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After many failures, it is equal to success

After countless failures, it is equal to success . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
This law says: If you meet 10 customers and only get a 200 yuan order at the last customer, how do you think about the first 9 failures and rejections?
Liao always explained: "Remember, the reason why you earn 200 yuan is because you met 10 customers, not the 10th customer. Every customer makes you earn 200/10=20 yuan. Therefore, the income for each rejection is 20 yuan. Therefore, when you are rejected, you should smile and salute the customer because he makes you earn 20 yuan."
Japan’s Nissan Motorsport’s king, Okura, has a similar saying.
He saw from a car magazine that according to statistics, the success rate of Japanese car salesmen visiting customers is 1/30. In other words, one of the 30 customers who visited will buy a car. This information made him very excited.
He understands that as long as he continues to visit 29 consecutively, the 30th is the buyer. (Inspirational story) The most important thing is that he believes that not only the 30th buyer, but also the previous 29 should be thankful, because if there is no previous setbacks, how can there be a 30th success!
Indeed, a rock, still struck under the hammer 99 times, still does not move, the 100th impact, finally made it burst open... Do you think it is only this last blow? of course not!
You are very hungry and bought 5 pieces of bread. When you finished the 5th piece, you found it full. Would you think so? As early as this, the first 4 pieces of bread don't have to be bought. Of course not!
In the face of all the setbacks and rejections in life, I think that each of us should face with a good attitude and always thank them. Only in this way will we pay for each step. Because the final success is always accumulated by the numerous failures in the past. This is the reason that "Liao Rongdian's percentage law" tells us.

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