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Two philosophical stories

Story 1: If others don't like you

Dear lonely yanyan:

The question you asked is not as "new as you are saying, and you can't get along with your roommate." What you ask is a very important question: how to face the likes and hates in life.

You are the only foreigner in the dormitory, your hometown Shandong "people are so enthusiastic, there is no barrier." Now you are in Guangzhou, you can't understand Cantonese, everything is strange. You have a imaginary dare, the overbearing girl who lives with you. She will say you in Cantonese in front of you. You will move to her everywhere, but she will not appreciate it and will laugh at you if she has the chance. You said: "She is very outgoing. For her blessing, many people have known the unhappiness between us. Probably I can soon become air, no one pays attention to me."

Dear Yanyan, I understand that now you want to kneel down and cry. You must continue to move forward when you are crying, although you don't know where it is.

Believe me, everyone will experience such loneliness sooner or later. Sometimes it is the departure of a loved one, sometimes it is a love affair, sometimes it is a failure of the college entrance examination, and sometimes it is incompatible with the surrounding environment... It is not a big deal to get along with someone. This is basically a normal thing.

You can't get along with everyone.

Dear, not every goodwill can be rewarded in good faith. This is a complicated world, and every goodwill has the danger of being defeated. Your overbearing girlfriend has failed your goodwill, tolerance and waiting. Missing a friend like you is her own loss. Don't marry her.

Dear, don't force yourself to get along with others, or force others to like you. Not at all.

I know that you are worried that you and her unhappiness will make other people think about you. In fact, it is not so terrible, you can't control the thoughts of others, and she can't.

And if you always care about the opinions of any other person, it will really be exhausted. It is more important to respect your own feelings. Those who you love, their views on you are important.

The more people grow up, the closer they will get to the truth: not everyone likes them. It is important to be self-affirmed by being liked, but if the other party does not respond, it is not because you have done something wrong. Really not because you are not good enough.

I think you hate her now. Dear yanyan, to treat a relationship, you have to learn not to hate people, nor to be hated. When you have determined your own principles, don't give up again and again, learn to say no, learn to be yourself, and learn to implement your own principles. You can't do it yourself in order to be hurt by your own desires.

There are three types of friends: one is a friend who can eat and drink, and there are people who share a common hobby to talk and chat. Each of these friends has a bunch; one is a friend who can be trusted. When you are unlucky, she will help you. You are her. The same is true. There are not many friends like this. There is also a kind of good friend like a loved one. It is a person who will stand on your side in any situation. It is also a person you can stand on her side unconditionally. Such a good friend. Called the buddies.

Everyone wants a lot of love and a lot of warmth, you have to find someone who matches your frequency to be happy. And those who hate us are passers-by anyway, there is no need to care, and they don't have to please them. In fact, you should even thank her because she lets you know what kind of person is not worthy of your friendship. So we have to cherish the people we really like.

Dear, a truly grown-up person, he knows who he is, and he does not easily shake his own principles for others. He knows that if Mars hits the end of the Earth World tomorrow, who will he call and say goodbye, and who will spend the last night together.

If you must change your bedroom, please be prepared. The likes and hates in life are always in the shadows. Loneliness makes people know what is really important to them.

The people who have experienced the dark tunnel deeply understand the warmth and the preciousness of the light.

Those moments that feel cold, please believe that there is light in front.

Your fellow traveler: Chino

Story 2: Shouting is a must

One year, I was invited to a middle school lecture, the rural area in the north, the open-air playground, thousands of students, and the face showed a deep purple rose red. Very cold.

I have never said so much in such a cold place. After the speech, I said, who has any questions, you can write a note. This is the practice of speech. The children took out the pen and paper and took a sigh of relief in the palm of their hand.

I opened a note that read: "I am very angry, this world is unequal. Why am I a girl? Why is my father a farmer, and my father at the same table is the county magistrate? Why do I go to school? To go so far, my desk is sitting in a car? Why do I have only one pen, but he has such a big pencil case?"

I looked at the row of hooks like the question mark, thinking that this is a girl full of anger. I read out the note she wrote aloud. At that moment, the playground was quiet and quiet.

It is said that the children can feel the feelings of the mother in the mother's stomach. Many girls have felt the inequality of the world from that time, because you are not a boy, you do not meet everyone's expectations.

Is there any way to do this? No. At least there is no way to change your gender. You can only accept it safely.

Don't believe the words "this world is equal." This is just wishful thinking. However, you don't have to be pessimistic. In fact, the world has gradually sailed to the beacon of equality.

For example, 100 years ago, can you come to the school to study? You are probably wrapped in small feet, and you can learn to be a female in the house. At that time, the son of the county magistrate, who is called the son of the county magistrate, how can you become the same table with him? On the way to equality, we have already set off.

Remember, no one promises and guarantees that you will enjoy sunny equality when you are born. When you look at the animal world, you know how rare equality is. You have enjoyed the fruits of many people's struggles, and your reward is to continue to work hard, not to complain.

But you should not be so sympathetic to such inequality. Because today's girl may also become the mother of tomorrow.

If they follow the old rules, they will still have unequal clothes. If their daughters make a voice, they may touch their inner memory and things may change.

Remember, shouting is a must. Even if you have never heard it in this life. The echo will also be a long time.

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