Inspirational story

Two inspirational stories

Two inspirational stories

A father, once with his son to visit Van Gogh, the former residence. After seeing the small wooden bed and the cracked leather shoes used before Gao Sheng, the son asked his father: "Where is Gao? Isn't it a millionaire?" The father replied: "Where? Gao is not even a wife." The poor on the raft."
The following year, the father took his son to Denmark. Before Andersen’s former residence, the son asked confusedly: “Dad, isn’t Ansin living in the palace?” Father replied: “Andersen is the son of a shoemaker, he I live in this attic."
The father is a sailor and he travels to various ports in the Atlantic every year. His son, Il Bra, is the first black journalist to win the Pritz Prize in American history.
Twenty years later, when recalling his childhood, Il Pradesh said: "At that time, our family was very poor, and our parents depended on selling hard labor for a living. For a long time, I always thought that it would be impossible for a black man like us to have a low status. What happened? Fortunately, my father let me know Van Gogh and Andersen, these two people told me that God did not mean this."
In real life, many people always complain that "God" is unfair, always saying that "God" makes me so poor, why make me so humble, why not give me this, don't give it to me. They attributed their failure or unsatisfactory reasons to fate, using "God" as an excuse, and never looking for reasons. In fact, "God" is fair. He never looks at humiliating people. He has never taken the dreams and opportunities of humble people.
Regardless of the living environment, the starting point is not the indicator light for people to develop their potential in the future. The root of the problem is that success has little to do with the human context, and it is more related to one's self-confidence and its ability to develop its own potential. If you can stand up and not be scared by the temporary predicament, you may be able to rise and celebrate your beautiful life.

There is a young man who went to the city because he was poor and didn't read many books. He wanted to find a job. However, he found that no one in the city could afford him because he did not have a diploma. Just when he decided to leave the city, he suddenly wanted to write a letter to the famous banker Ross at the time. In the letter, he complained about how unfair his fate is. "If you can lend me some money, I will go to school first and then find a good job."
When the letter was sent out, he kept waiting in the hotel. After a few days passed, he used up the last penny of his body and packed the baggage. (Inspirational story) At this moment, the landlord said that he had a letter from his banker, Ross. However, Ross did not express sympathy for his experience, but told him a story in the letter.
Ross said: "There are a lot of fish living in the vast ocean. The fish have fish rods, but the sharks have no fish rods. The sharks without the fish rods are impossible to live because they are extremely inconvenient and easy to sink. Into the bottom of the water, you can die in the ocean as soon as you stop. In order to survive, the shark can only keep moving. After many years, the shark has a strong body and become the most ferocious fish of its kind." Finally, Rose Said, "This city is a vast ocean. There are many people with diplomas, but there are very few successful people. You are now a fish without fish..."
That night, the young man could not sleep on the bed for a long time, and he was thinking about Ross’s letter. Suddenly, he changed his decision. The next day, he told the owner of the hotel that he could stay as a waiter for a bowl of rice, and don’t pay for a penny. The hotel owner did not believe that there was such a cheap labor force in the world and was happy to leave him. Ten years later, he possessed the wealth that the whole American envied, and married the daughter of the banker Rose, who is the oil king Hart.
The fish without the fish has grown into the most ferocious shark, and Hart without the diploma eventually became the oil king. God never gave a fixed pattern to life, never said what kind of life is destined for what kind of person. Many times it is not poverty that hinders us from moving forward. It is precisely superior. So don't be blinded by the background, origin, bloodlines, and the external things of the environment, wealth, qualifications, etc., to discover the use of opportunities, hinder the possibility of discovering and exploiting opportunities. As long as you have dreams and pursuits in your heart, you may wish to abandon those doubts and limitations and listen to the call of the soul.
There are some difficulties in all aspects of life. There is such a person, every time someone sees him, he is a sigh of sigh. Once he complained to others about the problems he encountered in his life: the stocks he bought fell again, the gas prices went up, the leaders in the company criticized, the body was uncomfortable, and so on, one problem has not been solved, another A problem has followed. At the end, he came: "If there is not so much trouble in the world, then it will be fine."

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