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Ideas determine the way out

The way of thinking determines the way out <br /> There is a small story that a scholar has gone to Beijing for the third time to study and live in a shop that often lives. Two days before the exam, he made three dreams. The first dream was that he dreamed that he was planting cabbage on the wall. The second dream was that on a rainy day, he wore a fight and an umbrella. The third dream was Dreaming of being with my beloved cousin, I took off my clothes and lie down, but I leaned back against my back.
The scholar can't understand the meaning of these three dreams, and the next day, he will quickly find a dream for fortune telling. The fortune teller, even the thigh said: "You still go home. Do you think that it is not a waste of time to grow vegetables on the high wall? Is it not a waste to wear an umbrella? Do you want to take off your cousin clothes? A bed, but back to back, is it not a play?"
When the show was heard, I was disheartened. I went back to the store to pack up my bags and prepare to go home. The store owner was very strange and asked: "Isn't it the exam tomorrow? How do you return home today?"
The show said so much, the store owner said: "Hey, I will also solve the dream. I think that you must stay here this time. Do you think that the vegetable growing on the wall is not a high species? Doesn't the umbrella mean that you are prepared for this time? Take off your clothes with your cousin and lean back on the bed. Doesn't it mean that you are coming when you turn over?"
When the scholars listened, it made more sense, so they took the exam with inspiration and the result was a flower.

In the above little story, the fortune teller's idea is a negative idea, so he sees a negative way out, and the store owner's idea is a positive idea, so he sees a positive way out. The scholar is not a scholar, he chose a positive idea, so the high school has a flower,
The active people in the world, like the sun, shine everywhere where they shine, so there is always light to illuminate their way out. The negative people, they will be like the moon, the first and the fifteen are always different. Whenever they encounter the dark time of the first day, they will not see the bright way out. (Inspirational story) Life must have a good way out. The most important thing is to improve your own temperament and cultivate a positive attitude. As long as you have a positive attitude, you will have a positive attitude, and naturally you will be excited. The way out.
Some people have analyzed the important problems in people's life orientation, mentality, thinking mode, career development, interpersonal relationship, love and marriage, doing things, ability development, living habits, etc., and put forward a strong "idea breakthrough". - The correct way to pursue development and success. This guides everyone, especially young friends, to break through the way of thinking in reality, overcome psychological and ideological obstacles, establish good ideas for solving problems, seize opportunities, and handle complex and important issues flexibly and intelligently, thus opening a successful life. Door, write a remarkable life movement.
In fact, life and work, no ideas, organizational management, no ideas, business management, no ideas can not be ... in the adversity and predicament, there are ideas out there; in the good times and smooth, there are ideas to have greater development. People will encounter many difficulties and problems in their careers, work, relationships, love, life, etc. They affect their destiny and determine success or failure. How to solve these problems requires the right ideas. Clear thinking analyzes people's important problems in life orientation, mentality, thinking mode, career development, interpersonal relationship, love and marriage, doing things, ability training, living habits, etc., and proposes correct solutions to these problems to help the majority Readers break through the mindset, improve their ability to deal with and solve problems, overcome difficulties, and achieve brilliant career and beautiful life.

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