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10 classic inspirational stories that people in the workplace must read

10 classic inspirational stories that people in the workplace must read

People are inert. No matter what kind of work we do, one day it will feel boring because of the boring work. One day, we will lose our confidence because of the hard work and hard work. Therefore, in the workplace, what we need is to constantly encourage ourselves, cheer for ourselves, give ourselves confidence, and cheer ourselves up. One of the effective ways is to watch a classic inspirational story every day, from the story to understand and experience, from the inspiration of the story to find their confidence! Next, please learn some classic inspirational stories with the world factory network Xiaobian, I hope to help you!

The inspirational story of the workplace tells us that all the gains and losses in the workplace are small. No one will regret not spending more time working in the office when they are dying. Pursuing happiness and peace and happiness is the most important thing in a person's life.

[1, robbers and apprentices]

On one occasion, an old robber took an apprentice to rob the bank and was chased by the police. The two fled and almost ran off their pants. It was hard to get rid of the police. The two men were out of breath and fell to the ground.

For a long time, the horror was slightly fixed. The apprentice said: "Master, Master, if there is no police in the world, how wonderful it is!" Master said: "Fart! If there is no police, do we still have food?!" Apprentice Do not understand. Master said, "You know what you are," you think. If you don't have a policeman, wouldn't everyone dare to steal and rob? Because of these policemen, those who can do it. Blocked, we have a living space! Compared with them, what are we? What is the ability? We are not just relying on a thief, dare to do what they dare not do, just get a meal Eat? With the police, there is us! Without the police, where are our good days!"

You see how beautiful people are, but you only see one side, don’t see the other side, you "only see thieves eating meat, not seeing thieves beating", not seeing the sweat and tears they have flowed for success. Even blood! Even if you see the "thief beaten", you are only willing to be a "thief who only eats meat and does not beat." Where is the cheap thing in the world! The experience of the old robber above, we can borrow it. As long as you have a little courage and confidence, it is enough to break through physical and psychological barriers.

[2, cannibalism]

The two cannibals went to work in a company. The boss said: "If you eat at the company, immediately dismiss it!" Three months later everyone was safe, and suddenly the boss called the two people to the office for a day: "TMD Let you not eat people, you still have to eat, tomorrow you are not used to go to work!" Two food people to pack things away, one can not help but swear when going out: "Tell you how many times, do not eat people who work, We have a department manager every day for three months. Nothing happened. You ate a cleaner yesterday and they were discovered today!"

[3, loyal dog]

Puppy Tom was looking for a job everywhere, busy for days, but nothing. He complained to his mother with a dejected voice: "I am really a waste of nothing, no company wants me."

Mom asked strangely: "So, bees, spiders, larkes and cats?"

Tom said: "The bee is a flight attendant, the spider is engaged in the Internet, and the Lark is graduated from the Conservatory of Music. So when I became a singer, the cat graduated from the police school, so I was saved. Unlike them, I did not receive higher education. Experience and diploma."

Mom continued to ask: "Is there horses, sheep, cows and hens?"

Tom said: "Ma can pull the car, the wool of the sheep is the raw material of textile and clothing, the cow can produce milk, the hen will lay eggs. Unlike them, I have no ability."

Mother thought about it and said, "You are not a horse that is carrying a chariot, nor a chicken that will lay eggs, but you are not a waste, you are a loyal dog. Although you have not received higher education. The skill is not great, but a sincere heart is enough to make up for all your defects. Remember my words, son, no matter how many hardships, you should cherish your golden heart and let it shine. ”

Tom listened to his mother and nodded hard.

After all the hardships, Tom not only found a job, but also became an administrative manager. The parrot was not convinced, went to the boss theory and said: "Tom is neither a graduate of a prestigious university nor a foreign language. Why do he give him such a high position?"

The boss replied calmly: "It's very simple, because he is a loyal dog."

[4, Maitreya Buddha]

Everyone who has been to the temple knows that when entering the temple door, the first is Maitreya, the smile is welcoming, and on his back, it is the black-faced Wei Tuo. But according to legend, a long time ago, they were not in the same temple, but in different temples.

Maitreya is warm and happy, so there are a lot of people coming, but he doesn't care about anything. He doesn't have a good management account, so he still can't make ends meet. Although Wei Tuo is a good manager, but the face is too dark, too serious, making people less and less, and finally the incense is cut off.

When the Buddha discovered this problem while checking the incense, they placed the two in the same temple. The Maitreya was responsible for the public relations and smiled at the guests, so the incense was booming. And Wei Tuo iron face is selfless, and the bead must be compared, so he is responsible for finance and strict control. In the division of labor between the two, the temple has a thriving scene.

In fact, in the eyes of the master of employers, there is no waste. Just like the martial arts people, there is no need for a precious sword. Picking flowers and flying leaves can hurt people. The key is how to use them.

[5, listen more and talk less]

Once there was a small country coming to China, tribute to three identical gold people, and the emperor was happy. However, this small country is not kind, and at the same time a question: Which of the three golden people is the most valuable?

The emperor thought a lot of ways, please come to the jeweler to check, weigh the weight, look at the work, are exactly the same. How to do? The messenger is still waiting to go back and report it. Hey, big country, don’t even understand this little thing?

Finally, there is a retired minister who said he has a solution.

The emperor invited the messenger to the main hall. The old minister had three straws in his chest and inserted it into the ear of the first golden man. The straw came out from the other side of the ear. The second golden man's straw fell directly from his mouth, and the third golden man, the straw fell into the stomach after entering, and there was no sound. The old minister said: The third golden man is the most valuable! The messenger is silent and the answer is correct.

This story tells us that the most valuable person is not necessarily the most eloquent person. God gave us two ears and one mouth. It was originally for us to listen more. Being good at listening is the most basic element of a mature person.

[6, used to]

Father and son live on the mountain, every day, they must drive the cattle cart down the hill to sell firewood. The old father is more experienced, driving by car, the mountain road is rugged, the curve is very much, his son has a good eye, always reminding when he wants to turn: "Hey, turn!"

Once my father did not go down because of illness, his son drove alone. When he reached the corner, the cow refused to turn. The son used all kinds of methods. He got off and pulled and pulled it. He used the grass to lure it. The cow did not move.

what is the problem? The son is puzzling. In the end, there was only one way. He looked around and looked at no one. He shouted at the ear of the cow and shouted: "Hey, turn!"

The cow is moving.

Cows live by conditioned reflexes, while people live by habit. A successful person knows how to cultivate good habits to replace bad habits. When good habits are accumulated, there will naturally be a good life.

[7, rabbits and crows]

A crow is sitting on the tree and doing nothing all day. When a little rabbit saw the crow, he asked, "I can sit there all day, like you, and do nothing?" The crow replied: "Of course, why not?" So the rabbit sat under the tree. Start to rest. Suddenly, a fox appeared. The fox jumped to the rabbit... and ate it.

The moral of this story is... If you want to sit there and do nothing, you have to sit very high.

[8, birds and cow dung]

A bird is flying to the south for the winter. The weather was too cold, the birds were frozen, falling from the sky and falling into a large farmland. When it was lying in the field, a cow came over and pulled a bubble on it. The frozen bird is lying in the burdock, and it is too warm to excavate the cow dung. Cow dung let it slowly slow down! It lay there, warm and happy, and soon began to sing songs happily. Not every enemy who is pulling on you is your enemy.

2) Not every friend who pulls you out of the pile is your friend.

3) And, when you are caught in a deep pile, close your beak!

[9. The story of porridge]

Seven people have lived together and have a large bucket of porridge every day. The fate is that porridge is not enough every day.

At the beginning, they arrested who decided to divide the porridge, one round a day. So every week, they only have one day to be full, that is, the day they ate porridge. Later, they began to choose a morally noble person to come out to porridge. Power will lead to corruption, and everyone began to dig into it to please him, bribe him, make the whole small group black smoke, and noble people are corrupt. Then everyone began to form a three-person porridge committee and a four-person selection committee, but they often attacked each other, smashed down, and the porridge was all cool in the mouth. Finally, I came up with a method: take turns to divide the porridge, but the person who divides the porridge must wait for the others to pick it up and take the last bowl left. In order not to let themselves eat the least, each person tries to get the average, even if it is not fair, he can only recognize it. Everyone is happy and happy, and the days are getting better.

The same seven people, different distribution systems, will have different ethos. Therefore, if a unit has a bad work habit, it must be a mechanism problem. It must not be completely fair and open, and there is no strict reward and laziness. How to formulate such a system is an issue that every leader needs to consider.

[10, small]

During the Warring States period, Wei Hui Wang violated the Covenant because of Qi Weiwang, so he wanted to send troops to attack Qi. In order to persuade the Wei Wang to be a soldier, Hui Shi, who is a national, invited a Jinshi, a magi in the capital. Dai Jin people met Wei Wang and asked: "About snails, does the king know?" Wei Wang said: "Know." Depp said: "The snail has two tentacles. There is a country on the left corner, called At the corner of the right side, there is a country called Man. In order to compete for territory, the two countries fought for war, and there were tens of thousands of corpses. The winner chased after ten or five days before they returned to the camp." Wei Wang said with a smile. "Isn't this all false words?" Dai Jin said: "It's not a false statement. If you don't believe it, let me prove it for you: In the eyes of the king, is the Quartet exhausted?" Wei Wang said: "Dai Jin people asked: "After the human heart cruises through the endless universe, returning to the world, can you say that the world is too small to seem like nothing?" Wei Wang said: "Yes." Dai Jin people tight Then he asked: "Since the world is small, it is a dispensable place, and Wei is only a small place in the world. The country is a small place in the Wei Kingdom. The king is very small in the country. a form, then, relative to the endless universe ? Quite right corner king with the snail's what each country does, "the king and said:" no difference. "

Dai Jin people have left. Wei Wang seems to have been introduced into the vast space, unable to see the world, not to see Wei Guo, to realize the smallness of the world and the country, to feel the boring of the war and the expansion of the land, to recognize the battle to win, the income is only a snail Land, it really does not make much sense. Therefore, he praised Dai Jin as an "adult" and thought that he had such a vision, far exceeding the saint.

The inspirational story of the workplace tells us that all the gains and losses in the workplace are small. No one will regret not spending more time working in the office when they are dying. Pursuing happiness and peace and happiness is the most important thing in a person's life.

From the above 10 small stories, have you been inspired to learn? I hope that the above small story can bring you more wisdom!

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