Inspirational story

100 inspirational stories

Story 1

At the graduation ceremony, the principal did not say a word, but held a 10-dollar bill in his hand and asked more than 1,000 graduates: "Who wants this 10 yuan?" One hand raised it, But the principal did not give it, but instead smashed the banknotes and asked: "Who wants it?" There are still people raising their hands. The headmaster threw the banknotes on the ground, stepped on one foot, stepped hard, grinded hard, and picked up the already dirty and wrinkled banknotes. He asked again, "Who wants now?" I started.

"Classmates, no matter how I treat this banknote, you still want him because it has no depreciation. It still costs 10 yuan." The principal said with excitement: "In the future life path, you will be like this coin. The same, you may be knocked down by adversity at any time, or even crushed, but in any case, you should never lose its inherent value.

Story 2

In the autumn of that year, the floods raged and the riverbank broke. The village became a sea ocean, and the rescue team rescued many lives that were at stake. Suddenly I heard the cry of the child. When I saw it, I saw a six- or seven-year-old child drifting on the water. Both hands clasped a piece of wood that was out of the water, and it looked terrified. The child was rescued on the boat, his mouth was too speechless, and he could keep pointing at the bottom of the water. The diver sneaked into the water and looked stunned. His father held the bottom of the wooden pole tightly, and the mother kept the child's posture. The flood just took their lives, because the body was still warm when rescued. However, just at the moment when their lives are about to be swallowed up, they left the hope of life to the children, and staged such a thrilling scene.

Only the power of parental love in the world will create such an unimaginable miracle. In times of crisis, young parents use their last love to support their children's lives.

Story 3

In a fierce battle, the captain suddenly found an enemy plane swooping down to the position. As usual, I found that the enemy plane should not hesitate to fall down when diving. The captain didn't fall down immediately. He found that there was a little soldier standing still four or five meters away from him. He couldn't think much about it, and a fish jumped to the body and pressed the little soldier tightly underneath. At this time a loud noise, the splash of mud fell on them. The captain patted the dust on his body and looked back. He was shocked: the position he was in was blown into a big pit.

Experience: Helping others while helping others!

Story 4

Ma Jiajue, a student from a university in Yunnan, came from a remote area and a poor family. In addition, his appearance was unremarkable and his personality was introverted. Therefore, he was ridiculed and isolated by his classmates. Several roommates living in a dormitory often degraded him. Over time, Ma Jiajue could not feel the love from the surrounding people, but at this time he was far from his hometown and away from his parents and relatives, and his troubles were nowhere to be solved. When the accumulation of depression exceeded the limits of his psychological endurance, he chose an extreme way to kill several roommates in the same room with extremely cruel means.

Here is a hypothesis of love. If you are also a student of Ma Jiajue, when someone laughs at the isolated classmate from a poor family, do you have the courage to stand with him? Would you say a comfort to him? You will give him A warm look?

Story 5

In the 4th century BC, a young man named Pis Ass in Italy violated the tyrannical monarch, Joannis, and was sentenced to hang. As a dutiful son, he asked to go home to say goodbye to his father and mother, but he could never get the tyrant's consent.

At this time, his friend Damon was willing to serve his sentence and agreed: "If Pis Ass can't get back on time, I can take him for punishment." In this way, the tyrant can barely answer.

The execution period is approaching, but Pis Ass has no trace. People laugh at Damon and even stupidly use life to guarantee friendship! Damon was taken to the gallows, and people quietly waited for the arrival of the tragic moment.

Suddenly, Pis Ass appeared in the distance, and he screamed in the rainstorm: "I am back!" He even hugged Damon in the tears to make the final screening.

At this time, all the people were crying, and they were touched by the true friendship between Pis As and Damon. The tyrant was also moved, and unexpectedly specializes in Pis Ass, he said: "I would like to have all of them to meet such friends."

Story 6

The talk is a famous historian in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. According to historical records, he is not a smart person. His language is sluggish, his memory is slow, his mind is very stupid, but he feels that there are many omissions and avoidances in some Mingshi books at that time, and he is determined to write a More informative Ming history to learn from future generations. In extremely difficult circumstances, he collected a wide range of materials, including hardships and hardships. After 26 years of spring and autumn, he completed more than 400 million words and 108 volumes of Emperor's masterpieces at the age of 54. Unexpectedly, in one night, the manuscript was stolen by a thief, which was like a jealousy, which made the talk almost faint. After 26 years of hard work, this is a heavy blow to a person who is over half a year old. However, the talks did not fall down like this. He said: "Although the thief stole my manuscript, I still have a hand, and there is no hand in the country." He immediately plunged into the work day and night. Hardships and illnesses have not weakened his tenacious will. After four years of hard work, he wrote the first draft of the book. A well-documented Ming Dynasty history book, "Guo Yu", was finally released.

Story 7

Psychologists have done this experiment: put a hungry crocodile and some small fish on the ends of the aquarium, separated by a transparent glass plate. At first, the crocodile did not hesitate to attack the small fish. It failed, but it was not discouraged; then, it attacked the small fish again, it failed again, and was seriously injured; it also attacked, the third time Fourth time... After many attacks are hopeless, it will not attack. At this time, the psychologist took the baffle away and the crocodile remained motionless. It just hoped that the little fish would swim leisurely under its eyes, give up all the efforts, and finally starve to death.

Perhaps, we will laugh at the idiot's stupidity and cowardice in our hearts. Regrettably, many times, when frustration comes one after another, when failures are like shadows at any time, have we not like crocodiles, give up all efforts to quietly let the fate of the arrangement? Calmly treat setbacks, should not Frustration is seen as a blow, but it should be seen as a test of one's own test, one by one to sharpen the strong character. At the same time, we should also see that behind the setbacks, it is the goal that we are striving for. In the failure to see the possibility of triumphing in the victory, so as confident and full of enthusiasm as the winner, things will definitely change. There is a saying that says: "If you refuse to fail, you actually refuse success." Whoever can calmly frustrate and successfully withstand the test of setbacks will be successful.

Perhaps, just under your test, your dream becomes a reality.

Anyway, let's try again!

Story 8

In 1942, a young boy who had never seen the world in the suburbs of Los Angeles, John Cardard. At the age of 15, he listed a list of the big things he wanted to do in his life, titled "The Life of a Life."

Expeditions to the Nile, Amazon and Congo Rivers; Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro; visit the roads that Marco Polo and Alexander I have traveled; re-enact a movie like "Man Mountain"; learn to fly a plane; read Finish the work of Shakespeare, Plato, and Aristotle; compose a piece of music; write a book; visit every country in the world ---- and so on. He has numbered each item with a total of 127 goals.

43 years later, in 1985, after dying 18 adventures and countless unimaginable difficulties, Goddard has reached 106 of them. He has achieved great success and achieved A world-renowned achievement, honored by the world's explorers, a member of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the New York Adventure Club

Cardad’s success is largely due to the goals set by his youth. He said, I have developed a blueprint for this struggle, and I have a goal in mind, and I feel that I have something to do at all times. "I will never give up any goal, so when I have a chance, I am always 'ready to finish'." It can be seen that the goal has played a big role in motivating, maintaining and consolidating his aggressiveness.

Story 9

About 1943, a child of about ten years old, curiously looking at the tall horse. In the distance, a Japanese soldier who was feeding the horse found it. He grabbed and interrogated him. When he couldn’t ask anything, he said, “The emperor wrote a few words, and you put it when you wrote it.” Then a Japanese soldier On the ground, I wrote the words "Japan beats China."

The child took the stone and wrote six words on the ground. When the Japanese soldiers saw it, the child wrote "China beats Japan." Several Japanese soldiers thought that the children did not understand what they meant, and they rewrote it again. They said to the children: "We must write according to what we mean, otherwise we will shoot." The child picked up the stone and still wrote: "China Conquering Japan."

The Japanese soldier was furious and beat the child with a whip. He also tied him to the pillar for a night. Later he was sent to prison. After a month of torture, the child was already angry, but he refused to ask the Japanese soldiers for mercy. It is not willing to reverse "China defeats Japan". When the Japanese soldiers watched the child dying, they pretended to be kind and let him go. The child died less than seven days after returning home.

Story 10

On a snowy night, a young man was trapped in the snow-capped mountains. There are no people in the wild, and the youth is anxious because he can only be frozen alive if he can't leave. At this time, a middle-aged man riding a horse passed by this place. When he said nothing, he used the horse to pull the young man and his car out of the snow and pull it into a small town. When the young man took out the money to express his gratitude to the stranger, the middle-aged man said, "I don't ask you to return, but I want you to give me a promise: when others have difficulties, you have to do your best. Go help."

In the days that followed, the young man always remembered this promise, and he helped many people. When someone expressed his heartfelt gratitude to him, he told the middle-aged man about his request to everyone he helped.

One day six years later, a young man was trapped on a small island by a sudden flood. Just as his life was hanging on the line, a teenager helped him. After being rescued, he was very grateful to the young man. When he wanted to reward the teenager, the boy actually said the sentence that he would never forget: "I don't ask for a return, but you have to give me a promise-----"

Have love to be happy! If someone is suspicious of this sentence, it is because he does not know what is true happiness, nor has he tasted the happiness of love in his heart.

Story 11

One day in May 1995, the famous Hollywood movie star Christopher Reeve, who was famous for starring in the series "Superman", unfortunately fell from the horse's back to the ground during a horse riding, causing spine damage and causing unfortunate consequences under the shoulder. The "Superman" hero in this movie can only live in a wheelchair in life.

People deeply sympathize with the reinvested Reeve, but after half a year, Reeve announced his life attitude to the world: "Wait, I will return to the screen as fast as possible!" In the days, Reeve insisted on his own declaration with incredible perseverance: sharing his own experience and understanding of the book, sharing the record and reflection on life with the readers. His book "Still Me is" is at the top of the list of best-selling books in the United States. He not only served as a director himself, but also returned to the screen. In 1998, Reeve won the best actor in the American Film and Television Actors Association for starring in the movie "The Back Window." He also founded the 瘫痪 Foundation, named after himself, to transform his personal tragedy into the power of public public service, to give more people care and encouragement... “The hero is still able to face the adversity of adversity and still be able to Find the courage, continue to struggle, and stick to the end." This is the answer when Reeve was asked by others about his "hero?" Therefore, every time Reeve appeared in front of the public, he was clean, tidy and confident in his wheelchair. His face was still a bright and bright smile, and his voice was so thick and clear.

In October 2004, Reeve, who was optimistic and strong in a wheelchair for 10 years, passed away at the age of 52. What people miss and admire is not only a good actor, but more importantly, his strength and optimism in the face of adversity. Never give up, self-improvement - this is the spirit that Christopher Reeve has always insisted on. It is this persistence that explains to the world the beauty of his life.

Story 12

A poor and almost incompetent youth has flown to Paris. He expects his father's friends to help him find a job to make a living. But when his father's friend asked him several questions about his specialty, the young man could only shyly shake his head and tell the other side - he seemed to have nothing to do, and even the slightest advantage could not be found.

The father’s friend asked him to write down his address, and the young man shyly wrote his address.

I hurriedly turned to go, but was dragged by my father's friend: "Young people, your name is very beautiful, this is your advantage! You should not be satisfied with finding a job." first name

Is writing a good advantage? "The youth saw a positive answer in the other's eyes. "Hey, I can write the name to be praised, then I can write the words beautifully; I can write the words beautifully, I can write the article well..." Encouraged young people, a little magnify their own advantages, the pace of the move is getting more and more brisk.

A few years later, the youth really wrote a classic work that is world famous. He is the famous French writer Du Zhongma.

Story 13

There is a middle-aged postman in a small village. He has been traveling 50 kilometers a day since he was just 20 years old. He sent the story of sorrow and joy to the residents' homes day after day. In this way, twenty years have passed, things are human beings, and there have been several changes. The only way from the post office to the village, from the past to the present, has never been one-and-a-half, and it’s only the dust that flies. . "How long will it take for such a desolate road?" He thought that he had to regret his life when he had to spend his life on a bicycle without a tree or a dusty road.

One day, when he sent the letter and was ready to go back, he just passed a flower shop. "Right, this is it!" He walked into the flower shop, bought a seed of wildflowers, and from the next day, carried the seeds and sprinkled them on the way. In this way, after a day, two days, a month, two months ..., he has continued to spread wildflower seeds. Not long after, the desolate road that has been going back and forth for 20 years has opened many small flowers of red and yellow colors; summer flowers bloom in summer, autumn flowers bloom in autumn, and the four seasons bloom, never stop.

Seeds and flowers are more fun for the people in the village than any mail delivered by the postman for a lifetime. On a road that is not full of dust, but full of petals, the whistle, the postman on the bicycle, is no longer a lonely postman, nor a bitter postman.

Life is like a white space, time flies, why not leave good deeds, provide future generations to enjoy the cool?

Story 14

In 1993, a 4-year-old boy from Sapporo, Japan, fell from the 8th floor. The boy’s mother, Yokoyama, was drying clothes downstairs. When he saw the scene, he immediately flew past and rushed to the small

Before the boy landed, he held the child in his arms.

Bremer, a French track and field coach in Japan, found that to get a child who fell from a height of 25.6 meters, the mother who stood 20 miles away must run at a speed of 9.65 meters per second. This speed, in Japan at the time, was the best track and field athletes.

Bremer thought, if there is nothing wrong, then Hill Meizhen must be a sports genius. When Hill Meizhen came to Budmer, he almost screamed, because standing in front of him was only a young woman with a height of less than one meter six and a slightly slim body. Can such a weak woman really run out at a speed of 9.65 meters per second? This is absolutely impossible from Bu Momo’s 20 years of experience. However, when he saw the lovely child in the hands of Mt. Koyama, and the kindness of their mother and son, he completely dispelled the "impossible" suspicion. Because from the mother and the child, he felt that there is a power of love.

Bremer left Japan in 1995 to return to France and established a track and field club in Paris. A few years later, his athlete won the 800-meter championship at the World Athletics Championships. When the reporter asked him, as a newbie can stand out on the track and field venue where the famous players gathered, he replied: Everyone has 10,000 engines in the body, and this time I opened the first 10,000 units. I don't know if this sentence is what his coach Bremer told him. But when I read this sentence in the newspaper, I think Bremer is already telling the world that the energy that God has given you is enough to fulfill any of your dreams, as long as you have the love of your son. !

Story 15

A company recruited employees, a high-caliber student went to take the exam. After posting the list, I saw that I didn't have my own name and jumped into the river to commit suicide. Later, the company found that his score was the first, and he missed it when he copied the score. Gao Caisheng was rescued from the river and heard that he was the first to report. The boss refused to hire anyway. The reason was: "If you have such a setback, you have to jump over the river. What if the company encounters more setbacks?"

Another Greek went to a company to apply for a cleaner. The staff asked him: "Can you write?" A: "Only write your own name." So he was not hired. Later, he became angry and became a monopoly, holding a press conference in his luxurious conference room. The reporter said: "Your experience is too moving, you should write an autobiography." He said: "That is impossible. If I can write, I can only be a cleaner."

Story 16

Life begins with thought, and success begins with desire.

You have a lofty goal in your heart, you must have a strong desire to achieve your goals, and you must have the belief that "I must achieve my goals."

The most successful president in American history was Roosevelt, who served for four consecutive presidents. He has sequelae of poliomyelitis, his legs are limping, and he walks with crutches. When he was 30, he ran for the governor. When it was his turn to step on the stage, he resolutely threw away his crutches and dragged his feet to the stage. He stood on the podium and the first sentence of the speech was: "Dear friends, today, I am going to this podium. Tomorrow, I have to go to the White House and use this leg..."

His conviction of perseverance and desire for success won thunderous applause. A few years later, he really became the president of the United States.

The vitality of life comes from the desire and pursuit of the goal. Without the endless desire and pursuit of life, human beings will not step out of the jungle, and will not step by step toward a high degree of modern civilization. If you want to get the biggest reward in the world, you must have the greatest pioneer to turn your dreams into a manifestation of dedication. You must persevere in your eagerness to learn, you must constantly develop and display in your desire. Your own talent.

Story 17

Two villagers were preparing to go out to find a job. They bought a ticket to New York and a ticket to Boston. When I arrived at the station, I learned that the New Yorkers were very indifferent, and they all wanted to collect money. The Bostonians were particularly simple, and those who saw the streets would be particularly sympathetic.

People who went to New York thought, or Boston is good. If you can't change the money, you can't die. Fortunately, the car hasn't arrived yet, or it really fell into the fire pit.

The people who go to Boston are still good in New York. They can make money by leading the way. Fortunately, they have not got on the bus, or they have lost the opportunity to get rich. In the end, the two met at the ticket exchange location. They went to New York and went to Boston. They planned to go to Boston to go to New York.

People who went to Boston found that it was really good. One month after he first arrived there, he did nothing, and he was not hungry. The water in the bank hall can be white, and there are also snacks in the big shopping malls that can be tasted and eaten.

People who went to New York found that New York can make a fortune everywhere. Just think of a way, and then spend a little effort to eat and drink. With the feelings and understanding of the countryman on the soil, the next day, he installed 10 soils containing sand and leaves on the construction site. In the name of "flower pot soil", New Yorkers who love the flowers without the soil are selling. . On the same day, he made 6 round trips in the suburbs and made a net profit of 50 dollars. A year later, he actually owned a small facade with the "flower pot soil."

In the perennial street, he had a new discovery: some shops were bright and the signboard was darker. It was only after the inquiries that the cleaning company was only responsible for washing the building and was not responsible for washing the signboard. He immediately seized this opportunity, bought a ladder, buckets and rags, and set up a cleaning company that was responsible for scrubbing signs. Today his company has more than 150 employees and his business has grown to several nearby cities.

Soon, he took a train to travel to Boston. On the side of the road, a smashed man reached out and begged, and both of them were stunned because they had once found a ticket five years ago.

Mentality determines fate, not the environment. For a person who wants to get something for nothing, giving him a good chance is also a loss.

Story 18

A gentleman parked at the flower shop door. He planned to order a bunch of flowers at the flower shop and asked them to send them to the mother who was far away from home. The gentleman was about to walk into the store door and found a little girl sitting on the side of the road crying. The gentleman went to the little girl and asked her, "Child, why are you sitting here crying?" The little girl said, "I want to buy a flower." Roses are given to my mother, but my money is not enough." The gentleman felt distressed.

"This way...", so the gentleman took the little girl's hand into the flower shop, first ordered the bouquet to be given to the mother, and then bought a rose for the little girl. When she walked out of the flower shop, the gentleman proposed to the little girl to drive her home.

"Do you really want to send me home?" "Of course!" "Then you sent me to my mother. But my uncle, where my mother lives, is far from here." The gentleman said that the little girl said In the past, I did not expect to leave the urban road, and along with Lushan Road, I came to the cemetery. The little girl put the flower next to a new grave. She gave a large rose to the mother who had just passed away a month ago.

The gentleman sent the little girl home and then returned to the flower shop again. He canceled the bouquet to be sent to his mother, and bought a large bouquet of flowers and went straight to the mother's home, which was five hours away from here. He had to personally distribute the flowers to his mother.

- For a grand mourning for the deceased, it is better to be filial in his life.

Story 19

I am walking with God. When I passed a river, I saw a man in the river struggling and asked God: "Why don't you save him, don't he pray to you?" God replied: "No, he prayed to me twice. I saved him twice. For the first time, I let a log drift past him. He didn't catch it. The second time, I let a person row a bamboo pole and passed by him. He refused to catch it. Personal outstretched hand, how do you let me save him?" I was speechless.

We continued on, passing a city, and I pointed to a ragged swearing: "Why don't you save him, isn't he a believer?" God didn't answer, just pointed to a luxurious home in front. Said: "The master there is his younger brother. When their parents died, they divided the inheritance to their brothers according to my will. But he was too lazy to do it. He refused to go forward and squandered the property. What do you want me to do? Help him?"

I suddenly woke up. In fact, there are many opportunities in front of us, but we sometimes can't grasp it. We can save ourselves only by being our own God.

Story 20

His father was terminally ill, not only afflicted by illness, but also suffering from fear. At that time, my father often dreamed that he was going to a terrible world. The world was very dark and there was no light. After the daughter knew it, she wrote a letter to her father, depicting her and her family. The scene where I met my father in heaven: "Dad, the paradise in my dream is not so terrible. It is as sunny as the world we live in. It is as beautiful as a bird, and you live happily and leisurely there--- -- On weekends, I took the whole family and went to see the world in that world. I also dreamed that in that world, your illness is gone, your cancer is completely good!" One day, my father took her hand. Question: "Daughter, is that world so beautiful as you depicted?"

She said: "Yes, Dad, that's so beautiful." In fact, she also knows that she is cheating on her father, but this is a kind deception, a beautiful lie.

Story 21

Hank, a five-year-old boy, went to work in the forest with his father, mother and brother. Suddenly there was heavy rain in the world, but they only brought a poncho. Dad gave the poncho to the mother, the mother gave it to the brother, and the brother gave the little Hank. Hank asked inexplicably: "Why did Dad give it to my mother, my mother gave it to my brother, and my brother gave it to me?" Dad replied: "Because my father is stronger than my mother, my mother is stronger than my brother, and my brother is stronger than you." We will protect the weaker people." Little Hank looked around and ran over and spread the poncho, blocking the delicate flowers floating in a storm.

This story tells us that the real powerhouse is not necessarily powerful, or rich, but that he is good at helping others. Responsibility allows us to get things done, and love allows us to get things done.

Story 22

Three workers who built the house, they are now building a house. The first worker was impatient when he was doing it: "I didn't live in it anyway, it took so much effort." So he speeded up and finished, and the house looked shaky.

The second worker felt boring for a while: "But since I received the money from others, I have the responsibility to cover the house." So he continued to work hard and finished the work meticulously. The house looked very solid. .

The third worker is doing his job and becoming happy: "It is a wonderful thing to build a house. If you plant some flowers in front of the house, and then get some gardens after the house, the family will live in it, ah, everything is too It’s wonderful.” So he couldn't help but blew a happy whistle, worked with greater enthusiasm, and added a lot of his own ideas to the house, which looks beautiful. Three years later, the first worker was unemployed, no one dared to hire him; the second worker still took the old job seriously, everything did not change; and the third worker became a famous architect in the city. The house he designed is unique in style and beautiful, and has been welcomed by people.

Story 23

Northern Ireland in Europe has a beautiful city of Alsta. The city's city emblem was actually painted in the center of the silver shield with a bloody red right hand. HH?

It turned out that as early as 1015, Henry O'Neill competed with another pirate leader for the territory of Northern Ireland. Before the departure, the two sides agreed that no matter who they are, as long as they first touched the new territory to be captured, who is the master of the land. So the two fleets headed for the sea from the same place and at the same time. Both sides have tried their best to reach the place where the coast can be seen almost at the same time. Although O'Neill's men have done their best, their fleet is still at the distance of several hulls behind the competitors. Seeing each other's fleet is approaching the shore. O'Neill was in a hurry and suddenly took a decisive and decisive action. He pulled out the sword and slammed it, slashed his right hand, and picked it up with his left hand, bloody and desperate to go to the shore. The blood hand flew over the sea and finally touched the land a few seconds earlier than the other party. O'Neill used his own courageous actions to win not only the land, but also the admiration of people. He finally became the first leader of Alsta, and the city also left his right hand forever on the city emblem. .

Those who have made great achievements in the world are the ones who are good at making the final decision at the most critical moment.

Story 24

In 1996, the Olympic flame was burning in Atlanta. At the same time, a joint venture negotiation was also going on hard. As a translator, my friend, Jie, an ambitious entrepreneur came to the venue. He will compete with two other rivals in the country for a joint venture with Germany and Germany. Although he is at a disadvantage on the hardware, he is not discouraged.

Negotiations entered the stage of the game and fell into a deadlock. The host moderated the atmosphere, announced a recess for 20 minutes, and turned on the TV. At this time, the award ceremony after Li Xiaoshuang won the gold medal was played on the TV. The five-star red flag rose in the national anthem. Jermer stood up silently, his eyes annotated and sat down after the flag was raised. This is, I saw the German businessman staring at the people in the room with his eyes, and he was also paying attention, while others were talking or thinking.

After 20 minutes, the rhythm of the negotiations unexpectedly accelerated, and the German business and the Jie signed a contract. His opponent was stunned. When he toasted his toast, the German-speaking Chinese language said to Jie: "I hope that your career is the same as your national heart.

Story 25

At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the largest Ford companies in the United States had a malfunction, and many people failed to repair it for two or three months. In the absence of help, some people recommended to the company the German expert Stan Menz who had already moved to the United States. Steinmenz carefully observed it next to the motor, and after two days of calculation, he drew a line on the outer casing of the motor with chalk, saying: "Turn on the motor and reduce the number of coils inside the mark by 16 turns." People are dubiously According to his words, the result

The problem is really here. After the motor was repaired, the relevant personnel asked him how much to pay, he said: "10,000 dollars!" Ah? Ten thousand dollars! The man thought he had got it wrong! Therefore, Stan Menz asked for a bill to explain the expenses.

Stan Mentz wrote: "Use chalk to draw a line of $1, know where to draw this line for $9999." The bill was sent to the company boss, and the boss nodded and looked at it, and took a snapshot of $10,000. Heavy money hired him.

Story 26

Roger Rolls is the first black governor in the history of New York State. He was born in the infamous Shasha slum in New York. The environment is dirty and full of violence. It is a gathering place for stowaways and homeless people. The children born here are stunned, escaping from school, fighting, stealing and even taking drugs. When they grow up, few people are engaged in decent occupations. However, Roger Rolls is an exception, not only admitted to the university, but also became the governor.

At the inaugural press conference, a reporter asked him: What pushed you to the governor's throne? In the face of more than 300 journalists, Rawls did not mention his own history of struggle, only talking about the principal of his time in the country, Peel Paul.

When Rawls jumped out of the window sill and stretched his hand to the podium, Principal Pierre Paul said, "I will know that you are the governor of New York State when you look at your slender little finger." At the time, Rawls was shocked because It’s so big that only he can cheer him up once, saying that he can become the captain of a five-ton boat. This time, Pierre Paul actually said that he could become the governor of New York State. He wrote down this sentence and believed him.

From that day on, the "New York Governor" is like a banner, always motivating him to work hard. Rawls’s clothes are no longer full of tears, and they are no longer mixed with swear words. He began to walk up the waist. In the next 40 years, he did not ask himself for the day as a governor. At the age of 51, he finally became the governor of New York State.

Give yourself a banner of faith, your life will have the power of struggle and the vitality of life!

Story 27

Zeng Guofan, the head of the Qing army in the Qing Dynasty, had a staff member named Li Yuandu. Li, a native of Pingjiang, Hunan Province, was originally a scholar. He did not know the knowledge of taking troops to fight, but he once led his troops to fight. The result can be imagined. Once I heard that I was furious, I wrote a slapstick. In the memorial, there is a phrase of "recurring defeats and repeated defeats". The book of copying and folding is just a close friend of Li Yuandu. In order to alleviate Li’s guilt, he deliberately reversed the ''recurrence and defeat” and became a "failure and defeat". His little hands and feet are not convincing that Li is defeated, his will is strong, and he is not afraid of strong enemies. He should not only be blamed, but also be rewarded.

Story 28

The chewing gum made by American businessman Lili had few customers at the beginning of the sale. Lili will send 4 chewing gums to each family free of charge according to the address published on the phone book. It sent 1.5 million households, a total of 6 million. The children ate the chewing gum that Rally gave and wanted to eat. The parents certainly had to buy it again.

Since then, the sales of chewing gum have opened. Since then, the smart Lili has come up with a new idea to recycle the chewing gum paper. The customer can get a piece of chewing gum by returning a certain amount of sugar paper. In order to get a piece of chewing gum, the children mobilized adults to chew gum. In this way, adults and children chew together, not long after, Lili's chewing gum was "chewed" into a popular item in the world.

Story 29

On a commercial street in Bangkok, Thailand, a huge wooden barrel placed in front of a small shop attracts attention. The words "not allowed to peek" are written in Thai, Chinese and English. However, for the passing pedestrians, the more they are not allowed to peek, the more they have to understand. The drive of curiosity led many people to look at the bucket and look at it. If you don't stretch it, you will have a mellow and fragrant wine scented from the nose. If you don't drink it, then the bottom of the barrel will be fascinating. At this point, the alcohol addiction has been sent; and then called "handed down" for a late night, smashing out the money to enter the store to drink a bit, the store is therefore prosperous.

Story 30

There is a restaurant in Australia. After the customer has a meal, they can pay more if they are satisfied with the meal. If they are not satisfied with the meal, they can pay less. This move, many customers are very moved to the trust of the boss, have come to the restaurant to eat, and because they are not allowed to "price standards" and do not pay less, the restaurant is more than double the monthly income. This surprising business method shows that the operators are daring, risk-taking, and good at researching consumers' consumption and guiding consumption.

Story 31

There used to be a small country that sent messengers to China and tribute three identical golden glitters, which can make the emperor happy. However, this small country messenger is not kind, and they also have a question at the same time: which of the three golden people is the most valuable.

The emperor thought a lot of ways, please come to the jeweler to check, weigh the weight, look at the work, are exactly the same. How to do it? The last old minister said that he had a solution.

The emperor invited the messenger to the main hall. The old minister had three straws in the chest, inserted into the ears of three golden people. The first golden man, the straw came out from the other ear, and the second golden straw came out of his mouth. And when the straw of the third golden man went in, he fell into his stomach and there was no sound. The old minister said that this third golden man is the most valuable. The messenger is silent and the answer is correct.

This story tells us that the most valuable person is not necessarily the most talkable person. God gives us two ears and one mouth. It is meant to let us listen more.

Being good at listening is the most basic element of a mature person.

Story 32

A student from a famous university in Beijing was admitted to a doctoral degree at a university in the United States, and the high scores made the professors who recruited students scream. One day after the student entered school, the female tutor sent him a task to let him experiment in the laboratory from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. There is just a phone in the lab that can make long distance trips in the United States. As a result, he played a 40-minute long trip in this hour to chat with classmates in the United States.

After a few days, the instructor accidentally discovered this fact from the computer that recorded the phone. When he was very angry, he called him and asked: "What are you doing from 2:00 to 3:00 that afternoon?" experiment. "What else did you do besides doing the experiment?" "No, I have been working on experiments." The female tutor was so angry that her hair was erected.

A few days later, the school announced that it would expel the "excellent student" from China.

Story 33

Hours, my father planted a lot of pear trees around the house, including a large rice field just next to the neighbor's house. Every spring, the pear-covered branches of the leaves will reach the sky above the rice fields, blocking the sunlight. . Due to the lack of sunlight, the paddy fields of about one or two square meters below the pear branches are not as good as other places, resulting in more or less production reduction here. But the neighbor is a very kind person who never speaks. My mother was very unwilling to go. Every time the pears matured, they would unscrupulously pick the biggest and best pears on the top of the pear tree and give them to the neighbors. They also said apologetically. In addition, the mother also tried to compensate for the loss of the neighbors. My pig pen is not far from the rice fields of the neighbors, and it is raining every day. The fertilizer in the pigsty will overflow, and the cockroaches will be everywhere. The mother will use the shovel to dig a shallow ditch and introduce all the fertilizer into the rice fields of the neighbors.

Later, this rice field was changed to the owner. When the spring arrived, the family climbed to the pear tree with a sickle and slashed it, and cut all the branches that reached the rice field. The mother is both distressed and angry, but has nothing to say.

When the pear matured that year, the mother did not send a pear to the family. In the rainy season, the mother blocked the water channel leading to the paddy field, and the nutrient-rich fertilizer flowed to the lower pond. In the autumn of that year, when the rice harvested came up to the scale, the households found that the output was actually four hundred pounds less than the previous year. The depressed male owner was squatting on the drying ground: strange things, strange things.

Story 34

Someone went out to sea by boat, and the ship sank on the rocks. He was thrown into the sea. He thought, hey, I can cross the Pacific Ocean, let alone this is the inner sea. So he traveled with confidence and traveled tenaciously, fighting stubbornly with the wind and waves, and finally insisted on having a boat to rescue.

Someone fell into the small puddle on the side of the road. He was terrified. God, I have not saved it. I will die. After a madness, I didn’t move. Later, people discovered that if he stood up, the water would flood his waist.

Story 35

Franklin, a great man during the founding of the United States, had a habit of revisiting the situation of the day every night. Later, he found that he had thirteen serious mistakes. Here are three of them: wasting time; worrying about trivial matters; and arguing with others.

Clever Franklin found that unless he was able to reduce this type of mistake, there would be no achievement. So he wrestled with a shortcoming one week and then made a record of each day's win or loss. In the next week, he picked out another bad habit, prepared it, and then went on to do another battle. The battle for Franklin to change a bad habit every week lasted for more than two years.

No wonder he became one of the most respected and influential people in American history.

Story 36

When Chen Jian was promoted to junior high school, his grade was ranked fourth in the whole year. At the parent meeting, the teacher clearly told Chen Jian that only the top two in the grade can be admitted to the provincial key high school, and even the third one may not be able to go up. Your home Chen Jian has no play. My mother accepted her life, and Chen Jian also accepted her life. The fourth hundred people are worse than the first two or three.

By chance, Chen Jian went to the provincial key high school. At that time, it was the season of lilac blossoms. A row of lilac trees planted in front of the teaching building was thick and dense. The entire campus was immersed in rich lilac flowers. The old and solemn red brick building, the window white curtains. The sound of reading in the classroom, and the floral fragrance of this garden----Chen Jian felt a little dizzy, because this is the campus he had dreamt of in his dreams. On that day, Chen Jian made a next Wishes - you must be here in the future!

In the third year of the third year, Chen Jian clenched his teeth and learned the new class while filling in the lessons he had taken in the previous two years. Whenever he is relaxed, he thinks of the campus; his heart is full of strength.

A year later, Chen Jian walked into the red brick building and sat reading after the white curtains. The window was a blooming lilac.

Story 37

Boggs grew very small from a young age, but he loved basketball very much. He dreamed of playing NBA one day and enjoyed high social evaluation and strong economic strength. When the companions learned that they couldn’t help but laugh, some people even laughed and fell to the ground. Because they decided: "A dwarf with a height of only 1.60 meters is a 'natural disaster' and it is absolutely impossible to enter the NBA."

However, "absolutely impossible" did not obliterate the ambition of Boggs. He used the dozens of times more time than the average person to practice the ball, and fully utilized his own characteristics of small and unobtrusive, low dribble and flexible, and finally became an all-around basketball player and became the best point guard. Boggs has overcome its weaknesses and achieved success with a proactive and enterprising spirit and a strong will.

Story 38

Someone asked God, heaven is different from hell. God took him to hell. The people in hell were eating. A group of people gathered around for a delicious meal, but they were all hungry and thin and painful. It turns out that the spoons in their hands are very long. They all tried to send it to their mouths, but they couldn’t put them in their mouths. God brought this person to heaven again. People in heaven also used long spoons to eat. Unlike hell, they shared each other. Everyone sent their spoons to someone else's mouth. They all looked happy and healthy. Plump, the whole paradise is full of love and warmth. God said that heaven and hell are actually a little different. The man realized that hell is only one word less than heaven: "love."

[Enlightenment Wisdom] In this world, what people need most is love. This is money that cannot be bought, but it is the most joyful and happy for you.

Story 39

The jungle is a lion, it is in the water, it is a fish

The Public Security Bureau trained the new police. During this period, the trainees organized the training. The leaders often came to see the training after work. The instructors quietly told them that the performance on the court and the impression of each person will determine their assigned positions in the future. The young boys understood that the first competition in their career began. So they were seriously trained and they were desperately performing on the court. Everyone hoped that their superb skills and spirit of hard work could attract the attention of the leaders.

When others are more and more brave in the basketball hoop, one person is more and more discouraged. He is the youngest in the class, and he is not very interested in basketball since he was a child. On the court, under the tall and flexible body of his teammates, he can only be a supporting role. Every day he has time, he will practice hard, but he found that only pressure, no interest, how can not play basketball. During the game, he was easily blocked and blocked, often causing the audience to laugh. He was disappointed with himself. He didn't dare to imagine that he had become a small role in the eyes of leaders and colleagues when he first got to work.

One day, the annoyed man accidentally found a sentence in a book that deeply shocked him. "Don’t put money in an area you are not familiar with." He immediately quoted another sentence in his mind: "Don't be defeated." In the field, I compete with people." He suddenly realized that I am going to play basketball. I don't have the physical qualities to play basketball. More importantly, I am not interested in basketball. So, he resolutely withdrew from the basketball team. When he re-matched, he became an audience. The difference was that he had a camera in his hand.

Within a few days, a short article entitled "The Day of the New Police" was published in the local Evening News, with photos of the police playing basketball, which caught the attention of the trainees, instructors and leaders. Since then, the student has published articles in the newspapers one after another. At the end of the training, the director of the political department directly transferred him to the Propaganda Section of the Political Department. His career was therefore much flatter than those who sold his life to basketball.

Smart people know how to use their strengths to direct competition to areas they are good at.

Story 40

Psychological suggestion

During the Vietnam War, a new recruit training camp in the United States accepted a number of new recruits from the labor camps. These recruits had few inks in their stomachs, but they had a lot of bad habits. How to train them into qualified soldiers is obviously a headache. The officers of the training camp invented a "weird trick" - a plan to select some of the family letters sent to the new characters who do not know a few, let them learn to read, according to copy. What is the content of the letter? It is nothing more than telling the family to develop new habits in the army, such as brushing your teeth every morning, washing your feet before going to bed at night, not drinking alcohol, not fighting.

It is also strange to say that after a period of time, these recruits have really overcome many of the bad habits, become tidy and rejuvenated, and later made further analysis and experiments, summarizing this phenomenon as a psychological suggestion effect.

Story 41

Edison had been curious about the question "Why the grass won't burn, and the hay will burn." In order to understand, he tried many times and almost burned himself. He also kept the eggs in his arms and hatched the chicks like the hens, but did not succeed. Edison always puts his energy into the activity of developing his curiosity. He has great interest in everything he doesn't know. It is because of curiosity and strong interest that Eddie has become a world-famous inventor.

Jenny, a famous British anthropologist, Gudol likes biology very much since childhood. After graduating from high school, she did not go to college, business, farming or military, but she went to the tropical virgin forest to study chimpanzees. Her interest in the study of chimpanzees has driven her to observe and analyze for 10 years in the vast forests where the dangers are everywhere, the thorns are everywhere, and the wolves and tigers are often infested, and a lot of valuable first-hand materials are obtained. In the end, she wrote works such as "The Close Relatives of Human Beings" and "My Life in Chimpanzees", which made important contributions to the study of zoology and anthropology.

Story 42

There is a movie in which the heroine starring in the plot is loved by three women at the same time. The actress is a popular actress. The actress felt that she was dissatisfied with the identity of an unnamed junior. One day, the actress was in front of him and said to the director: "The man with big nose and small eyes, I don't like him." Tears swirled in his eyes. He felt inferior and almost thought about giving up the film career. But his star dream made him unable to give up, and he secretly vowed: The more you look down on me, the harder I have to work, and I must do it for you. One thing that happened later proved that he did it very successfully. At that time, he was invited to attend an awards ceremony. Many Hollywood big-name movie stars gathered here. He was somewhat lacking in strength and had to stand on the sidelines. Unexpectedly, the big-name movie stars actually came up to shake hands with him. He suddenly realized: "Oh, I was a big star."

Since his 42 years of art, he has worked hard and has shot more than 80 movies. There are 290 million hardcore fans in the world, and the only Chinese actor who has his handprints and nasal prints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is Jackie Chan.

There is a trivial beginning for any great person or career. Maybe we are small for the time being, maybe we are humbled for a while. Don't forget, just for the time being. No one can hinder your success!

Story 43

The plane just took off. A flight attendant was busy and forgot that a passenger had a request for a cup of water to take medicine. When the passenger pressed the server again, the flight attendant quickly and carefully sent the water to him with a smile. Apologize, the passenger is very angry, no matter how the flight attendant explains, can not be forgiven.

In the next flight, in order to compensate for his fault, the flight attendant deliberately went to the passenger in front of the passenger service, smiling with a smile to ask if he needed water or other help, and the passenger was angry. Did not eliminate, ignore the flight attendant. It was coming to the end, and the passenger asked the flight attendant to give him the guest book. Obviously, he had to complain. At this time, the flight attendant was very wronged, but still very polite and said with a smile: "I sincerely apologize to you, no matter what advice you put, I accept." The passenger wanted to say nothing and took the message. This book is written.

Later, the flight attendant was surprised to find that this was not a complaint letter, but a warm and acclaimed letter, which stated that your sincere apology, especially your twelve smiles, deeply touched me and made me finally complain. Write a commendation letter.

Story 44

When I was a child, I and a few small partners saw the struggling ground on the bridge, and they rushed to give a helping hand. When they saw a beggar, they rushed to pick them up and take the sweet potatoes. I remember that one winter, my village came to a middle-aged woman who was begging for a meal. She still had a child who could not walk. At night, the two of them lived in the garden of the production team. When we were in the hide-and-seek, some of our little friends saw the girl’s frozen look, and they acted separately. Some went home to get matches, and some went home to hold wheat straw or straw. When we were angry with the mother and watched the girls are no longer cold, they all had sweet smiles on their faces and even forgot to go home.

When the adults finally found us, they were all touched. Some went home to get a cotton coat that they couldn’t wear, and some went home to pick up the quilt that they didn’t need... Later I realized that it was called kindness.

Story 45

When the foreign student Qu Xiaoxue worked as an nanny in an American old lady's house, she not only failed to be respected by her personality, but also suffered inhuman treatment and was even beaten by the old lady's son. Qu Xiaoxue went to court indiscriminately and sued the American banker who had great wealth and power and was running for parliament for four consecutive years until he won the final victory in the US court. The banker publicly apologized to her and paid for it. Her $5,250 mental damages. In the court, Qu Xiaoxue shredded the check one by one and threw it over the court.

The following is her speech to the American public. She declared to the world that the dignity of the Chinese is inviolable: "The barrister of Washington, you really deserve to be the authority of the legal profession. Just after the defendant had to publicly apologize to me, you I handed this check to me very promptly, and also handed it to me publicly in court. You are doing this to create the impression that the Chinese girl’s long-lasting insistence on playing this lawsuit is nothing more than For this check. You thought that giving me $5,250, I am satisfied, I will be grateful for it! You are wrong, at least I am a Chinese, and of course there are many Chinese who will never be in your dollar. I have lowered my noble head in front of me! I am playing this lawsuit in order to recover the dignity of being a man! You must not buy the dignity of a small Chinese woman.

The dollar is worthless in front of my dignity, go to hell, dollar!

Story 46

Little Tom unfortunately got acute leukemia. During his treatment, chemotherapy caused his hair to fall off a lot, until the hair was completely stripped. Little Tom's condition is stable and he can go to school, but he is afraid of going to school. Because he was afraid that the classmates would laugh at his bald head. Under the advice of his mother, he finally promised to wear a baseball cap to the school to see. This morning, Tom was accompanied by his mother to the school, and the teacher led them into the classroom. Little Tom lowered his head deeply and refused to raise his eyes to see the classmates. However, what he didn't think was that everyone in the class wore hats on their heads! They gave Xiao Tom great comfort in this special way. Little Tom is no longer afraid to go to school.

Story 47

More than 70 years ago, a Norwegian young man drifted to France, and he wanted to apply to the famous Paris Conservatory of Music. At the time of the exam, although he tried his best to achieve his best, the examiner was still unable to see him. The penniless youth tightened the belt and pulled the piano in the hand from a banyan tree outside the college. He pulled a song and attracted a lot of people to stop listening. The hungry young man finally took up his own box, and the crowds of people rushed to put the box.

A rogue throws money at the feet of young men. The young man looked at the rogue and finally bent down to pick up the money on the ground and handed it to the rogue and said, "Sir, your money fell on the ground." The rogue took the money and threw it at the feet of the young man again, saying arrogantly again: "The money is already yours, you have to accept it!" The young man looked at the rogue again and said to him deeply: "Sir, thank you for your support! Just now you lost money, I stooped I picked it up for you. Now my money is on the ground, and you are also picking up for me!" The rogue was shocked by the unexpected behavior of the young man, and finally the money on the ground was put into the box of the young man, then gray I slid away.

There are eyes in the onlookers who have been silently watching the young man, the former examiner. He took the young man back to the college and eventually accepted him. The young man was called Bill Sardin and later became a famous Norwegian musician. His masterpiece was "Pick up your chest."

When we fall into the lowest valley of our lives, we often incur many unwarranted contempt; when we struggle for survival, we often encounter people who trample on your dignity. The tit-for-tat resistance is our instinct, but it tends to make those who lack the self-cultivation more violent. We are not as sensible as we are to deal with, to maintain dignity with a tolerant attitude. At that time you will find that no evil can stand firm in front of justice.

Bend your waist and pick up your dignity!

Story 48

- Don't let others steal your dreams

There is an animal called a bumblebee. Its body is fat and heavy, and its wings are very short. The biologists have carefully calculated the aerodynamic principle and finally asserted that the bumblebee is absolutely impossible to fly. But what is puzzling is that the bumblebee can not only fly, but also flying faster than the average bee. Why?

Because the bumblebee doesn't know that he can't fly. Therefore, "can" and "can't" depend entirely on their own beliefs. If the hornet is "small" when he "listens to" the scientist, I am afraid that he will only climb slowly on the ground like a snail.

Story 49

There is a very closed village in the mountains, and the villagers have always lived a poor and peaceful life. Until one day, the village opened an exploration team. The villagers knew that there was something called a train outside the village. They could run around like animals. So the villagers began to look forward to life outside the village, and people continue to try to walk out of the village in the direction pointed out by the exploration team. However, many people have retreated back in the middle, because they have to cross the mountains and walk through the grasslands, and they have to go through a piece of Gobi that can't live in the grass to get to where they want them. Lawton and hunger make it impossible for them to go all the way. however. The hardships of the journey did not annihilate the desire of people to leave the village, and people were prepared to go all the way.

Because the road is too difficult, especially the Gobi Desert. Often people are halfway through the lack of water preparation. As a result, the government funded the mountain people to take a look at the pumping wells and repaired a station for people to quench their thirst and rest. However, the problem has not been completely solved. Because the water layer is too low, the pumping well is very easy to be milled, and a small amount of water is needed for each time to use the groundwater. Even if the weight of the mountain is wading, even if the weight is half a catty, someone will come up with a way to put a bucket in the station. A sign is placed on the side of the barrel. It says: "There is water in the bucket, you can use it to divert water. Please fill the bucket." Gradually, people who travel outside the village know that there is such a bucket, and people no longer have to take heavy water gourds on the road. They just need to bring half of the water and walk to the station. Use the water in the bucket to bring the well water up, and then fill the bucket to the next passerby. This has become a habit, but that brand is still standing next to it because people are worried that someone does not know the rules and forgets to leave water for the next person.

However, some people, regardless of the brand's prompts, cleverly thought that since "there is water in the bucket", what else should I draw from the well? So he directly drank the water in the bucket and filled his own water hyacinth. This is a dangerous beginning. When the second person passed by, he found that there was not a lot of water in the bucket. He imagined using the water in the bucket to divert water, and worried that it was not enough to bring the well water up, and even the remaining water could not be drunk, so he drank directly into the bucket. Water. As a result, there was a situation in which there was no water in the first bucket. But this is not the last time, because this reminds people for the first time, what if someone does not leave water for the well-inducing well? In this way, people still have to carry enough water to go all the way to dare to go on the road. They no longer insist on leaving water for the next passerby. The well is in vain, and time is once again regressing to the era when the water hyacinth that had to be heavy before was dare to leave the village.

The rules are formed to protect the interests of the group, while individuals often break the rules for personal gain; but when the rules no longer exist, everyone will no longer have the benefits.

Story 50

There are two friends, one is dumb, the other is A Tu, they go to travel together.

One day I came to the beach and saw an island in the sea. They looked at the island together and fell asleep because of fatigue. At night, A Tuo had a dream. He dreamed of living a big man on the opposite bank. There was a white camellia in the rich man's yard. There was a jar of gold under the root of the white camellia tree, and then A Tu's dream woke up.

The next day, A Tu told the dumb to the dumb. After he finished speaking, he sighed and said: "It’s a pity!" Dumbfounded the letter and said, "Can you sell your dreams to me?" A Tu is very happy, just Sell ​​the right to dream to dumb. After the dumb bought the dream, he set off on the island. A Tu sold his dream and went home.

On the island, the dumb found that he really lived in a rich man. The rich man's yard had planted many tea trees. He was very happy. He left the servant who was a rich man. He did it for a year, just waiting for the tea blossoms in the yard.

In the spring of the following year, the camellia was opened. Unfortunately, all the camellia were red, and none of them was white camellia. Dumb stayed in the rich man's house, waiting for year after year, many years passed, and one spring, the courtyard finally opened a white camellia. He stayed in the roots of the white camellia tree and dug out a jar of gold. The next day he resigned and returned to his hometown to become the richest person in his hometown. A Tu who sold the dream is still a poor man.

This is a Japanese fairy tale. There are many dreams that are out of reach, but as long as they persist, it is possible to achieve. We must have dreams and we must know how to persist.

Story 51

Gandhi in India once took the train. He accidentally dropped a shoe to the railroad track. At this time the train had started and the shoes could no longer be picked up. So Gandhi hurriedly took off the other shoe worn on his foot and threw it next to the first shoe. A passenger wondered why Gandhi did this, and Gandhi smiled and said: "In this way, the poor who see the shoes beside the rails can get a pair of shoes."

Story 52

I remember seeing two reports: One is that during the World Cup soccer game, fans from all over the world who came to watch the game put their own beverage bottles, flags and some wastes in their own after each game. Take away in the bag, the whole stand is clean, such as before the game; but in the stands gathered by the Chinese audience is another scene, the garbage is full of land - a piece of wolf.

In addition, the report said that with the strengthening of China's national strength, people who are getting richer have taken the country to see the wonderful world outside as the first choice for tourism, but in the face of such a huge amount of travel revenue, many receptions The country that has passed the Chinese is hesitant because it is abroad that values ​​environmental protection. The Chinese are tantamount to destroying the beauty of the United States. How can we not lose a huge opportunity to make money, and not let the Chinese destroy the local environment? It is said that in order to solve this problem, some people have come up with an eclectic way to open up for the Chinese - a reception District, in order to achieve the best of both worlds. When I saw this message, I was shocked. The Chinese people's behavior seems to have reached the level of "speaking tigers" in foreign countries. I really don't know if this is the sorrow of the Chinese people? But this is definitely the biggest irony for the Chinese people!

Don't throw waste paper, don't spit, don't sculpt... For these little things, many people don't take it for granted. They think that environmental sanitation workers are clean and have nothing to do with them. These trivial things are enough to reflect one's Moral cultivation, and "love the environment, everyone is expensive", this is not a sentence slogan; but we must implement it in action.

Story 53

A Chinese student working in Japan uses his spare time to wash dishes at a Japanese restaurant to earn tuition. There is an unwritten rule in the Japanese restaurant industry that the plates of restaurants must be washed seven times with water. Since the work of washing dishes is paid on a piece-by-piece basis, the international student will not get much money if he is tired one day. So he took care of his heart and washed it twice when he washed the dishes. Sure enough, the labor efficiency has been greatly improved, and he has therefore been heavily weighted by the boss, and the labor costs have naturally increased rapidly. Japanese students who wash their dishes and earn tuition fees asked him for advice. He said without hesitation: "Do you see, what is the difference between washing the dishes seven times and washing them five times? Wash twice less." Japan The student Nono should respond, but he gradually alienated him.

Once, the restaurant owner checked the cleaning of the dishes. The boss used a special test paper to measure the cleaning level of the plate was not enough. When asked about this international student, he plausibly said: "It is not the same as washing seven times and washing five times. ". The boss just said faintly: "You are a dishonest person, please leave." The international student went to the street, angry and indignant, raised his fist and shouted at the Japanese restaurant: "Down with Japanese imperialism."

In order to make a living, he went to another restaurant in the community to apply for washing dishes. The boss looked at him for a long time and said, "You are the Chinese student who only wash the plate five times? Sorry, we don't need it." Home, third house... He repeatedly hit the wall. Not only that, but his landlord soon asked him to check out because his "famous" had a negative impact on the work of other housing households. The school he attended also specifically asked him to talk to him, hoping that he could transfer to other schools because he affected the school's students... he was helpless, he had to pack his bags and move to another city. 'Everything starts again: he is saddened to warn Students preparing to study in Japan: "When washing dishes in Japan, you must wash them seven times!"

Story 54

When he was born, he was a poor Lincoln. He had to face setbacks throughout his life. Many times he wanted to give up, but he did not. It was also officially because he was willing to face his own failure and became one of the greatest presidents in American history. Here is the resume from Lincoln before the White House:

In 1816, the whole family was driven out of the place where he lived, and he had to work to afford the whole family.

In 1831, business failed.

In 1832, the campaigning councillor failed and his work was lost.

In 1833, he borrowed money from friends to do business, but he went bankrupt at the end of the year. After that, it took him 16 years to pay off his debts.

In 1835, he was about to get married, his fiancee was dead, his heart was broken, his spirit collapsed, and he stayed in bed for 6 months.

In 1838, the fight for becoming a state legislator failed.

In 1840, the fight for becoming an elector failed.

In 1843, the election to the National Assembly failed.

In 1848, the re-election of parliamentarians failed.

In 1845, the election of each senator failed.

In 1956, he won the vice presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention and won less than 100 votes.

In 1858, the re-election of US senators failed.

In 1860, he was elected president of the United States.

Story 55

In the remote village of the small village in the country, there is a mother and daughter living in the house. The mother is afraid of being stolen. She always has three locks on the doorknob in the evening. The daughter is disgusted and has a constant rural life. She wants to go to the city and wants to go. Look at the gorgeous world you imagined through the radio. One morning, my daughter sneaked away from home while her mother was sleeping.

It is a pity that the world is not as beautiful as she imagined. She unconsciously went to the path of degeneration, and was deeply immersed in the mud that could not be extricated. Then she realized her fault.

"Mom!" After ten years, the grown-up daughter dragged her injured heart and wolverine body and returned to her hometown. When she got home, it was late at night, and the faint light penetrated through the door. She tapped the door gently, but suddenly there was an ominous premonition. Twisted the door and shocked her. "It’s strange that my mother never forgot to lock the door before.” The mother’s thin body curled up and fell asleep on the cold floor.

"Mom... Mom..." Hearing her daughter's crying, her mother opened her eyes and licked her daughter's tired shoulders without saying a word. After crying in my mother's arms for a long time, my daughter suddenly curiously asked: "Mom, why don't you lock the door today, what should I do if someone breaks in?" The mother replied: "Not just today, I am afraid that you will come back suddenly at night. Not at home, so the door has never been locked in ten years.” The mother waited for her daughter to come back for ten years, and her daughter’s room was as old as that. This evening, the mother and daughter returned to the state ten years ago, and locked the door and fell asleep. The love of the family is the cradle of hope, thanking the warmth of the family and giving the motivation to grow.

Story 56

In the 1973 class of Harvard University's computer science sophomore class, there were two students, one of whom was negotiating with another classmate named Colette and dropped out to develop bit finance software. Colette was very surprised. For the bit system, the professor just taught a little fur, and he rejected the invitation of which classmate.

In 1995, Colette got a postdoctoral degree and thought that he had enough knowledge to research and develop bit financial software, and that the young man who had dropped out of school had developed eip financial software, which is 1500 times faster than bit, and two weeks later. Occupy the global market. Who is this young man who has dropped out of school? He is the world's richest man, Bill Gates. This name represents success and wealth.

The history of world innovation shows that there are not many people who have intensive professional knowledge to engage in invention and creation. Many people who have achieved a career are directly aiming at the target when there is not much knowledge, and then in the process of creation, Constantly replenish your knowledge. If you wait until all the conditions are in place, then you will wait forever.

Story 57

In the Sahara Desert of Africa, there is a village called Bissell, which is located next to a 5 square kilometer oasis. It takes three days and a night to get out of the desert from here. However, before Ken Ryan discovered it in 1926, no one here had walked out of the desert. Why have Biesse people from generation to generation never walked out of the desert?

It turns out that the Bisser people have never known the Big Dipper. In the vast desert, they can only move forward with no sense. However, if there is no fixed direction in a desert in the endless desert, they will go out of many circles of different sizes and eventually return to where he started. But since. After Ken Levin discovered the village, he taught the local residents the way to identify the Big Dipper, and the Bissells also stepped out of the desert they had for generations. Today, Bissell has become a tourist attraction. Everyone who arrives at the race will find a monument with a bold line on it: "The new life begins in the chosen direction."

Story 58

Harvard University has a very well-known follow-up survey on the impact of goals on life, targeting a group of young people with similar intelligence, education, and environment. The survey found that 27% of people have no goals, 60% have blurred goals, 10% have clearer short-term goals, and 3% have clear long-term goals of 10%.

After 25 years of follow-up investigations, the results show that 3% of people have hardly changed their life goals in the past 25 years and have been working tirelessly in the same direction. After 25 years, they have almost become top successful people in the community. 10% of the people live in the middle and upper classes of the society. Their common characteristics are that some short-term goals are continuously achieved, and the quality of life has steadily increased. They have become indispensable professionals in various industries, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on. 60% of people, almost all living in the lower and middle levels of society, can live and work in peace, but there is no special achievement. Twenty-seven percent of people live in the lowest levels of society, live a very unsatisfactory life, and often complain about others and complain about society.

Therefore, the goal has a guiding role in life. Success is only a choice at the beginning. What kind of goals do you choose, and what kind of success will there be.

Story 59

Japanese big entrepreneur Koike once said: People do business the same, the first thing is honesty. Honesty is like the roots of trees. If there is no root, then trees will have no life.

The success of Koike itself proves this.

Xiaochi was born in poverty and was a salesman at a machine company when he was 20 years old. In a period of time, he sold the machine very smoothly, and he made business with 33 customers in half a month. After that, he suddenly discovered that the machine he is selling now is more expensive than the machine of the same performance produced by other companies. He thought: If the customer knows, I must think that I am deceiving them and I will doubt my own quota. So the deeply disturbed Xiaochi immediately took the contract and the order, spent three days, visited the customer door by door, truthfully explained the situation to the customer, and asked the customer to reconsider the choice.

This honest approach has made every customer very touched. As a result, none of the 33 people canceled the contract and became a more loyal customer.

Story 60

In a small mountain village in Peru, there is a group of boys who sell newspapers on the streets and wipe shoes for passers-by. Despite these minimalist activities, the innocent children have great ambitions. Whenever friends ask them what they want to grow up, children always like to say: "Be president."

One of the boys begged his father to let him go to school because he heard that the president was the one who read the book. In the face of his father’s opposition, the boy promised: “I will not waste my time working because of school. I will earn as much money as I used to.” From then on, the boy went to school during the day and went to do the chores in the morning and evening. For that president's dream, he strives to make his achievements the best of all children.

In 1964, the 18-year-old boy received a scholarship from the University of San Francisco. While pursuing his bachelor's degree in the United States, he also used his studies to work and sent money to his family. Later, the boy received a master's degree in economics and a doctorate in education from Stanford University. The unwavering struggle made him closer to his dreams. Fifty years later, he realized his childhood dreams----In the 2001 general election in Peru, he was elected as the new Peruvian president. He is the current Peruvian President Toledo.

There are only a lot of children who want to be presidents when they grow up. There are only a few people who eventually become presidents. If young Toledo has the same dreams as other companions but does not work hard, he may always be a mediocre child. The philosopher said that the pine nuts held in his hand, he will always be just a pine nut. Only when it is spread in the soil can it grow into a towering tree.

Story 61

On a stormy night, an elderly couple came to a hotel at the foot of Mount Tai. At the time, a young man was on duty. He was sorry to tell the old man that the two elderly people were really sorry. We have no room here. The faces of the two old people are full of regrets and disappointments. Seeing the exhaustion and wolverine of the old man, the young man looked at the storm outside. Young people are very upset. He told the two old people that I am on duty tonight. If the two elderly people don't give up, they will go to my dormitory for one night. The two old people lived in the dormitory of the young people. The next day, the two old men were going to pay the young people accommodation. The young man said nothing, he was still unwilling to let the old man not live in a comfortable room. The two old people did not resign, just silently remembered the name of the young man and the hotel.

Two years later, the young man who was still a waiter at the hotel suddenly received a letter. The letter was written by the elderly two years ago. They decided to let the young people go to a big hotel in the provincial capital as the general manager. It turned out that the old man had tens of millions of assets, but there were no children under his knees. Since the young people met at the hotel on a rainy night, the two old people decided that the child was the most suitable candidate. Young people can't believe that this is true. He resolutely said that he can't. The old man said, "You must do it, you must do it!" The young man asked the old man why he was so sure about himself? The old man said that because you are kind, you can do things well with goodness.

In fact, what can't happen? In life, who says that your kindness can't make a miracle happen to you or someone you help? No one can delineate good prices, but please give others And bring yourself a warm heart and be a kind person.

Story 62

In 1835, Mr. Morgan was one of the shareholders of a small insurance company called "Iitner", which specializes in fire insurance business.

Accidents will happen. This year, a major fire broke out in New York. The shareholders of the Itna Fire Insurance Company panicked one by one and expressed their intention to withdraw shares. Mr. Morgan, who cherishes his own credibility, has decided to give up his financial credibility. Therefore, he sold the hotel that he had worked hard for many years, bought the shares of everyone at a low price, and quickly returned more than 100,000 yuan of insurance money to the insured through other financing channels. At the time, the reputation of the Itna Fire Insurance Company rose. Mr. Morgan, who was on the verge of bankruptcy, had only one empty Eternal Fire Insurance Company in his arms. In desperation, he advertised: The company has done its best to repay the insurance premium. From now on, it will re-enter the company's insurance, and the insurance premium will be doubled.

Unexpectedly, more people came to this small insurance company that doubled the insurance premium, because in the hearts of people, the scale of the Itna Fire Insurance Company is reliable. Soon, Mr. Morgan not only bought his original hotel, but also earned more than 100,000 yuan.

Story 63

Is it difficult to get up on time? It is not difficult. Not difficult? difficult.

365 days a year, I am 261 days late, and the rest is a week. In fact, I never eat breakfast, and I rarely wash my face in the morning. The speed of cycling is around 80, but I am still late every day because I get up too late.

Suddenly one day I feel that I can't live this kind of time anymore. I have to take some time to get rid of this bad thing.

I put the consequences of getting up late on a piece of paper, and then put it on the left side of the bed; then use a piece of paper to list the benefits of getting up on time, and stick it on the right side of the bed. This way, no matter which side I turn my head, I can see the prompt.

I also set the alarm function for the phone and paging, and use it with the alarm table. Of course, a small punishment is essential. I set myself a rule: the first time I got up late, I lost half of my pocket money this week; the second time, I lost the remaining half; and so on.

In the first week, I was completely "bankrupt" and I had to borrow from the pocket money in the second week. In the second week, the situation improved slightly, at least not for the third week.

At the end of the third week, I was pleasantly surprised to find that getting up on time has become my new habit. In the morning, I can have a leisurely breakfast, and I have time to dress up and go out, and the car is no longer like a tank. There is a wave of self-respect in my heart. Oh, there is nothing remarkable. It only takes 21 days to live and it becomes completely different.

Story 64

One day, the tribes living in the mountains suddenly launched aggression against the tribes living under the mountains. They not only robbed the masses of the Yamashita tribe, but also kidnapped a family's babies and brought him back to the mountains.

But the people of the Yamashita tribe don't know how to climb to the mountains; they don't know where the mountain tribes usually go, nor do they know where to find the hill tribes. They don't know how to find the traces they left behind.

Despite this, they sent the best and bravest fighters in their tribe, hoping to find their children.

They searched one after another and may be traces left by the hill tribes. Everything was exhausted, but a few days of hard work went a few hundred feet. They felt that all efforts were useless and decided to give up the search and return to the village under the mountain.

Just as they packed up all the climbing tools and were ready to return, they saw the mother of the kidnapped child coming towards them and walking down the hill. They can't imagine how she climbed the mountain. After the child’s mother approached, they saw that her back was tied with a belt to the child they had been looking for. Oh, it’s incredible. How did she find her children? The best and brave fighters in this tribe are puzzled.

One of them asked the child's mother: "We are the strongest man in the tribe. We can't climb to such a high mountain. Why can you climb up and find the child?" The child's mother calmly replied: Because that is not your child!"

Story 65

The message of recruiting a technician from the largest wholly-owned enterprise in the small town is not lost: the monthly salary is 5,000 yuan, except for the bonus, and the annual scenery of the other side of the ocean can be reached. Candidates flocked.

The high-tech workers sit in the smoldering examination room, and the simmering summer heat and the hot mood are far better than the college entrance examination. He was sweating and sweating. He was not embarrassed to face the exam questions. The foreign language and professional technology exam questions were very satisfactory. Only two strange questions in the second exam made him a headache: “What is the success of your business or the business that you have worked for? What is the technical secret?” These questions are for those who have worked in the enterprise. Not difficult. The pen that can be used for high work is always hovering, and it is too late to fall. Years of professional ethics are constraining him. Hundreds of employees in the factory are still operating in bleak manners. How can I play everyone's rice bowl for my rice bowl? His heart seems to be overwhelming, and he has written four big characters on the examination paper: "No comment." The heavy steps went to the house. After entering the door, his wife repeatedly questioned him. He only told the hard work of answering the questions, and the whole family was silent.

Just as the high-tech workers rushed around the world, and when they were looking for a career, the stone broke, and he sent a white-buyed sole proprietorship to send a notice of admission. The high-tech workers were in the doldrums, the whites won the championship, and everyone talked and became the big news.

Story 66

Some things often touch me.

On the train, a pregnant woman gives birth, the conductor broadcasts a notice, and urgently looks for a gynaecologist. At this time, a woman stood up and said that she was obstetrics and gynaecology. The female train conductor quickly took her to the ward separated by sheets. Towels, hot water, scissors, and pliers are all in place, waiting for the most critical moment. The mother screamed very painfully because of dystocia. The woman in the obstetrics and gynaecology department was very anxious and told the train conductor that she was actually a nurse in the obstetrics and gynaecology department and had been expelled from the hospital for a medical accident. Today, this maternal situation is not good, human life is closed, she knows that she has no ability to deal with it. It is recommended to send it to the hospital immediately for rescue. The train travels on the Beijing-Guangzhou line and travels more than an hour from the nearest station. The train conductor solemnly said to her: "You are just a nurse, but on this train, you are a doctor, you are an expert, we believe in you." The nurse understood. She firmly entered the delivery room, the train conductor gently comforted the mother, saying that an expert is now giving her surgery, asking the mother to calm down and cooperate. Unexpectedly, the nurse almost completed the most successful operation in her life, and the baby's snoring declared the mother and child safe.

The mother and the child were happy because they met an enthusiastic person; but the nurse was even more happy. She not only saved two lives, but also recovered her confidence and dignity. Because of her responsibility, because of her trust, she became the best doctor by an unqualified nurse. Everyone has a sense of responsibility, and everyone will work hard for their mission. Responsibility can motivate people's potential and awaken people's conscience. Giving people responsibility means giving trust and sincerity; with responsibility, it also achieves dignity and mission.

Story 67

I have read an article about the story of a German old man during World War II. His family is in the countryside and sparsely populated. One day, a man in a trench coat, a top hat, and a suitcase was squatting outside the fence in his yard. He watched for a long time, then went up and said to the man: "Sir, are you willing to help me put the pile of wood in the fence over the corner? I am old and can't move." Man's eyes - bright, Evenly promised, take off the windbreaker, hat, and then eagerly smashed the wood and placed it neatly. That night, the sweaty guests happily had dinner with the owner in the kitchen and then embarked on a journey. During the entire war, there were many people who fled the city. The pile of wood in the old man’s house was smashed back and forth from the two sides of the yard, and every time he moved, a guest would have dinner with him. In fact, the pile of wood does not need to be moved at all.

My heart is deeply touched by this story. This is in the course of my growth, in my living environment, in the culture I am used to and the familiar compatriots are strange - feelings: when a person has the ability to help others, but carefully hide their superiority To create an opportunity for the recipient, so that he feels that his help is obtained by his own efforts.

Story 68

The milk seller came less than 6 o'clock. Really, it was so cold outside, I slept so late last night, my dad didn’t come back to work at night, my mother was sick... I don’t know who to blame, but my heart is not happy. The people who bought milk had been incited because of my arrival. They looked back at me with care or inadvertently, and their eyes were filled with praise and envy. what happened?

The milk seller also looked at me curiously. He was slow, and some people urged him: "Hurry up, the children are still waiting to go to school." I looked at them carefully, most of them and my parents were old. Similarly, many people ran out of grass and grass and ran out of clothes. I suddenly understood that they must have envied my parents to have such a filial son. In this team, I have seen women buying milk for their parents. I am ashamed to almost lift my head. I imagined that my mother was standing here every day. She must have draped a piece of clothing indiscriminately, standing here with her milk pot, while keeping her feet warm and watching the table... from spring to summer, from autumn to winter. ...but what did the son do for them? I bought the milk and I ran home quickly, boiled the milk and gave it to my mother in a small bowl. Mom tasted it - mouth, ask me: "Is sugar added?" "No." "So that sweet?"

The more people we are close to, the easier it is to neglect their feelings. "It is also easy to unconsciously see all care as a matter of course, especially for our parents.

When you consistently do things for your parents, and learn from the hardships of caring for others and caring for others, you will understand how much great your parents' love is.

Story 69

- Do not believe in your will, never become a general

In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, a father and his son went to fight. The father has been a general, and his son is still a pawn. Another horn blew, the drums thundered, and the father solemnly held up a quiver with an arrow inserted. The father solemnly said to his son: "This is a house-attacking arrow, with the side, the strength is endless, but it must not be drawn out." It is an extremely fine quiver, thick cowhide, with a faint flood of copper Look at the trailing tails. I can tell in a second that it is made of first rate peacock feather. The son was beaming, greedily imagining the arrow shaft, the appearance of the arrow, the ear beating like a slamming arrow, the enemy's coach screamed.

Sure enough, the son with Baojian was heroic and extraordinary, and when the horn of the Mingjin reigned, the son could no longer resist the triumph of the victory, completely abandoning his father’s jealousy, and his strong desire drove him out and pulled out the treasure. Arrow, try to see what happened. Suddenly he was stunned. A broken arrow, a broken arrow in the arrow pocket.

"I have been screaming at only the broken arrows!" The son scared a cold sweat, as if the house that lost the pillars in an instant, the will collapsed. The result is self-evident, the son died in the chaos. The smoke of the father, the father Picking up the broken arrow, and sighing heavily: "Do not believe in your will, you will never be a general. It is stupid to pin a victory or defeat on a treasure, and when a person gives the core and handle of life to How dangerous others are! For example, pinning hope on children; pinning happiness on the husband; pinning the guarantee of life on the unit...

Tips: You are an arrow. If you want it to be tough, if you want it to be sharp, if you want it to wear Yang in a hundred steps, smash it, and ruin it, you can only save it.

Story 70

One day, I found out that a black spider had a big net between the two squats in the backyard. Can the spider fly? Or, from this hoe to the hoe, there is a width in the middle, How did a line pull over? Later, I found that the spider walked a lot of detours - from a hoe, knotted, down the wall, step by step forward, carefully, tilting the tail, not letting the silk Go to the sand or other objects on the ground, walk through the open space, and then climb the opposite hoe, the height is almost the same, then tighten the wire, and so on.

Tips: The spider does not fly, but it can tie the net in midair. It is a diligent, sensitive, silent and tough insect. Its net is made exquisite and regular, and the gossip is open, as if it is God help. This kind of achievement reminds people of those who are silent and some wise men who are hidden. So, I remember that the spider will not fly, but it still keeps the net in the air. The miracle is caused by the perseverance. The belief is A force that doesn't hold you back, when you believe that you can succeed, you will succeed.

Story 71

It's not because things are difficult, we don't dare to do it, but because we don't dare to do things.

In 1965, a Korean student went to Cambridge to major in psychology. When drinking afternoon tea, he often went to the school cafe or teahouse to listen to some successful people to chat. These successful people include the Nobel Prize winners, academic authorities in some fields, and some people who have created economic myths. These people are humorous and weightless, and they see their success as natural and logical. After a long time, he found that when he was in China, he was deceived by some successful people. In order to make people who are starting a business retreat, they generally exaggerate their entrepreneurial hardships, that is, they are using their own success stories to scare those who have not yet succeeded.

As a student of the Department of Psychology, he believes it is necessary to study the mentality of successful Koreans. In 1970, he presented "Success is not as difficult as you think" as a thesis, and presented it to Professor Will Braden, founder of modern economic psychology. After reading, Professor Breden was greatly surprised. He thought that this was a new discovery. Although this phenomenon is common in the East and even in the world, no one has boldly proposed it and studied it. Surprisingly, he wrote to his Cambridge alumni, who was sitting on the top spot in Korean politics, Park Chung-hee. He said in the letter, "I dare not say how helpful this work is to you, but I am sure it will be more shocking than any of your decrees."

Later, this book was accompanied by the Korean economy taking off. This book has inspired many people because they have told people from a new perspective that there is no necessary connection between success and "work, bones, hungry body", "three more lights, five chickens", "head cantilevers, cones" . As long as you are interested in a certain cause, it will succeed if you persist in it for a long time, because God gives you time and wisdom to complete one thing. Later, the young man also succeeded and he became the president of Korea Pantech.

Reminder: Many things in the world can be done as long as you want to do it. The difficulties you can overcome can be overcome. You don't need any steel-like will, and you don't need any skills or strategies. As long as a person is still living in a simple and interesting way, he will eventually discover that the creator's arrangements for the world are all natural.

Story 72

Life is really fun: if you only accept the best, you will always get the best.

One person often travels on business and often can't buy a ticket for the right number. However, no matter how long or short the road is, no matter how crowded the car is, he can always find a seat.

His method is actually very simple, that is, patiently looking for a car in a compartment. This method does not seem to be very clever, but it works. Every time, he was ready to walk from the first car to the last car, but every time he didn't have to go to the end, he would find a vacancy. He said that this is because there are not many passengers like him who are looking for a seat. Often there are still a few seats in the car where he is seated, and in the aisles and compartment joints of other cars, they are full of people.

He said that most passengers are easily confused by the superficial phenomenon of one or two cars. They don’t want to be in the dozens of stops. There are plenty of seats in the flow from the top and bottom of the train. Opportunities; even if they think of it, they don't have the patience to look for. It’s easy for most people to meet in front of a small place. It’s worth noting that some people are carrying a bag of one or two seats. They are also worried that if they can't find a seat, they will not even have a place to stand up. With some people in life who are not comfortable with the status quo and fear of failure, they can only stay in the starting point of no success. Most of the passengers who do not want to take the initiative to find a seat can only stand at the initial place when they get on the bus. get off.

Tips: Self-confidence, perseverance, foresight, and diligence in practice will make you have a ticket for a journey of life.

Story 73

What hinders us from discovering and creating is only our psychological obstacles and the hardships in our minds.

In the past, there was a large stone in a vegetable garden with a width of about forty centimeters and a height of ten centimeters. The person who goes to the vegetable garden will accidentally kick the big stone, not falling or scratching. The son asked: "Dad, that nasty stone, why not dig it away?"

Dad replied: "You said that stone? From your time, it has been put into the present. It is so big. I don't know when to dig it. It's boring to dig stones. It's better to walk carefully. Can train your responsiveness."

After a few years, this big stone was left to the next generation, when the son married his wife and became a father.

One day, the daughter-in-law said angrily: "Dad, the big stone in the vegetable garden, the more I look at it, the more I don't look good. I ask the person to move away." Dad replied: "Forget it! The big stone is very heavy, can If I moved away, I moved away when I was a child. How can I leave it to the present?" The wife’s heart is not a taste. The big stone doesn’t know how many times she has fallen.

One morning, the wife took a steamed bun and a bucket of water and poured the whole bucket of water around the big stone.

Ten minutes later, the daughter-in-law used the hoe to loosen the soil around the big stone. The wife made a psychological preparation to dig a day. No one thought of dig the stone in a few minutes to see the size. This stone was not as imagined. Big, they were all deceived by that huge appearance.

Tips: If you climb the mountain with the idea of ​​going downhill, you will not be able to climb the mountain. If your world is dull and hopeless, it is because you are dull and hopeless. To change your world, you must first change your own mindset.

Story 74

Optimists see opportunities in every distress, and pessimists see danger in every opportunity.

The father wants to make a "characteristic transformation" for a pair of twin brothers, because one of them is overly optimistic, while the other is too pessimistic. One day, he bought a lot of bright new toys for pessimistic children, and sent optimistic children into one. In the garage filled with horse dung.

The next morning, when the father saw the pessimistic child crying, he asked, "Why not play those toys?"

"It will be bad when you play." The child is still crying.

The father sighed and walked into the garage, only to find that the optimistic child was happily squatting in the horse.

"Tell you, Dad." The child proudly declared to his father, "I think there must be a pony hidden in the horse dung!"

Tips: The difference between optimists and pessimists is very interesting: optimists see donuts, pessimists see a hole.

Story 75

For those who are afraid of danger, danger is everywhere.

One day, lobsters and hermit crabs met in the deep sea, and the hermit crabs saw that the lobsters were taking off their hard shells, revealing only the delicate body. The hermit crab is very nervous and said: "Lobster, how can you give up the only hard shell that protects your body? Are you afraid of having a big fish to eat you? In your current situation, even the rapids will Take you to the rock, when you are not dead, you will blame?"

The lobster calmly answered: "Thank you for your concern, but you don't understand. Every time we grow up, we must take off the old shell before we can grow a stronger outer shell. The danger now is only for future development. Be better and be prepared."

Hermit crabs think carefully, they only look for places to avoid themselves all day long, and have not thought about how to make themselves grow stronger, only live under the shade of others all day, no wonder they will always limit their development.

Reminder: Everyone has a certain security zone. If you want to cross your current achievements, please don't limit yourself. If you dare to accept challenges and enrich yourself, you will definitely develop better than you think.

Story 76

No one can rely on talent to succeed. God gave talent and diligence turned talent into genius.

Zeng Guofan was one of the most influential figures in Chinese history, but his childhood talent was not high. One day at home, I didn’t know how many times I repeated an article, and I was still reading it because he hadn’t backed it. At this time, his family came to a thief, lurking under his eaves, hoping to wait for the scholar to sleep and take advantage of it. But wait, wait until he sleeps, or read the article over and over again. The thief was furious and jumped out and said, "What book does this level read?" Then recite the article and grow up!

The thief is very smart, at least smarter than Mr. Zeng, but he can only become a thief, and Mr. Zeng has become the admirer of Chairman Mao Zedong: "The most people in modern times have a big source."

"Diligence can be a good training, a bit of hard work." The thief's memory is very good, the articles that have been heard several times can be backed down, and very brave, seeing others do not sleep can actually jump out of "great", lessons After Mr. Zeng, he still has to endorse and grow up. But unfortunately, his name is unknown. Mr. Zeng later used a large number of talents. According to the thief, he had a good relationship with Mr. Zeng. He could go to show one or two. Unfortunately, his talent did not add diligence and became unknown. The end.

Reminder: Great success and hard work are directly proportional. If there is a point of labor, there will be a harvest. Over time, from small to many, miracles can be created.

Story 77

On a dark night, the mouse's first tie led the little mouse out for food. In the family's kitchen, there were a lot of leftovers in the trash. For the mouse, it was like humans found the treasure.

Just as a large group of mice dig a dip in the trash can and nearby areas, there was a sudden sound of their liver and gallbladder, which is the cry of a big cat. They were shocked and escaped from each other, but the big cats were never merciless, and they continued to chase after them. Finally, two little mice could not escape, and when they were caught by the big cats, they were about to swallow them. A series of fierce dog screams made the big cats feel helpless and fled.

After the big cat left, the mouse leader Shi Shiran walked out from behind the trash can and said, "I have told you that learning a language is beneficial, and this time I saved your life."

Reminder: "One more skill, one more road." Continuous learning is a lifetime commitment of successful people.

Story 78

The flood did not reach the embankment first, and the wolf will sharpen the knife in the future.

A wild wolf lay on the grass and grinds his teeth diligently. When the fox sees it, he says to him: "The weather is so good, everyone is resting and entertaining, you join our team!" The wolf did not speak, continued to grind and put it The teeth are sharp and sharp. The fox strangely asked: "The forest is so quiet, the hunter and the hound have gone home, the tiger is not in the vicinity, and there is no danger. Why should you grind your teeth so hard?" The wolf stopped and replied: "I grind my teeth and Not for entertainment, you think about it, if one day I am chased by a hunter or a tiger, then I don't want to grind my teeth until then. I usually grind my teeth and then I can protect myself."

Reminder: You should be prepared for the rainy day, so that you are in danger, so that when the danger suddenly drops, you will not be in a hurry. "When the book is used, it hates less." If you don't fully enrich your knowledge, it's too late to hold your feet. Some people complained that there was no chance. However, when the promotion opportunity came, they sighed that they did not have enough knowledge and ability to accumulate, so they could not be competent, and they had no regrets.

Story 79

The ship sailing on the sea is not without injury.

Lloyd's Insurance Company of the United Kingdom once bought a ship from the auction market. The ship was launched in 1894. It suffered 138 encounters in the Atlantic Ocean, 116 hits the reef, 13 fires, and 207 times the storm twisted the mast. Never sunk.

Lloyd's Insurance Company decided to buy it from the Netherlands and donate it to the country based on its incredible experience and considerable benefits in terms of premiums. The ship is now anchored at the National Ship Museum in Port Salon, England.

However, it is a lawyer who came here to make this boat famous. At that time, he had just lost a lawsuit, and the client also committed suicide not long ago. Although this is not his first failure defense, nor the first suicide incident he encountered, however, whenever he encounters such a Things, he always has a sense of guilt. He does not know how to comfort those who have suffered in the business field.

When he saw the ship at the Salon Ship Museum, he suddenly had an idea why not let them visit the ship. So he copied the history of the ship and hang it in his law firm along with the photo of the ship. Whenever the business client asked him to defend, he won’t win or lose, he suggested that they go to see it. ferry.

It made us know that the ship sailing on the sea was not wounded.

Reminder: Although it has been frustrated repeatedly, it can stand firm and stubbornly. This is the secret of success.

Story 80

In 1960, Dr. Rosenthal of Harvard University had a famous experiment in a school in California.

At the beginning of the new school year, he asked the principal to call the three teachers into the office and said to them: "Based on the teaching performance of the past three or four years, you are the best teacher in your school. In order to award you, this year we specially selected the three classes of the whole school. Smart students teach you. These students have higher IQ than their peers. I hope that you will have better grades."

The teachers showed a joy that could not be concealed. When they left the house, the principal said: "Teach them as usual. Don't let the children or parents know that they were specially selected."

After one year, the performance of these three classes is the best in the entire school district. It is 30% higher than the average score.

At this time, the principal told the teachers the truth. These students were not deliberately selected. It is just an ordinary student who is randomly selected. The three teachers never imagined that this would be the case, only thanks to their own good teaching.

The principal was embarrassed to tell them another truth: the three of them were also randomly selected among the teachers. But the whole result is as expected by the Ph.D.: The three teachers feel that they are excellent, full of confidence and pride, and naturally work hard, and they think that students are good students and will definitely have good results. The ending is naturally happy, all of them are really good.

Comments: Other people's praise and expectation, the psychological hint of self-affirmation, will make ordinary days more sunny.

You may wish to give it a try.

Story 81

A man caught a young eagle in the eagle's nest on the top of the mountain. He took the young eagle home and raised it in a chicken cage. This young eagle is eating, frolicking and resting with the chicken. It thought that it was a chicken.

The eagle grew up, the wings were full, and the owner wanted to train it as a falcon, but because it was mixed with the chicken all day long, it had become exactly the same as the chicken, and there was no desire to fly.

The owner tried all kinds of methods and had no effect. Finally, he took it to the top of the mountain and threw it out. The eagle was like a stone, and it fell straight down. In a panic, it fought hard and fluttered its wings. In this way, it finally flew up!

The secret of life: honing the power to summon success.

Story 82

There is a man named Abag who lives on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Once, the young Abag and his father lost their way on the grassland. Abag was tired and afraid, and he couldn’t move in the end. Dad took out five coins from his pocket, buried one coin in the grass, and placed the other four in Abag's hand, saying: "There are 5 gold coins in life, childhood, youth, youth, middle age. There is one in the old age. You only use one one now. It is the one buried in the grass. You can’t throw five pieces into the grassland. You have to use it a little bit. Every time you use it differently. This is not the case for life. Today we must go out of the grassland, you must also go out of the grassland in the future. The world is very big, people are alive, you have to take some more places, take a look, don't let your gold coins useless Off." With the encouragement of his father, Abagh stepped out of the grassland that day. When he grew up, Abag left his hometown and became an excellent captain.

Secret life: Cherish life, you can get out of the frustration of the swamp.

Story 83

A spider netted the wall at the broken wall and settled the house. However, its life was not peaceful because it was often attacked by wind and rain.

It was such a day, when heavy rain came, its net was once again ravaged. Just after the heavy rain, the spider climbed hard against the broken net on the wall. As the wall is wet, it will fall when it climbs to a certain height. It climbed up and down again and again, falling again and again...

The three people who had been sheltering from the rain in the past saw the scene where the spiders climbed up and fell, and began to discuss them. Their views were quite different.

The first person saw it and sighed and said to himself: "Hey, my life is not like this spider? Our situation is like this. Although it has been busy all the time, the result is a No income. It seems that my fate is as unchangeable as this spider."

The second person quietly watched for a while, and dismissively said: "This spider is really stupid. Why don't you climb up from the dry place next to it? I can't be stupid like it in the future. I must use my mind to think seriously, not to bury my head and work hard, and try to find a shortcut to solve the problem."

The third person focused on the spiders who had lost their battles. His heart was deeply shocked. He was thinking: "A small spider has such a persistent and tenacious spirit. I can definitely succeed. I really should learn from this spider!"

For the same thing, different mindsets will lead to different understandings and different outcomes. The state of mind determines the fate of the individual.

Story 84

A large company is preparing to hire a car driver with a high salary. After screening and examinations, there are only three of the best technical competitors. The examiner asked them: "There is a piece of gold on the edge of the cliff. You drive in and take it. How close can you get off the cliff without falling?" "Two meters." The first said. "Half-meter." The second is very confident. "I will try to stay away from the cliff, the farther the better," said the third. As a result, the company accepted the third place.

The secret of life: Don't compete with temptation, but stay as far as possible.

Story 85

Many years ago, an old nephew walked south and north with a small donkey and wandered around. They rely on the erhu in their hands to sing and maintain their livelihood.

Xiao Zizi said, Master, when will you take the disease to cure the eye disease? I don't want to be a scorpion all my life.

The old nephew said that the master of the scorpion said that as long as the string of one thousand strings is broken, the erhu lid can be opened, and there is a secret recipe for treating eye diseases.

The little scorpion sucked a cold breath and said, a thousand strings? How many years has it been? Can't I open the lid now? The old nephew can't help but say no, no! That will not work. The little scorpion continued to wander with the old scorpion, and the erhu pulled by the little scorpion became more and more heard. Whether it was "Pinghu Qiuyue" or "Happiness", he floated out under his slim fingers and always greeted him with enthusiasm.

The little scorpion vowed to break a thousand strings.

Many years later, the little scorpion finally broke a thousand strings. At this time, the old nephew master is dead, and the little nephew becomes the old nephew.

The old scorpion twitched open the erhu piano cover with a note inside.

The old nephew showed this note every time, but all the people told him without exception that it was just a blank note.

The old scorpion tore the paper and shred it, and tore his heart torn. He stunned on the street and muttered to himself: "Master, why are you lying to me?"

The old blind man thought for a long time. He finally figured out: Master is trying to motivate himself to practice the piano and will not starve to death in the future.

Later, the old nephew brought another little nephew. They continue to pull the erhu.

Xiao Zizi said, Master, when will you take the disease to cure the eye disease? I don't want to be a scorpion all my life.

The old nephew said that the master of the scorpion said that as long as the string of one thousand strings is broken, the erhu lid can be opened, and there is a secret recipe for treating eye diseases.

The little scorpion sucked a cold breath and said, a thousand strings? How many years has it been? Can't I open the lid now?

The old nephew can't help but say no, no! That will not work.

Life is like this. With the goal, you will feel that all the hard work is worth it. And once you lose your goal, you lose your faith in life.

Story 86

The periodic table of the elements was discovered by the Russian chemist Mendeleev.

One morning, Mendeleev was tiredly lying on the sofa in the study after a night of study. He had a hunch that the problem of lingering in the past fifteen years was about to be solved. Therefore, he has worked hard over the past few weeks.

For fifteen years, he has been interested in the possible connections between “elements” and “elements” since his student days, and has used all his time to study chemical elements. Recently, he feels that his research has made great progress, and the associations and laws between elements should be quickly combined.

Due to excessive fatigue, Mendeleev fell asleep unconsciously. In his sleep, he suddenly saw the elements arranged in a periodic table and appeared in front of his eyes. He was surprised and happy, then he woke up and handed down the periodic table of elements in his dreams.

The discovery of the Periodic Table of the Elements has become an epoch-making achievement, and because of the inspiration in the dream, people call it "the discovery of genius, realizing it in a dream."

But Mendeleev did not think so, crediting this accumulated fifteen-year achievement to "the accident in the dream" made him uneasy. He said: "Before doing that dream, I have been staring at the goal, constantly working hard and constantly researching. The scene in my dream is only the result of my fifteen years of hard work."

Story 87

A talented person with a first-class IQ and a college degree is determined to "go to the sea" to do business.

A friend suggested that he speculate on stocks. He was full of pride, but when he went to the shareholder card, he hesitated that "the stocks are risky, wait and see."

Another friend suggested that he go to the evening school for part-time lectures. He is very interested, but when he is coming to class, he hesitates again: "It is only 20 yuan to talk about a class. It doesn't mean anything."

He is very talented, but he has been hesitating. For two or three years, there has been no "down" to cross the sea.

One day, the "hesitant" went to the country to visit relatives, passing through an apple orchard, and seeing the apple trees full of growth. I couldn't help but sigh: "What kind of fertile land God has given!" When the tree planted, he said to him, "Let's see how God is working here."

There are many people in the world who say that they can't do it, and they are always hesitating. There are many people who just do not say it, and they are always working hard. Success and gain always patronize people who have a successful approach and put it into action.

Story 88

"After the axe is small, but a few times, you can cut down the hard trees." Alaska's gold mine king Johnson, when interviewed by reporters, said this Shakespeare's famous words.

"What is the secret of getting rich?" asked the reporter.

"I think it's a luck!"

"Luck?" The reporter was puzzled.

Johnson smiled and said: "Remember, at the time, I accidentally found a rusty cross in the deserted mine. I just shook the crossbow a few times and then pulled it up. I didn't expect many under the cross. The gold mine was called, so the deposit was discovered."

Johnson stressed: "If the owner of a crossbow can hold on to a little bit and wave the crossbow, then the gold mine king today may be this person."

Sometimes, success is in front of us, but it is ignored by us, and it is ultimately lost. Grasp the eyes and insist on doing everything well, then success will be closer and closer to us.

Story 89

A death row was suddenly told before the execution of the sentence: If he could carry a bowl of water around the palace and drip without dripping, the king would forgive him, and the death row promised.

The surrounding of the palace was uneven, and there were many steps. The death row was just staring at the water in the bowl. After walking for a long time, I finally walked back to the starting point, and even a drop of water did not spill. The crowd was boiling, and the king was very happy. He asked him, "How do you do it without dripping?"

The death row replied: "Where is the water in my side, it is clearly my life."

If everyone can cherish every opportunity and cherish a strong will as cherish life, I think that nothing can be done.

Story 90

There is a young man who thinks he is a versatile person. After graduating, he has repeatedly hit the wall and has never been able to find an ideal job. He feels that he is not satisfied with his talents and is very disappointed with the society.

After many times of hitting the wall, he was sad and desperate. He felt that there was no Bole to appreciate his "Maxima". Under the pain of despair, one day, he came to the sea and planned to end his life. When he was about to commit suicide, there was an old man who walked nearby, saw him, and saved him. The old man asked him why he had to go astray. He said that he could not get recognition from others and society. No one appreciated and reused him...

The old man picked up a grain of sand from the beach under his feet, let the young man look at it, and then threw it on the ground casually. He said to the young man, "Please pick up the sand that I just thrown on the ground." "This is impossible!" said the young man. The old man did not speak. He took out a crystal clear pearl from his pocket and threw it on the ground casually. Then he said to the young man, "Can you pick up this pearl?" "Of course!" "Then you should understand why? You should know that you are not a pearl now, so you can't demand others to immediately admit you. If you want others to admit it, then you have to find a way to make yourself a pearl. Only then." The young man frowned low and was speechless.

Sometimes you have to know that you are ordinary sand, not a pearl of value. You have to be a good person, and you have to have the capital to stand out. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve glory if we can’t stand the blows and setbacks and can’t stand the neglect of peace. If you want to be outstanding, try to make yourself a pearl.

Story 91

A daughter complained about her life to her father and complained that everything was so difficult. She doesn't know how to cope with life and wants to give up. She is tired of struggle and struggle, as if a problem has just been solved, and new problems have emerged.

Her father was a chef and he brought her into the kitchen. He poured some water into the three pots and put them on the fire. Soon the water in the pot boiled. He put some carrots in a pot, put eggs in the second pot, and put coffee beans in the last pot. He dipped them in boiling water and did not say a word.

The daughter grinned and waited impatiently, wondering what the father was doing. After about 20 minutes, he closed the fire, took the carrots out and placed them in another bowl, and then smashed the coffee into a cup. After doing this, he turned to ask his daughter, "Dear, what did you see?" "Carrot, egg, coffee," she replied.

He let her close and let her touch the carrot with her hand. She touched and noticed that they were soft. The father asked his daughter to take an egg and break it. After peeling off the shell, she saw a cooked egg. Finally, he let her sip coffee. The daughter smiled when she tasted the strong coffee. She snorted and asked: "Father, what does this mean?"

He explained that these three things face the same adversity - boiling boiled water, but the reactions are different. Before the carrots were put into the pot, they were strong, strong, and showed no weakness; but after entering the boiling water, it became soft and weakened. The egg was originally fragile. Its thin outer casing protects it from liquid viscera. But when boiled in boiling water, its internal organs became hard. Powdered coffee beans are unique, and when they enter boiling water, they change the water. "Which is you?" He asked his daughter: "How do you react when adversity comes to the door? Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?"

You, my friend, you seem to be tough, but after suffering and adversity, you cringe, become weak, lose the power of carrots? Are you the original egg that can be molded? You are a person with a certain personality, but after death, breaking up, divorcing or losing your job, have you become strong and become stubborn? Your shell looks like it used to be, but have you become tough and tough because of your strong personality and heart? Or are you like coffee beans? Beans changed the boiling water that caused it pain and gave it the best aroma when it reached a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. When the water is hottest, it tastes better. If you are like a coffee bean, you will become more promising when the situation is worst, and make the situation around you better.

Adversity is inevitable for each of us. Whenever we ask, how do we deal with adversity? Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?

Story 92

A young man in France is very poor and very bitter. Later, he started to sell decorative portraits. In less than 10 years, he quickly became one of the 50 richest men in France and became a young media tycoon. Unfortunately, he died of prostate cancer in 1998. After his death, a French newspaper published his will. In this will, he said: "I used to be a poor man. Before I entered the threshold of heaven as a rich man, I left myself the secret of becoming a rich man. Who can answer it? What is the poorest thing for the poor? And guessing the secret of becoming a rich man, he will be able to get my congratulations---I will stay in the bank’s personal safe for 1 million francs, which will wisely unravel the mystery of poverty. The bonus of the person is also the cheer and applause that I gave him in heaven."

After the will was published, 18,461 people sent their own answers. These answers are varied and varied. Most people think that the poorest people are of course the most money, and with money they will no longer be poor. Others believe that the poorest people are poor, the most lacking is the opportunity, the poor are poor and poor in the "back". Some people think that the most important thing that an empty man lacks is skill. If he has nothing to do, he will be poor, and he will have a skill to get rich quickly. Others say that what the poor lack most is help and care, unruly, beautiful, famous, presidential positions, and so on.

On the anniversary of the death of the rich man, his lawyer and agent opened a private safe in the bank under the supervision of the notary department, and disclosed the secret of his riches. He believes that the poorest people are the most likely to become rich. Ambition.

Among all the answers, a girl who was only 9 years old guessed it. Why is it that only the 9-year-old girl thinks that the poor are most lacking in ambition? On the day of accepting the award of 1 million francs, he said, "Every time my sister takes her 11-year-old boyfriend home, she always warns me not to be ambitious! Don't be ambitious! So I think, maybe ambition can make People get what they want.

After the mystery was uncovered, it shocked France and spread to Britain and the United States. When talking about this topic, some new nobles unabashedly admit that ambition is the eternal "governance of poverty" special medicine, the germination point of all miracles, the poor are poor, mostly because they have an incurable drug The weakness is the lack of ambition to get rich.

Story 93

In order to make up the tuition fee, a poor student went to the door to sell goods from door to door. Because he was bent on tuition and didn't want to spend more, he decided to smack the scalp to ask for food.

He knocked on the door of a family, and opened a door to a little girl. He lost courage when he saw it. He thought, how can a big boy talk to a little girl in the world? So he only needed a cup to quench his thirst.

The little girl could see that he was very hungry, so he took a cup of boiling water and a few pieces of bread to him. He quickly picked up the food and ate it, and on the side she saw him eating this way, and could not help but secretly smile.

After eating, he was very grateful to say: "Thank you, how much should I give you?" She smiled and said: "No, these foods are a lot of our family."

He feels that he is very fortunate and can be taken care of by others in a strange place.

Many years later, the little girl was infected with a rare disease, and many doctors were helpless. The girl’s family heard that a doctor’s medical skills were very good. If he was asked to see if he might have a chance to heal, he would take him to receive treatment. Under the doctor's full treatment and long-term care, the little girl finally recovered the health of the past.

On the day of discharge, the nurse handed her a bill for medical expenses. She barely had the courage to open it. She knew that she might have to work hard all her life to get the medical expenses. Finally, she opened it and saw the following paragraph in the signature bar:

"A glass of water and a few pieces of bread are enough to pay for all the medical expenses." She had tears in her eyes and finally understood that the original doctor was the boy who knocked at the door.

Seeing this story, my eyes are also moist. Seriously, many people helped others and didn't think about getting a return. But the story of good and good news still happens in our real life.

Love is hidden in every corner of our lives, timely love, small actions can help people in a hurry and hope for others.

Story 94

Once upon a time, two hungry people got the gift of an elder: a fishing rod and a fresh fish. One of them had a squid and the other had a squid, so they parted ways. The person who got the fish used the dry wood to set up the bonfire and boiled the fish. He gorged himself and did not taste the meat of the fresh fish. In a flash, even the fish with the soup was eaten by him. Soon, he starved to death. Beside the empty fishing rod. The other person continued to go hungry with the fishing rod and walked hard to the beach step by step, but when he had seen the blue ocean not far away, his last strength was also finished, he also Can only be eye-catching with endless regrets.

There are two other hungry people who also receive a fish gill and a trout from the elders. It’s just that they didn’t go their separate ways, but they agreed to go together to find the sea. Each time they only cook a fish to share, after a long trek, when the squid finished eating, finally came to the beach. Since then, the two have started fishing for a living. A few years later, they built a house, and they had families and children who had been able to descend from the home. They had their own fishing boats and lived a happy and healthy life.

A person who only cares about the immediate interests will eventually have a short-lived joy; one has a high goal, but he also has to face a real life. Only by combining ideals with reality can it be a successful person. Sometimes, a simple truth is enough to give a meaningful life revelation.

Story 95

Richard Parker is one of the most awarded racing players in sports history. When he returned from his first car, he excitedly said to his mother: "There are 35 cars participating, I ran first." "You lost," his mother replied unceremoniously. "But," Richard Parker widened his eyes. "This is my first time in the competition, and the car is still so much."

"Son," the mother said affectionately. "Remember, you don't need to run behind anyone!"

For the next 20 years, Richard Parker dominated the racing world. Many of his records have not been broken. Asking him why he succeeded, he said that he never forgot his mother's teachings, and that the mother helped him discover that he might be the first hope when he was complacent for the second.

The first is that people dream of it. It is impossible for the world to win all the people. However, Imagine Richard Parker. If he doesn't even dare to think about it, he is even confident in himself. If he is not inspired by his mother's deep feelings, can he dominate the racing world in 20 years? Remember, you don't have to run behind anyone!

Story 96

Once upon a time there was a poor child and his father was a shoemaker. After the death of his father, the mother had to take him to marry for life. One day, he had the opportunity to meet the prince. He was hopeful and sang poetry in front of the prince. Read the script. After the performance, the prince asked him what kind of reward he wanted to ask? The poor child boldly asked: "I want to write a poem and play at the Royal Theatre." The prince looked at the benzoquine boy with a clown-like nose from head to toe and said to him: "Be able to recite The script doesn't mean that you can write the script. It's two different things. I advise you to learn a useful craft."

However, after he returned home, he broke his piggy bank, said goodbye to his mother and never cared about his stepfather, and left home to pursue his own ideals. At this time, he was only 14 years old, but he believed that as long as he was willing to work hard, the name Andersen will surely be passed on through the ages.

He went to Copenhagen, door-to-door, and almost all the doorbells of the dignitaries, but no one appreciated him. He was ragged on the streets, but still did not reduce his enthusiasm.

Finally, in 1835, his fairy tales attracted the attention of children, opened a new page belonging to Andersen, and his fairy tales were translated into a variety of words. Nothing except the Bible, no book can match. At this time, it has been 16 years since he left home.

Do you have an ideal? How do you want to make your dreams come true? The process of persisting in hard work may be hard and painful, but as long as you don't give up hope, you will eventually get sweet fruits. Andersen said: "As long as you are a swan egg, it doesn't matter if you hatch it in the duck pen.

Story 97

On November 27, 1940, he was born in San Francisco, USA, and his English name was Bruce Lee. Because his father is an actor, he has had the opportunity to run a dragon suit since he was a child, so he has the dream of being an actor. But because of his weakness, his father let him worship the martial arts to strengthen himself. In 1961, he was admitted to Washington State University to major in philosophy. Later, he married and gave birth to children like all normal people. But in his heart, he never gave up the dream of being an actor.

One day, when he talked about a dream with a friend, he wrote his life goal on a note: "I, Bruce Lee, will become the highest paid superstar in the United States. In return, I will give The most exciting and most powerful performance. I will win a worldwide reputation from 1970. By 1980, I will have a wealth of 10 million US dollars. At that time, my family and I will have a good time. Harmonious, happy life."

When he wrote this note, his life was impoverished. It is not difficult to imagine what kind of ridicule would be caused if this note was seen by others.

However, he kept these words in mind. In order to realize his dream, he has overcome countless difficulties that ordinary people can hardly imagine. For example, he had been lying in bed for 4 months because of a spinal nerve injury, but then he stood up miraculously. In 1971, the god of destiny finally smiled at him. He starred in the film "Tangshan Big Brother", "Jingwumen", "Raptors Cross the River", all reorganized Hong Kong box office records. In 1972, he starred in the "Dragon Fight" between Hong Kong Jiahe Company and Warner America. This film made him an international superstar and was hailed as "the king of work." In 1998, the US "Time" magazine named it one of the "20th century heroes", he is the only Chinese selected.

He is Bruce Lee, a "Asian most recognized by Europeans", a Chinese star who has the highest reputation in the world to date.

In July 1973, Bruce Lee, who had just entered the peak of his career, died of illness. At the "Li Xiaolong Relics Auction" held in California, the note was bought by a collector at a high price of 290 million. At the same time, 2000 copies of the legally photocopied copies were immediately snapped up.

The host of the auction yelled: "This is why you need to write down the things that you think of right away."

Write down your dreams in time, even on an inconspicuous note. Maybe you can sell it for 20 billion dollars in a hundred years.


Story 98

In the football career of more than 20 years, Kings Bailey has participated in 1,364 games, scored 1,282 goals, and created a record in which a team scored 8 goals in a game. His extraordinary skills not only enchanted thousands of spectators, but often made opponents on the court clap their hands. He is not only highly skilled, but also very talkative. When he scored 1000 personal goals, someone asked him: "Which ball do you play the best?" Bailey smiled and said meaningfully: "Next." His answer is subtle, intriguing, like his The ball is just as exciting.

On the road to success, whenever a near-term goal is achieved, it should never be complacent, but should meet new successes and regard the original success as a new starting point. There should be a return to zero mentality. New goals can only climb new heights in order to achieve the endless fun of successful people. Create a life plan for yourself, plan a blueprint for your future life, and follow this blueprint step by step to push yourself to the peak of life. A clear goal, a clear plan, can double or even multiply our efforts.

Story 99

American car king Henry Ford, in the year of 12 years old, with his father driving a horse into the city, accidentally saw a steam-powered car, he felt very novel, and thought in his mind: You can use steam as the power, then you should be able to use gas oil, I have to try!

Although it was an unreachable dream, since then, he has set up a gasoline-powered car for himself within 10 years.

He told his father: "I don't want to stay on the farm as a farmer for a lifetime. I want to be an inventor."

Then he left his hometown to Detroit, the industrial city. As a basic mechanical apprentice, he gradually gained a deeper understanding of machinery. In his spare time, he has not forgotten his dreams, and he is still working tirelessly on his research and development work after he has been working from the factory every day.

At the age of 29, he finally succeeded. At the test session, a reporter asked him: "What is your success?" Ford thought for a moment: "Because I have a lofty goal, I am successful." Success, you need to set goals early, and you need to work hard to achieve . Each of us has many dreams, but many years have passed, and because there is no action to cooperate, the dream has long been a fantasy. Ford was not only a dream, but also a move, and lasted for 17 years, so he succeeded. Let us use our actions to complete our dreams!

Story 100

Lao Wang and Lao Li walked into the office at the same time and looked at the clock on the wall. Looking at my watch again, the result is a different reaction:

Lao Wang: "My watch is slow." Lao Li: "The wall clock is fast."

Both of them seem to be talking to themselves. After a while, the fifth child suddenly asked Lao Li: "How do you say the wall clock is fast?"

Lao Li said: "How do you say your watch is slow?" Pharaoh said: "I feel that my watch is not accurate, the wall clock seems to be more accurate, so I think it may be that my watch is slow." Lao Li said: "My watch is very accurate, because my watch will not be slow, so I must be a wall clock. For one thing, whether there is self-confidence directly affects the perception of it. And usually, you Opinions and attitudes about things,

It is the key to success in this matter.

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