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Revelation of the three gates

The revelation of the three gates <br /> There used to be a prince who asked his teacher, Sakyamuni Buddha, before he set foot on his journey: "What will be my future life path?"
The Buddha replied: "You will encounter three doors on the road of life. Every word on the door will be written. When you look at it, you will understand. After you walk through the third door, I will be in the first The other side of the three doors is waiting for you.
So the prince got on the road. Soon, he met the first door, which read: "Change the world." The prince thought: I will plan the world according to my ideals, and change all the things that I can't understand. So he did it like this.
A few years later, the prince encountered a second door, which read: "Change others." The prince thought: I want to use good ideas to educate people and let their character develop in a more correct direction. So he did it like this.
After a few more years, he met the third door, which read: "Change yourself." The prince thought: I want to make my personality more perfect. So he did it like this.
Later, when the prince saw Sakyamuni Buddha, he said to the Buddha: "I have already passed the three doors on the road of my life, and I have seen the revelation written on the door. I know how to change the world instead of changing the world. People; instead of changing others, it is better to change myself."
The Buddha listened with a slight smile and said, "Maybe you should go back now, and then go back and take a closer look at the three doors."
The prince will believe that he will go back. Far away, he saw the third door, but unlike when he came, from this direction, he saw the door saying "accept yourself." The prince only understood why he was always in self-blame and distress when he changed himself: because he refused to recognize and accept his own shortcomings, he always looked at things he could not do, and ignored himself. Strengths. So he began to learn to appreciate himself and accept himself.
The prince continued to go back. He saw that the second door was written to "accept others." He only understands why he is always full of complaints, and complains: Because he refuses to accept the difference between others and himself, he is always unwilling to understand and understand the difficulties of others. So he began to learn to be tolerant of others.
The prince continued to go back. He saw that the first door was written "to accept the world." The prince then understood why he failed in changing the world: because he refused to admit that there are many things in the world that are beyond the reach of manpower, he always has to be strong, control others, and ignore what he can do better. (Inspirational story) So he began to learn to embrace the world with a broad heart.
At this time, Sakyamuni Buddha was waiting there. He said to the prince: "I think, now you know what harmony and calm are."
The story of Sandaomen tells us: When life is alive, you should learn to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses in life, and constantly improve yourself and be a noble person. You must treat others with open mind, put yourself in the shoes of others, and become attached to others. Not grudge. In this way, we can live in harmony with people and become a truly useful person to society.

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