it differently. This is not the case for life. Today we must go out of the grassland, you must also go out of the grassland in the future. The world is very big, people are alive, you have to take some more places, take a look, don't let your gold coins useless Off." With the encouragement of his father, Abagh stepped out of the grassland that day. When he grew up, Abag left his hometown and became an excellent captain. Tip 2: Cherish life and get out of the frustrations of the swamp.

Full reason

A bus full of passengers was moving fast along the downhill road, and one person followed the car tightly behind him. A passenger sticks his head out of the window and says to the person chasing the car: "Brother! Count it, you can't catch it!"
"I have to catch up with it," the man said, panting, "I am the driver of this car."

First place

At the graduation ceremony, the principal announced that the first classmates of the whole year came to the stage to receive the award, but after several consecutive calls, the student slowly took the stage.
Later, the teacher asked the student, "What's wrong? Is it sick? Or didn't you hear it clearly?"
The student replied: "No, I am afraid that other students have not heard clearly."

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