Inspirational story

68 classic inspirational stories to benefit you for life

On the road to life, are you often troubled by some inexplicable problems? The confusion of life and the tension in the workplace can sometimes make you breathless. Maybe the 68 classic inspirational stories in this article can alleviate your stress, and give you some inspiration, some insights, and give you directions for your success. , provide motivation to inspire your life every day!

First, the way of employing people

Everyone who has been to the temple knows that when entering the temple gate, the first is the Amitabha, the smile is welcoming, and in his north, the black-faced Vedic. But according to legend, a long time ago, they were not in the same temple, but in different temples.

Mi Yue Buddha is very happy, so there are a lot of people coming, but he doesn't care about anything. He loses three pulls and four, and he doesn't have good management accounts, so he still can't make ends meet. Although Wei Tuo is a good manager, but the face is too dark, too serious, making people less and less, and finally the incense is cut off.

When the Buddha found this problem while checking the incense, they placed the two in the same temple. The Maidfo was responsible for the public relations and smiled at the guests, so the incense was booming. And Wei Tuo iron face is selfless, and the bead must be compared, so he is responsible for finance and strict control. In the division of labor between the two, the temple has a thriving scene.

In fact, in the eyes of the master of employers, there is no waste. Just like the martial arts people, there is no need for a precious sword. Picking flowers and flying leaves can hurt people. The key is how to use them.

Second, the parrot

One person buys a parrot and sees a parrot. The parrot will be in two languages ​​and sell for two hundred dollars.

The other parrot is marked in front: this parrot will be in four languages ​​and sell for four hundred yuan.

Which one should I buy? Both are bright and glamorous, very flexible and cute. The person can not make up his mind.

As a result, a parrot with an old tooth was suddenly found, and the coat color was dim and scattered, and the price was 800 yuan.

The man hurriedly called the boss: Does this parrot speak eight languages?

The owner said: No.

This person is strange: why is it old and ugly, and has no ability, will it be worth this number?

The owner replied: Because the other two parrots called the parrot owner.

This story tells us that true leaders do not necessarily have strong abilities. As long as they understand trust, understand power, and cherish, they can unite stronger power than themselves and thus enhance their own worth.

On the contrary, many people with very strong ability are too perfectionism, they must be close to each other, and no one is as good as themselves. In the end, they can only be the best researcher, sales representative, and not a good leader.

Third, kangaroos and cages

One day, the zookeeper found the kangaroo ran out of the cage, so he discussed the meeting and agreed that the height of the cage was too low. So they decided to raise the height of the cage from the original 10 meters to 20 meters. The next day they found that the kangaroos still ran outside, so they decided to raise the height to 30 meters.

I didn't expect to see the kangaroos running outside the next day, so the administrators were very nervous. They decided not to do anything, and raise the height of the cage to 100 meters.

One day the giraffe and a few kangaroos were chatting. "You see, will these people continue to raise your cages?" asked the giraffe. “It’s hard to say.” Kangaroo said: “If they continue to forget to close the door!”

Management experience: things have "the end", "light", "emergency", closing the door is the book, raising the cage is the end, and the end of the house, of course, no need to lead. What is management? Management is to analyze the main contradictions and secondary contradictions of things first, recognize the "before the end", "light", "emergency" of things, and then start from important aspects.

Fourth, the practice of blunt

Wei Wenwang asked the famous doctor Bian Wei: "Three of your brothers are skilled in medicine. Which one is the best?"

Bian Wei answered: "The older brother is the best, the middle brother is the second, and I am the worst."

Wen Wang asked again: "So why are you most famous?"

Bian 鹊 :: "The long brother cures the disease, before the onset of the disease. Because the average person does not know that he can eradicate the cause beforehand, so his fame can not be transmitted; He can only cure minor minor illnesses, so his fame is only in his hometown. I am treating the disease when the condition is serious. Most people see me undergoing major surgery such as bleeding through a needle in the meridian and applying medicine on the skin. I thought that my medical skills were brilliant, and my reputation was heard all over the country."

Management experience: After-the-fact control is not as good as control, and control in the event is not as good as before. Unfortunately, most business operators have failed to realize this and wait until the wrong decision has caused significant losses before seeking compensation. It is often that even if you come to a famous airborne soldier, the result will not help.

V. Qufu pay

A guest came to someone's house and saw that the chimney on the stove of the owner's house was straight, and there was a lot of wood next to it. The guest told the owner that the chimney had to be changed and the wood had to be removed. Otherwise, there might be a fire in the future. The owner did not give any indication.

Soon the owner’s house was in a fire, and the neighbors rushed to save the fire. Finally, the fire was extinguished. So the owner cooked the sheep and slaughtered the cattle and banqueted the neighbors to reward them for the fire. But he did not ask him to remove the wood. The chimney is changed.

Someone said to the owner: "If you listened to the gentleman at the beginning, you don't have to prepare for a feast today, and there is no loss of fire. Now, on the merits, the people who originally gave you advice are not grateful, but the people who fight the fire are the guests. It is very Strange things!” The master suddenly realized that he had to invite the guest who gave the advice to eat.

Management experience: The average person thinks that people who are able to settle or solve various difficult problems in the business process of the company are excellent managers. In fact, this is to be discussed. As the saying goes: "Prevention is more important than treatment", it can prevent problems before they happen. It is better than the chaos after the completion of the situation. From this point of view, the preventers of enterprise problems are actually better than the solvers of enterprise problems.

Sixth, save people

In a fierce battle, the captain suddenly found an enemy plane swooping down to the position. As usual, I found that the enemy plane should not hesitate to fall down when diving. The captain didn't fall down immediately. He found that there was a little soldier standing still four or five meters away from him. He couldn't think much about it, and a fish jumped to the body and pressed the little soldier tightly underneath. At this time a loud noise, the splash of mud fell on them. The captain patted the dust on his body and looked back. He was shocked: the position he was in was blown into a big pit.

Seven, go out

In ancient times, two brothers each took a suitcase and went out. Along the way, the heavy suitcases kept the brothers out of breath. They had to change their right hand with their left hand, and their right hand was tired and changed their left hand. Suddenly, Big Brother stopped and bought a pole on the side of the road, hanging the two suitcases on the pole. He provoked two boxes on the road, but felt a lot easier.

Linking these two stories may be a little far-fetched, but they do have striking similarities: the little warriors and brothers in the story are lucky, but even more fortunate is the captain and big brother in the story because they are helping others Also helped myself!

Management experience: There will be many difficulties in the road of our life. But do we all know that on the way forward, moving the stumbling blocks under the feet of others is sometimes just paving the way for ourselves?

Eight, the son of the fish king

A fisherman has a first-class fishing technique and is known as the 'fishing king'. However, 'Yu Wang' was very upset when he was old, because his three sons are very mediocre.

So I often tell people the troubles in my heart: "I really don't understand, the technology of my fishing is so good, why are my sons so bad? I taught them fishing techniques from their sensibility, from the most basic things. Teach them and tell them how to weave the net to catch the fish. How to row the boat will not disturb the fish. How to get the net is the easiest to ask for fish. When they grow up, I teach them how to know the tide and identify the fish. I have taught them unreservedly the experience that I have worked hard over the years, but their fishing skills can't keep up with the sons of fishermen who are worse than me!"

After a passerby listened to his complaint, he asked, "Have you been teaching them with your hands?"

"Yes, in order to give them first-class fishing skills, I taught very carefully and patiently."

"They have been following you?"

"Yes, in order to let them take fewer detours, I always let them follow me."

The passerby said: "In this way, your mistakes are obvious. You only taught them the technology, but did not teach them the lesson. For the talent, no lesson and no experience can not make people big. !"

Nine, the apple by the river

An old monk, he gathered around a group of devout disciples. On this day, his disciples went to Nanshan to take a boat to return. The disciples hurried to the river not far from the mountain, and everyone was dumbfounded. I saw the flood rushing down the mountain, and I would like to cross the river to catch firewood anyway. The disciples were somewhat dejected when they returned without success. Only a small monk is intimately opposed to the master. When the master asked why, the young monk pulled out an apple from his arms and handed it to the master. He couldn’t cross the river, couldn’t beat the firewood, and saw an apple tree by the river. I just picked up the only apple on the tree. Later, the little monk became the master of the master.

There are endless roads in the world, and there are rivers that cannot pass. It is also a kind of wisdom to turn around and return to the river. But the real wisdom is to do one thing by the river: fly the kite of thought and pick up an "apple." Throughout the past and present, those who have embraced such a belief in life have finally achieved the breakthrough and transcendence of life.

Ten, the right hand holds the left hand

There is a jingle on the table: holding the wife's hand, as if the right hand is holding the left hand.

Whenever someone reads it: a familiar or unfamiliar table person will laugh and laugh, and the atmosphere will be relaxed immediately. Of course, this is based on a consistent understanding of the jingle – the feeling is accurate and the description is in place.

One day at the table, someone read this jingle, and the men laughed as usual.

Later, I found a woman at the table not laughing. The men are busy talking about playing and not taking it seriously. I did not expect the woman to say seriously: the most wonderful thing is that this "right hand holds the left hand." First, the left hand is the most trustworthy by the right hand; the second, the left hand and the right hand are each other's own; third, how can other people call you happy and excited, and then you can pick up your hands, only the left hand, open You are broken, aren't you? A table of men admire, praise the woman's understanding is profound and unique, the woman said faintly: What is profound and unique, may wish to go back and read to your respective wife to see what they say.

Among the men, there is a lot of courage to go back and test the wife, and sure enough, the wife’s understanding is the same as that of the ladies on the table.

They are all left hands, and men must of course use their left hand.

And they are all right hands, of course they are right-handed

XI, choose

A farmer rescued his wife from the flood and his child was drowned.

After the event, people talked about it. Some say that he is doing the right thing, because the child can regenerate one, but the wife can't die and rise again. Some said that he did something wrong, because the wife can marry another one, but the child can not die and rise again.

I listened to people's arguments and felt puzzled and difficult: If you can only save one person, should you save your wife or save your child?

So I went to visit the peasant and asked him what he thought at the time.

He replied: "I didn't think about anything. The flood came, my wife was with me. I grabbed her and went to the nearby hillside. When I returned, the child had been washed away by the flood."

On the way home, I pondered the words of the peasants and said to myself: This is the case with so many choices about life.

Twelve, simple reason

Once upon a time, two hungry people got the gift of an elder: a fishing rod and a huge fish. Among them, one person asked for a squid and the other asked for a fishing rod, so they parted ways. The person who got the fish used the dry wood to set up the bonfire and boiled the fish. He gorged himself and did not taste the meat of the fresh fish. In a flash, even the fish with the soup was eaten by him. Soon, he starved to death. Beside the empty fishing rod. The other person continued to hungry with the fishing rod and walked hard to the beach step by step, but when he had seen the blue ocean not far away, his last strength was also finished. It can only be stunned with endless regrets.

There are two other hungry people who also receive a fish gill and a trout from the elders. It’s just that they didn’t go their separate ways, but they agreed to go together to find the sea. They only cook one fish at a time. They went to the beach after a long trek. From then on, the two started fishing for a living, several years. After that, they built a house, had their own families, children, and built their own fishing boats, and lived a happy and healthy life.

A person who only cares about the immediate interests will eventually have a short-lived joy; one has a high goal, but he also has to face a real life.

Only by combining ideals with reality can it be a successful person. Sometimes, a simple truth is enough to give a meaningful life revelation.

Thirteen, not as you imagined

Two angels on a trip to a wealthy family to sleep. The family was not friendly to them and refused to let them spend the night in the comfortable guest bedroom, but instead found a corner in the cold basement. When they made the bed, the older angel found a hole in the wall and repaired it. The young angel asked why, the old angel replied: "Some things are not as it seems."

On the second night, the two went to a very poor farmhouse. The host and the couple were very enthusiastic about them, took out only a little bit of food to entertain the guests, and then gave up their bed to two angels. Early the next morning, the two angels found that the farmer and his wife were crying, their only source of life - a cow died. The young angel was very angry. He questioned why the old angels were like this. The first family had everything. The old angels also helped them to repair the wall. The second family, despite being so poor, warmly welcomed the guests, but the old angel did not stop the cows. Death.

"Some things are not as it seems." The old angel replied, "When we spent the night in the basement, I saw the wall filled with gold nuggets from the wall. Because the owner was confused by greed, he was not willing to share his Wealth, so I filled the wall hole. Last night, the god of death came to summon the farmer's wife, I let the cows replace her. So something is not like it looks."

Sometimes the surface of things is not what it should be. If you have faith, you only need to be convinced that paying will always pay off. You may not find it until later...

Fourteen, the way to raise cattle

When we traveled to the country and saw an old farmer shovel the hay of feeding cattle to the eaves of a small hut, it was strange to ask, so I asked:

"Old man, why don't you put the grass feeding the cow on the ground and let it eat?"

The old farmer said: "This kind of grass is not good. If I put it on the ground, it will not be taken care of; but I put it on the eaves that make it barely enough. It will try to eat until the whole grass is eaten. ”

Fifteen, the heart of lover

This is a true story that happened in the UK.

There is a lonely old man who has no children and is sick and sick. He decided to move to the nursing home. The old man announced the sale of his beautiful home. The buyer heard the news and swarmed. The residential floor price was £80,000, but people quickly fired it to £100,000. The price is still rising. The old man is deeply immersed in the sofa, full of melancholy, yes, if it is not healthy, he will not sell this house that he spent most of his life.

A plain-clothed youth came to the eyes of the old man, bent down and whispered, "Sir, I want to buy this house, but I only have 10,000 pounds. However, if you sell the house to me, I promise to let You still live here, drink tea with me, read newspapers, walk, and be happy every day - believe me, I will take care of you with the whole heart!"

The old man smiled and sold the house to him for 10,000 pounds.

To complete your dreams, you don't have to be ruthlessly killed and defrauded. Sometimes, as long as you have a lover's heart, you can.

Sixteen, give

An old carpenter is ready to retire. He tells the boss that he wants to leave the construction industry and go home to enjoy his family and his wife and children.

The boss was reluctant to leave his good worker and asked if he could help build another house. The old carpenter said yes. But everyone can see later that his heart is no longer at work, he uses soft materials, and is out of rough work. When the house was built, the boss handed the key to him.

"This is your house," he said, "the gift I gave you."

He was so shocked and stunned that he was ashamed. If he knew that he was building a house for himself, how could he do this? Now he has to live in a shoddy house! We are not like this. We carelessly "build" our own lives, not positive actions, but passive coping, all things refused to keep improving, and we can't do our best at the crucial moment. When we are shocked by our situation, we have already been deeply trapped in the "house" we built. Think of you as the carpenter, think about your house, every day you knock in a nail, add a board, or erect a wall, build it with your wisdom! Your life is the only creation of your life. It can't be rebuilt. Even if only one day can live, that day will live beautiful and noble. The nameplate on the wall reads: "Life is created by oneself."

Seventeen, remind yourself

An old lady sat on the side of the road and looked at a high wall not far away. She always felt that it would collapse immediately. When someone saw her go, she reminded her kindly: "The wall is going to fall, far. Let's go." The person who was reminded looked at her inexplicably and walked along the wall roots in a big way - the wall did not fall. The old lady was very angry: "Why don't you listen to me?!" Someone came along, and the old lady advised again. Three days passed and many people walked by the wall and did not encounter danger. On the fourth day, the old lady felt a little strange and disappointed. She walked under the wall and watched it carefully. However, at this time, the wall collapsed and the old lady was buried in the dust and stone.

Reminding others is often easy and lucid, but it is difficult to remind yourself at all times. Therefore, many dangers come from themselves, and the sorrow of the old lady is born.

Eighteen, window

A wife has been complaining for many years that the wife on the opposite side is very lazy. "The woman's clothes are never cleaned. Look, the clothes she is hanging out in the yard are always spotted. I really don't know how she even washes clothes. They are washed like that..."

Until one day, a friend who had a clear view of the autumn came to her house and found that the wife who was not the opposite was not clean. The careful friend took a rag and erased the gray stain on the wife's window and said, "Look, isn't this clean?"

It turned out that the window of my home was dirty.

19. Habits and nature

Isn’t it ridiculous to have a small pillar and a thin chain that can hold a huge elephant? But this ridiculous scene can be seen everywhere in India and Qin. Those elephants, when elephants or elephants, use a chain to tie it to a concrete column or steel column, no matter how the elephant struggles, they can't break free. The elephant gradually became accustomed to not struggling, until he grew into an elephant, and he could easily break free from the chain without struggling.

The taming tiger was also as successful as the tamer, and he let the little tiger grow up from the snack to the little tiger. The tiger does not know the taste of meat, and naturally it will not hurt people. The fatal mistake of the taming tiger is that after he broke his hand, the tiger was cleaned of the blood he had on the ground. The tiger couldn’t take it anymore and finally ate the taming tiger.

Elephants are tied by chains, while elephants are tied to habits.

The tiger was once tied to habit, while the taming tiger died of habit.

Habits can almost tie everything, just can't tie the accident. For example, the tiger who accidentally tasted blood.

Twenty, leave a gap to others

A famous entrepreneur is reporting, and one listener asked: "You have achieved great success in your career. Excuse me, what is the most important thing for you?"

The entrepreneur did not answer directly. He picked up the chalk and drew a circle on the blackboard, but he did not draw a perfection, leaving a gap. He asked: "What is this?" "Zero." "Circle" / "unfinished business" / "success", the audience under the audience replied eloquently.

He has no answer to these answers: "Actually, this is just an unfinished full stop. You ask me why I have achieved brilliant results. The reason is very simple: I will not do things very well, just like a full stop. Be sure to leave a gap and let my subordinates fill it up."

Leaving a gap to others does not mean that your ability is not strong. In fact, this is a kind of management wisdom, a kind of perfection with a global level at a higher level.

Give the monkey a tree and let it climb continuously; give the tiger a mountain and let it freely. Perhaps this is the highest level of business management.

Twenty-one, horse

Ma, this is from the free in the mountains, thirsty to drink some spring, tired and sleep on the ground to sun, carefree. But since Bole, the fate of the horse has changed, wearing a cage on its head, placing a saddle on its back, tying it, the death rate of the horse is already twenty-three, and then Forcing it to transport things, forcing it to travel thousands of miles a day, nailing the iron palm on its feet, the horse's death rate is more than half. Ma was originally an animal with no rules and no use. Let it absorb the refinement of the sun and the moon, the aura of heaven and earth, uselessness, and enjoy the day, educate it, let it know the etiquette, but it harms its life.

Why is this not the case? Under the constraints of the rules, have we lost the ideology, follow the ceremonies set by others, and force ourselves to do things that we are not willing to do. How much life is left in a limited life?

Twenty-two, the director is useless

There is a Lu nationality who is good at making straw shoes, and his wife is good at weaving white enamel. He wants to move to Vietnam. The friend said to him: "When you go to Vietnam, you will be poor." "Why?" "Shoes are used to walk, but the Vietnamese are used to walking barefoot; the white pheasant is used to make hats. But the Vietnamese people are used to spreading their hair. With your strengths, you can't use your place. So, if you don't want to be poor, is it possible?"

This story tells people that if a person wants to develop his or her expertise, he or she must adapt to the needs of the social environment. If it is separated from the needs of the social environment, its expertise will lose its value. Therefore, we must decide our own actions according to the needs of the society and better use our expertise.

Twenty-three, the mouse on the stupa

A wandering mouse settled on the top of the pagoda.

The life in Stupa is really happy. It can pass through between the layers and enjoy the rich offerings. It even enjoys the privilege that others can't imagine, the secrets that are not known, it can be chewed at random; people can't face the Buddha statue, it can be free to relax, and even when it is raised, it can even leave some excrement on the head of the Buddha.

Whenever the devout men and women burned the fragrant steamed buns, the mouse always looked at the intoxicating smoke and slowly rose. It slammed his nose and smiled in his heart: "The ridiculous human, the knees are so soft, say 跪Just squat!"

One day, a hungry wild cat slid in and grabbed the mouse.

"You can't eat me! You should bow to me! I represent the Buddha!" ​​The noble prisoner protested.

"People bow down to you, just because of your position, not because of you!"

The wild cat sneered, then, it split the mouse into two halves like a hamburger.

Twenty-four, the story of the steel glass

A farmer, who has only been in the middle school for two years, has no money at home to continue to go to school. He dropped out of school and helped his father cultivate three acres of thin fields. When he was 19, his father died, and the burden of the family was all on his shoulders. He has to take care of his poor mother and a grandmother who is lying in bed.

In the 1980s, farmland was contracted to the household. He dug a otter into a pond and wanted to raise fish. However, the cadres in the village told him that the paddy field could not raise fish and could only grow crops. He had to fill the ponds. This incident became a joke. In the eyes of others, he is a person who wants to make a fortune but is very stupid.

I heard that raising chicken can make money. He borrowed 500 yuan from relatives and raised chicken. But after a flood, the chicken got chicken cockroaches and all died within a few days. 500 yuan may not be a problem for others. For a family living on only three acres of thin fields, it is worthy of astronomical figures. His mother couldn't help with this stimulation, and she died of depression.

He later brewed wine, caught fish, and even helped people with blastholes on the cliffs of the quarry... but they didn't make any money.

At the age of 35, he had not yet married his wife. Even a divorced woman with a child can't look at him. Because he only has one earthen house, it is possible to collapse at any time after a heavy rain. A man who can't marry his wife, no one can afford it in the countryside.

But he still wants to fight, and borrows money to buy a farmer. Unexpectedly, less than half a month after the road, the cultivator carried him into a river. He broke a leg and became a blind man. The cultivator was caught and shattered. He could only dismantle it and sell it as scrap.

Almost everyone said that he was finished in his life.

But then he became the boss of a company in the city where I live, with 200 million yuan in assets. Now, many people know his miserable past and legendary entrepreneurial experience. Many media interviewed him, and many reportages described him. But I only remember such a plot --

The reporter asked him: "In the days of suffering, why do you not back down again and again?"

He sat behind a large, luxurious boss's desk and finished drinking a glass of water in his hand. Then he held the glass cup in his hand and asked the reporter: "If I let go, what will happen to this cup?"

The reporter said: "falling on the ground, broken."

"Then let's try it," he said.

His hand was loose, and the cup fell to the ground and made a crisp sound, but it was not broken, but intact. He said: "Even if there are 10 people present, they will think that this cup will be broken. But this cup is not an ordinary glass, but made of fiberglass."

So, I remember this classic dialogue. Such a person, even if only one breath, will try to pull the hand of success unless the gods deprive him of his life...

Twenty-five, opportunity

A is a white-collar worker in a joint venture company. She feels that she is full of ambitions and has not been appreciated by her superiors. She often thinks: If one day I can see the CEO, I have the opportunity to show my talents! !

A's colleague B also has the same idea. He goes further and asks the boss's time to go to work. He counts when he will enter the elevator. He also goes to the elevator at this time, hoping to meet the boss and have the opportunity. say hi.

Their colleague C went one step further. He learned more about the struggle process of the boss, figured out the school where the boss graduated, interpersonal style, concerns, carefully designed a few simple but weighty opening remarks, took the elevator in a good time, and greeted the boss several times. After that, I finally talked with the chief executive one day, and soon I got a better position.

The fools miss the opportunity, the wise man grasps the opportunity, and the winner creates the opportunity. Opportunity is only for those who are ready, this is the word, not to talk about it.

Twenty-six, mad and nerd

A psychology professor visits the madhouse to learn about the state of life of the madman. One day, I feel that these people are crazy and acting unexpectedly, which is an eye-opener.

Unexpectedly, when I was ready to return, I found that my tire was dropped. "It must be a madman!" the professor thought indignantly, and took the spare tire to prepare it.

Things are serious. The person who got off the tire actually dropped the screw. There are no screws and spare tires can't go up!

The professor is at a loss. When he was in a hurry, a madman jumped over and sang an unknown happy song in his mouth. He found the professor in trouble and stopped to ask what happened.

The professor was too lazy to care for him, but told him out of courtesy.

The madman laughed and said, "I have a way!" He put a screw on each tire, so he got three screws to put the spare tire up.

The professor was amazed and grateful: "How did you think of this approach?"

The madman laughed and laughed: "I am crazy, but I am not a fool!"

In fact, there are many people in the world who, because they have found the joy of their work, always show a different fanaticism than ordinary people, which makes it difficult to understand. When many people are jokes that they are crazy, others may still laugh at him.

Being dumb and clever, it is especially a good gesture in China.

Twenty-seven, doctor

One doctor was assigned to a research institute and became the highest-educated person.

One day he went to the small pond behind the unit to go fishing, just as the deputy director was on his left and right, and was also fishing.

He just nodded slightly. What are the two university students who have a good chat?

In a short while, the captain put down the fishing rod, stretched out, and walked from the water like a fly to the toilet on the opposite side.

The doctor’s eyes are falling and falling. Floating on the water? No way? This is a pond.

When the director came back from the bathroom, he also floated back from the water.

what happened? The doctoral student is not good to ask, he is a doctoral student!

After a while, the deputy director also stood up and walked a few steps, drifting across the water on the bathroom. This next doctor is almost fainted: No, it is a place where people from the rivers and lakes are concentrated?

The doctoral student is also in a hurry. There are walls on both sides of the pond. If you have to go to the opposite bathroom for a ten-minute road, and you are too far back to the unit, what should you do?

Doctoral students are not willing to ask the two directors. After a long time, they also got up and went to the water: I don't believe that the university students can pass the water. My doctoral students can't live.

Just listening to the bang, the doctoral student was planted in the water.

The two directors pulled him out and asked him why he was going to the water. He asked, "Why can you go over?"

The two looks at each other and smiled: "There are two rows of wooden pegs in the pond. The rain has risen just below the water in these two days. We all know the position of the stakes, so we can step on the piles. Why don't you ask? ?"

Education represents the past, and only learning can represent the future. Those who respect their experience can take fewer detours. A good team should also be a learning team.

Twenty-eight, hopping

A said to B: "I want to leave this company. I hate this company!"

B suggested: "I will approve your revenge with both hands! The broken company must give it a color look. But if you leave now, it is not the best time."

A asked:? ? ?

B said: "If you go now, the company's losses are not big. You should take advantage of the opportunity at the company, desperately to pull some customers for yourself, become a company's unique person, and then suddenly leave the company with these customers, The company will suffer significant losses and is very passive."

A thinks that B is very reasonable. So I worked hard and did what I wanted. After more than half a year of hard work, he had many loyal customers.

When you meet again, B asks A: Now is the time, jump and act quickly!

A smiled lightly: the boss talked with me long, and prepared to promote me as assistant to the general manager. I have no intention of leaving.

In fact, this is exactly the original intention of B. A person's job is always just a resume for himself. Only paying more than getting, let the boss really see your ability is greater than the position, will give you more opportunities to create more profits for him.

Twenty-nine, three golden people

There used to be a small country to come to China, and tribute to three identical gold people, brilliant, and the emperor was happy. However, this small country is not kind, and at the same time a question: Which of the three golden people is the most valuable?

The emperor thought a lot of ways, please come to the jeweler to check, weigh the weight, look at the work, are exactly the same. How to do? The messenger is still waiting to go back and report it. Hey, big country, don’t even understand this little thing?

Finally, there is a retired minister who said he has a solution.

The emperor invited the messenger to the main hall. The old minister had three straws in his chest and inserted it into the ear of the first golden man. The straw came out from the other side of the ear. The second golden man's straw fell directly from his mouth, and the third golden man, the straw fell into the stomach after entering, and there was no sound. The old minister said: The third golden man is the most valuable! The messenger is silent and the answer is correct.

This story tells us that the most valuable person is not necessarily the person who can speak the most. God gave us two ears and one mouth. It was originally for us to listen more. Being good at listening is the most basic element of a mature person.

Thirty, shoelaces

Before a performance master came on the scene, his disciples told him that the shoelaces were loose. The master nodded his thanks and knelt down and carefully tied. When the disciple turned around, he knelt down and loosened the shoelace.

One bystander saw all this and asked inexplicably: "Master, why do you want to loosen the shoelaces?" The master replied: "Because I am acting as a tired traveler, I traveled long distances to let him The shoelace is loosened and you can express his exhaustion through this detail."

"Then why don't you tell your disciples directly?"

"He can carefully find out that my shoelaces are loose, and I am eager to tell me that I must protect his enthusiasm for this kind of enthusiasm and encourage him in time. As for why to untie the shoelaces, there will be more in the future. The opportunity to teach him to perform, can say it again next time."

People can only do one thing at a time, knowing the key points, is the real talent.

Thirty-one, I am Chen Atu

Chen Atu is a Taiwanese peasant who has never traveled far. After spending half of my life, I finally joined a tour group and went abroad.

Everything in foreign countries is very fresh. The key is that Chen Atu participates in a luxury group and lives in a standard room. This makes him novel.

In the morning, the waiter came to the door and sent breakfast and said loudly: "GOODMORNING SIR!"

Chen Adi stunned. What does it mean? In your hometown, people who are unfamiliar will meet and ask: "What is your name?"

So Chen Atu shouted: "My name is Chen Atu!"

If this is the case, for three days, the waiter knocked on the door and said loudly every day: "GOODMORNING SIR!" and Chen Atu also yelled back: "My name is Chen Atu!"

But he is very angry. The waiter is too stupid, asking himself what he is calling every day, telling him that he can't remember it, and he is annoying. Finally he couldn't help but ask the tour guide, "GOODMORNING SIR!" What does it mean, the tour guide told him, God! ! It’s a shame to die.

Chen Atu repeatedly practiced the word "GOODMORNING SIR!" in order to respond decently to the waiter.

Another morning, the waiter knocked on the door as usual, and when the door opened Chen Atu, he shouted: "GOODMORNING SIR!"

At the same time, the waiter called: "I am Chen Atu!"

This story tells us that people interact with people, often the contest between willpower and willpower. It is not that you influence him, that is, he influences you, and if we want to succeed, we must cultivate our influence. Only the most influential talents can become the strongest.

Thirty-two, dumplings tip

There is a rich family who especially loves to eat dumplings and eat them every day. But he was especially embarrassed, only eating stuffing, the tip of the skin on both ends was thrown into the small river behind.

The good times didn't last long. When he was sixteen years old, a big fire burned his family, and his parents died in anger. This time he is penniless and embarrassed to have dinner. The neighbor's family was very good, and he gave him a bowl of noodles every meal. He studied hard and returned to the official position three years later. He must thank the neighbors for their amnesty.

Daxie told him: Don't thank me. I didn't give you anything. It was the tip of the dumpling that I had collected in the past. After drying it, I put on a sack. I wanted to prepare for it. Just if you need it, I will return it to you.

The big official thinks for a long time, for a long time. . . .

There is a famous 38 theory: eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work, this is the same for everyone. The difference between people is how to spend time in their spare time. Time is the most affectionate and ruthless thing, everyone has the same, very fair. But those who have resources are not necessarily successful, and those who make good use of resources will succeed. Survival during the day and development at night is the demand for talent in the 21st century.

Thirty-three, requirements

Three people were going to be jailed for three years, and the prison director gave them three people a request.

Americans love to smoke cigars and have three boxes of cigars.

The French are the most romantic and want a beautiful woman to accompany.

The Jews said that he wanted a phone to communicate with the outside world.

Three years later, the first one was rushed out of the Americans. The nostrils were filled with cigars and shouted: "Give me fire, give me fire!" It turned out that he had forgotten the fire.

Then came the French. I saw a small child in his hand, a beautiful woman holding a child in his hand, and a third in his stomach.

Finally, the Jews came out. He held the hand of the warden and said, "I have been in contact with the outside world for the past three years. My business has not stopped. Instead, I have grown 200%. In order to express my gratitude, I will send you a job. Schles!"

This story tells us what kind of choices determine what kind of life. Today's life is determined by our choice three years ago, and today our choice will determine our life three years later. We need to choose the latest information, understand the latest trends, and better create your own future.

Thirty-four, when the tiger comes

Two people in the forest met a big tiger. A quickly took a pair of lighter sneakers from the back. B was anxious to death, and said: "What are you doing, and you can change your shoes and run tigers!"

A said: "I just want to run faster than you."

In the 21st century, no sense of crisis is the biggest crisis. Especially in the immediate aftermath, telecommunications, banking, insurance, and even civil servants, which we consider to be very stable and secure, will face many variables. When more tigers come, we are not ready to run our own shoes?

Thirty-five, customary life

Father and son live on the mountain, every day, they must drive the cattle cart down the hill to sell firewood. The old father is more experienced, driving by car, the mountain road is rugged, the curve is very much, his son has a good eye, always reminding when he wants to turn: "Hey, turn!"

Once my father did not go down because of illness, his son drove alone. When he reached the corner, the cow refused to turn. The son used all kinds of methods. He got off and pulled and pulled it. He used the grass to lure it. The cow did not move.

what is the problem? The son is puzzling. In the end, there was only one way. He looked around and looked at no one. He shouted at the ear of the cow and shouted: "Hey, turn!"

The cow is moving.

Cows live by conditioned reflexes, while people live by habit. A successful person knows how to cultivate good habits to replace bad habits. When good habits are accumulated, there will naturally be a good life.

36. Responsibility

The five-year-old Hank and his father and mother went to work in the forest, and suddenly it rained, but they only brought a piece of poncho.

Dad gave the poncho to the mother, the mother gave it to the brother, and the brother gave Hank again.

Hank asked: "Why did Dad give it to my mother, my mother gave it to my brother, and my brother gave it to me?"

Dad replied: "Because my father is stronger than my mother, my mother is stronger than my brother, and my brother is stronger than you. We will protect the weaker people."

Hank looked around and ran over to spread the poncho over the delicate flower that was swaying in a storm.

This story tells us that the real powerhouse is not necessarily more powerful, or more rich, but he is more helpful to others.

Responsibility allows us to complete things, and love allows us to get things done.

Thirty-seven, the show is a test

A scholar went to Beijing for the third time to study and lived in a store that often lives. Two days before the exam, he had three dreams. The first dream was to dream of planting cabbage on the wall. The second dream was rainy day. He wore a fight and an umbrella. The third dream was to dream. The beloved cousin stripped her clothes and lay back, but leaned back against her back.

These three dreams seem to be a bit deep, and the next day, the scholars will quickly find a dream for fortune telling. The fortune teller, even the thigh said: "You still go home. Do you think that it is not a waste of time to grow vegetables on the high wall? Isn't it an extravagant to wear an umbrella? Do you have a photo with your cousin? It’s back to back, isn’t it a play?”

When the show was heard, I was disheartened. I went back to the store to pack up my bags and prepare to go home. The store owner was very strange and asked: "Isn't it the exam tomorrow? How do you return home today?"

The show said so much, the store owner said: "Hey, I will also solve the dream. I think that you must stay here this time. Do you think that the vegetable growing on the wall is not a high species? Doesn't the umbrella mean that you are prepared for this time? Is it time to lie on your bed with your cousin? Isn't it time to show that you are coming over?"

When the scholars heard it, it made more sense, so he took the exam in spirit and was actually in the middle of a test.

Positive people, like the sun, shine wherever they shine, negative people, like the moon, the first fifteen is not the same. The idea determines our life, what kind of ideas we have, and what kind of future we have.

Thirty-eight, use

The little camel in the zoo asked her mother: "Mom, mother, why are our eyelashes so long?"

The camel mother said: "When the sand comes, the long eyelashes allow us to see the direction in the storm."

The little camel asked again: "Mama mother, why are our backs so mad, ugly!"

The camel mother said: "This is called a hump, which can help us store a lot of water and nutrients, so that we can withstand the waterless and uneaten conditions in the desert for ten days."

The little camel asked again: "Mama mother, why are our feet so thick?"

Camel mother said: "That can make our heavy body not fall into the soft sand, easy to travel long distances."

The little camel is happy and broken: "Hey, we used to be so useful!! But mother, why are we still in the zoo, not going to the desert for hiking?"

I am born to be useful, but unfortunately no one is using it now. A good attitude + a successful textbook + an infinite stage = success. The potential of each person is unlimited. The key is to find a stage where you can fully realize your potential.

Thirty-nine, divided into porridge

Seven people have lived together and have a large bucket of porridge every day. The fate is that porridge is not enough every day.

At the beginning, they arrested who decided to divide the porridge, one round a day. So every week, they only have one day to be full, that is, the day they ate porridge.

Later, they began to choose a morally noble person to come out to porridge. Power will lead to corruption, and everyone began to dig into it to please him, bribe him, and make the whole small group smoldering.

Then everyone began to form a three-person porridge committee and a four-person selection committee, attacking each other and porridge, the porridge was all cool in the mouth.

Finally, I came up with a method: take turns to divide the porridge, but the person who divides the porridge must wait for the others to pick it up and take the last bowl left. In order not to let themselves eat the least, each person tries to get the average, even if it is not fair, he can only recognize it. Everyone is happy and happy, and the days are getting better.

The same seven people, different distribution systems, will have different ethos. Therefore, if a unit has a bad work habit, it must be a mechanism problem. It must not be completely fair and open, and there is no strict reward and laziness. How to formulate such a system is an issue that every leader needs to consider.

Forty, what kind of person do I want to work with?

Someone once interviewed Bill Geiger's success. Bill Gayci said: Because there are more successful people working for me.

Chen Anzhi's super-successful learning also mentioned: first work for successful people, then with successful people, and finally let successful people work for you.

There are many successful people, but I don't know in my life, and I can't work for him. Let the successful people work for me. At this stage, I don't have this strength.

Only cooperation is my favorite and most appreciated. I also try to work with more people on a fair environment and a positive team to run a risk-resistant business for myself in the future. The person I like the most should have the following characteristics:

One. Not reconciled. In the 21st century, the biggest crisis is that there is no sense of crisis, and the biggest trap is satisfaction. People must learn to look at the world with a telescope instead of looking at the world with myopia. When you are in good times, you have to find a way out for yourself. When you are in adversity, you must know how to find your own way.

2. Strong learning ability. Academic qualifications represent the past, learning power masters the future. Understand any details, all people learn and feel, and know how to make a difference. The main thing is that learning is actually the two words of learning and learning. Learn once, do it a hundred times, and really master it. Learning, doing, and teaching are a complete process. Only when you reach the level of teaching can you really understand. And more often, learning is an attitude. Only a humble person can really learn something. The sea has become the sea because it is lower than all rivers.

three. Strong motivation. Only action will have results. The actions are different and the results are different. Knowing that you don't do it is equal to not knowing, doing no results, and not doing it. If you don't make mistakes, you will be wrong, because those who don't make mistakes must not try. It doesn't matter if you are wrong, you must be good at summing up, and then do it until the correct result comes out.

four. Be sure to pay. If you want to be outstanding, you must pay first. A person who cares about it has only two pounds in his life. Without a spirit of dedication, it is impossible to start a business. Use actions first to let others know that if you have more value than you earn, others will open a higher price.

Fives. Have a strong sense of communication. There is no limit to communication. This is an attitude, not a skill. A good team must have a common vision, not one day. Need for ever-changing communication, from goal to detail, even to the family, etc., are among the content of communication.

six. Sincere and generous. Each person has a different position and it is impossible to demand the same interests. The key is that everyone should be open and honest, and don't ask for it. Believe that integrity is the best cornerstone of cooperation.

Seven. Have the most basic morality. When a reporter once wrote a manuscript at home, his four-year-old son clamored for him to accompany him. When the reporter was annoyed, he shredded the back cover of a magazine and said to his son: "You will first complete the map of the world above, and Dad will accompany you to play." After less than five minutes, the son dragged him again. The hand said: "Dad, I am fighting, play with me!"

The reporter was very angry: "It is understandable for children to play, but it is not good if you lie. How can you map the world map so quickly!"

My son is very wronged: "But I really got it!"

The reporter saw it, and sure enough: no? A child prodigy appeared at home? He asked very curiously: "How did you do it?"

The son said: The back of the world map is a person's head. I will fight in reverse, as long as this person is good, the world will be complete.

So do it beforehand. If you are done well, his world is good.

Forty-one, Tiantang

a good-going Christian migration, after dying

Want to see the difference between heaven and hell

Then the angel will take him to hell to visit.

When it’s in hell, there’s a big table in front of them.

The table is full of hearty food. The life of hell looks good.

Don't worry, you can continue to read it.

After a while, the time for the meal was over, and I saw a group of skinny, hungry ghosts sitting in the house.

Everyone has a pair of chopsticks that are more than a dozen feet long.

However, because the chopsticks are too long, everyone finally gets it.

Do you really feel miserable? I will take you to heaven again.

In the paradise, the same scene, the same table full of dishes,

Everyone also uses a pair of long chopsticks that are more than ten feet long.

The difference is that the lovely people who eat around the table.

They also use the same chopsticks to pick vegetables, the difference is that

They feed the opposite person to eat. The other party also feeds him.

So everyone is having a good time.

Forty-two, a lie for forty years...

Forty years of a lie...

There are often moving stories around us, maybe right next to you.

Occasionally I heard such a story, I was very touched, and I remembered it in a hurry. No matter how good or bad, I hope more people will know, because it is indeed a very special and very real story...

He and her acquaintance were at a banquet, when she was young and beautiful, there were many pursuers around, and he was a very ordinary person. Therefore, when the party ended, he invited her to a cup of coffee, she was surprised, however, out of courtesy, she still agreed.

Sitting in the cafe, the atmosphere between the two people is very embarrassing, there is no topic, she just wants to end as soon as possible, so go back. But when the lady brought the coffee up, he suddenly said, "I’m asking you to get some salt. I drink coffee and let me put some salt.” At that time, she was all stunned, and the lady was stunned. Everyone’s eyes were Concentrated on him, so that his face is red.

The lady took the salt and he put it in and slowly drank. She was a very curious woman, so she asked him very curiously: "Why do you want to add salt?", he was silent for a while, very slow, almost a word: "When I was young, my family lived in By the sea, I was always soaking in the sea, the waves hit, the sea water poured into my mouth, and it was bitter and salty. Now, I haven’t been home for a long time, adding salt to the coffee, even if it’s a kind of homesickness, to put the distance Pull it closer."

She was suddenly moved, because this is the first time she heard a man say homesickness in front of her. She believes that the homesick man must be the man of the family, and the man of the family must be the man who loves the family. She suddenly had a desire to talk, told him about her hometown thousands of miles away, the cold and frozen atmosphere gradually became harmonious, the two people talked for a long time, and she did not refuse him to send her back Family.

Later, two people frequented a date, and she found that he was actually a very good man, generous, careful, considerate, and consistent with the characteristics that all the good men she admired should have. She secretly rejoiced that, thanks to the courtesy of the time, she did not pass by. She took him to every café in the city. Every time she said, "Please take some salt? My friend likes to add salt to the coffee." Later, it was written in a fairy tale book. The same, "The prince and the princess got married and lived happily ever after." They did live happily, and it was more than forty years, until he died of illness.

The story seems to be over, if there is no such letter.

The letter was written before his death and was written to her: "Forgive me for always deceiving you. Remember the first time I invited you to have a coffee? The atmosphere was very bad at the time. I was very upset and nervous. I don't know. I thought about it, I told the lady to take some salt. In fact, I didn’t add salt. Since I said it at the time, I had to make a mistake. I didn’t expect it to cause your curiosity. This time, let me drink for half a lifetime. Salt coffee. There are many times, I want to tell you, but I am afraid that you will be angry, I am afraid that you will leave me.

Now I am not afraid, because I am going to die, the dead are always easy to be forgiven, right? It is my greatest happiness to get you in this life. If there is an afterlife, I hope to find you. Just, I don’t want to drink salted coffee. I add salt to the coffee. You don’t know, how bad it is. drink. Add salt to the coffee, how did I come up with it at the time! "The content of the letter surprised her and there was a feeling of being cheated. However, he did not know, she wanted to tell him: "How happy she is, someone for her, can make such a lifetime of deception...

Forty-three, raw gas

In ancient Tibet, there was a man named Ai Daba who ran home at a very fast pace every time he was angry and arguing, ran around his house and land three times, then sat in the field. While gasping, Ai Diba works very hard, his house is getting bigger and bigger, and the land is getting wider and wider, but no matter how big the house is, as long as he is arguing with people, he will still circle around the house and the land. Why is Eddie going around the house and the land for 3 laps every time?

Everyone who knows him has doubts about his mind, but no matter how he asks him, Eddie Bar is not willing to explain that until one day, Ai Daba is very old, his premises are too large, he is angry, with a cane Difficult to go around the land and the house, waiting for him to walk for 3 laps, the sun goes down, Ai Diba sits alone in the field and gasps, his grandson begs him beside him: "Agong, you are old, people in this neighborhood No one's land is bigger than you. You can't run around the land like you used to be! When you are angry, can you tell me this secret, why do you run around the land three times when you are angry?"

I loved the grandson's pleading and finally said the secret hidden in my heart for many years.

He said: "When I was young, I quarreled, argued, and angry. I ran around the premises for three laps. I thought while running. My house was so small, the land was so small, I had time, and I was qualified to go. When you think of it, you will be angry with it, so you will spend all your time trying to do it.

Grandson asked: "Agong, you are old and become the richest person. Why do you still have to run around the premises?"

Ai Diba smiled and said: "I still get angry now. When I am angry, I walk around the premises for three laps. I think while walking. My house is so big. With so much land, why should I care about people? It will disappear."

Forty-four, views

The father and son passed through the door of the five-star hotel and saw a very luxurious imported sedan.

The son said to his father in disdain: "The person sitting in this car must have no knowledge in the stomach!"

The father replied in an understatement: the person who said this must have no money in his pocket.

Forty-five, customary standards

After dinner, the mother and daughter wash the dishes together, and the father and son watch TV in the living room.

Suddenly, the sound of breaking the plate came from the kitchen, and then it was silent.

The son looked at his father and said, "It must have been broken by my mother."

"how do you know?"

"She has no sluts."

Forty-six, Diwo Avenue

There are two Taiwanese tour groups traveling to the Izu Peninsula in Japan. The road conditions are very bad and there are potholes everywhere.

One of the tour guides apologized and said that the road was just like a pockmark.

The other tour guide said poetically to the tourists: "Mr., the road we are taking now is the famous Izu fascinating dimple avenue. "

Forty-seven, volunteer

The same students in the third year of the National Primary School said in their essay that their future volunteers are to be clowns.

The Chinese teacher dismissed it as: "There is no ambition in the chest, and the scorpion can't teach!"

A foreign teacher will say, "Let you bring laughter to the world!"

Forty-eight, bracelet

One of Obasan saw two identical bracelets in the jewelry store.

One price is 550 yuan, and the other is only priced at 250 yuan.

She was very happy, immediately bought a bracelet of 250 yuan, and triumphantly walked out of the store.

Before leaving, I heard the clerk inside said quietly to another clerk: "Look, this is a trial and error.

Forty-nine, owed

Hey: "Can you give me a hundred dollars?"

Passerby: "I only have eighty dollars."

Hey: "Then you owe me twenty dollars.

Fifty, landscape

In the Palace Museum, a wife said impatiently to her husband:

I said why you walked so slowly. It turns out that you always stop to look at these things.

Fifty-one, considerate

The wife is cooking in the kitchen. The husband kept beside her: slower. Be careful! The fire is too big.

Hurry up and turn the fish over. Shovel up quickly, put too much oil! Flatten the tofu. Oh, the pot is smashed! "

"Please stop!" The wife blurted out. "I know how to cook."

Of course you understand, madam," the husband replied calmly:

"I just want to let you know that when I drive, you are chatting around, how do I feel."

52, first place

At the graduation ceremony, the principal announced that the first classmates of the whole year came to the stage to receive the award.

However, after several consecutive calls, the student slowly took the stage.

Later, the teacher asked the student, "What's wrong? Is it sick? Or didn't you hear it clearly?"

The student replied: "No, I am afraid that other students have not heard clearly."

Once I was invited to the field to give a speech on efficient management. On the night of the arrival, several people from the organizer invited me to dinner, and by the way talked about what audiences are coming to listen to the speech tomorrow.

Ed is obviously the leader of these few people. He is very big and his voice is very low. He told me that he is the manager of a large international company. His main responsibility is to go to some branches to deal with the more difficult personnel problems within the company and terminate the employment of some senior executives.

"Joe," he said. "I am very much looking forward to tomorrow's speech, because these people will know that my management is correct after listening to your high opinion." He smiled proudly at me.

I smiled because I knew that tomorrow's situation was absolutely different from what he imagined.

The next day, Aide listened to the speech completely and then left the venue without saying a word.

Three years later, I returned to the old place and gave another lecture on management to the same audience. I found Ed in the audience. Just before the speech was about to begin, he suddenly stood up and asked me with a throat: "Joe, can I speak a few words first?"

I jokingly said: "Of course, you are so burly, you can say a few words when you love to say a few words, I dare not stop you."

Aide then said: "Everyone here knows me. Some of them also know about my recent changes. Today I want to share my personal experience with you. Joe, I am sure that you will be pleased with this."

"In a speech three years ago, Joe once said that if you want to cultivate a strong will, you should first learn to say to the people closest to you that I love you. At first I did not agree with this point, I thought this kind of numbness. What is the relationship between swear words and hard-willedness? Joe said that toughness is different from hardness. Toughness is like leather, hard is like granite, and a tough person should be open-minded, indomitable, self-disciplined, flexible, and so on. Agree, but what does this have to do with love?"

"That night, my wife and I sat at the two ends of the living room, still thinking about Joe's words in my mind. When I found out that I couldn't afford the courage to express my love to my wife, I cleared my throat several times, but the words came. At the mouth, I only made some noises, and the rest swallowed back. My wife raised her head and asked me what I had just muttered. If I didn’t work together, I said nothing. Suddenly, I got up and went to her. Nervously took the newspaper off her hand and said, 'Alice, I love you.' She couldn’t say for a while, tears poured into her eyes, and she said softly: 'Aide, I love you too, this is the first time in 25 years that I have spoken and loved me."

"We were very touched at the time and deeply realized that love can resolve all disputes and frictions. Suddenly, I was inspired and immediately called the eldest son in New York. We have not contacted for a long time. I heard him. The voice blurted out: 'Son, maybe you thought I was drunk, but I am sober now. I just called to tell you that I love you.'"

"He was silent for a moment at the end of the microphone, and then said calmly: "Dad, I know that you love me, I am so glad to hear you tell me, I want to tell you that I love you."

We started to gossip and talked very happily. Then I called the younger son in San Francisco and told him the same thing. As a result, our father and son talked for a long time, and that kind of warm feeling I never had.

"I was lying in bed that night, and finally realized that what Joe said has a deeper meaning: if I can really understand the meaning of treating others with love and practice, I will definitely have a positive impact on my management style. ""

“I started to read books on related subjects, and I learned a lot of valuable experiences from them, which made me realize that this philosophy can be applied to all aspects of life, whether it is family or work.”

“Some of you know that I have completely changed the way I work with people. I began to listen carefully to other people’s ideas; I learned to appreciate the strengths of others and less the shortcomings of others; I also realized the joy of helping others build confidence. But most importantly, I understand now that the best way to respect others is to encourage them to use their abilities to achieve the goal of working together."

"Joe, by this opportunity today, I want to say thank you. By the way, I would like to mention that I am now an associate director of the company, and my leadership is quite positive. Well, everyone, now concentrate on listening to him!"

Sixty-seven, one more compliment

The more people hope each other, the more they want to give each other... the more intimate they must be.

A few days ago, I was on a taxi in New York with a friend. When I got off the bus, my friend said to the driver: "Thank you, it is very comfortable to take your car." The driver listened and bowed, then said: "You are a mixed gangster. Is it?"

"No, Mr. Driver, I am not looking for you, I admire you can still hold your breath when traffic is chaotic."

"Yes!" The driver left and drove away.

"Why are you saying this?" I asked inexplicably.

"I want to make New York more human," he replied. "Only, the city will be saved."

"How can you do it by your own strength?"

"I just took the lead. I believe that a small compliment will make the driver happy all day. If he carries 20 passengers today, he will be kind to these 20 passengers, and these passengers are affected by the driver. The infection will also be pleasing to the people around me. In this way, my kindness can be conveyed to more than 1,000 people indirectly, isn't it?"

“But how can you hope that the taxi driver will do what you want?”

"I didn't want him," the friend replied. "I know that this kind of practice is impossible, so I try to be more sympathetic to people and praise others. Even if the success rate of a day is only 30%, it can still be affected. There are as many as 3,000 people."

"I admit that this theory is very good, but can it have some practical effects?"

"I have no loss even if it doesn't work! I open the door and praise that the driver can't spend a few seconds, and he won't take a few tips. If that person is indifferent, then it's fine. I can still praise another taxi tomorrow. Driver!"

"I see your head is a little naive."

"From this we can see that you are getting more and more indifferent. I have investigated the staff of the post office. They are most frustrated, except for the low salary, and the lack of recognition of their work."

"But their service is really bad!"

“That’s because they feel that no one cares about the quality of their service. Why don’t we give them some encouragement?”

We walked and talked through a construction site, and five workers were eating lunch. My friend stopped. "This building is very good. Your work must be very dangerous and hard?" The workers looked at my friend with suspicious eyes.

“When is the project completed?” my friend continued to ask.

"June." A worker responded with a low voice.

"You must be very proud of such outstanding results."

After leaving the construction site, I said to him: "You can also be listed as an endangered species."

"These people may work harder because of my sentence. Is this not a good thing for all people?"

"But what is the use of you alone? You are just a small people."

"I often tell myself that I must not be discouraged. It is not a simple matter to make this society more affectionate. I can influence one and one, and two can be two..."

"The woman who has just walked is mediocre, do you still smile at her?" I interjected.

"Yes! I know," he replied. "If she is a teacher, I think the people who attend her class today must be like a spring breeze."

Sixty-eight, the last wish

Wordless pure innocence is often more touching than speaking.

- Shakespeare

The 26-year-old mother stared at her son who was dying of hemophilia. Although she is full of sorrow, she is also determined to be like other parents. She hopes that her son will grow up and realize all her dreams. All this is impossible now, because the disease will always entangle him. Even so, she still hopes that her son's dream can be realized.

She took her son's hand and asked, "Babsi, have you ever thought about what to do when you grow up? Have you had any dreams about your life?"

"Mummy, I always hope to be a firefighter when I grow up."

The mother resisted sorrow and smiled and said, "I want to see if I can make your wishes come true." Later that day, she went to the local fire brigade in Phoenix, Arizona, and found firefighter Bob, who Have a big heart. The mother explained to him his son's wish for dying, and asked if he could get him to the fire truck and make a few turns around the corner.

Bob said: "Not only that, we can do better. If you bring your son here at 7 am on Wednesday, we will let him be a full-time honor firefighter. He can go to the fire. The team came, ate with us and went to work together. Yes, if you give me his size, we can also help him order a real fire-fighting eye, attach a real fire cap, not a toy cap. There is also the badge of the Phoenix Fire Department, printed with the yellow waterproof clothing and rubber boots we wear. These things are made in Phoenix, so they can be quickly obtained."

Three days later, firefighter Bob took Barbary to help him wear a fire uniform and escorted him from the hospital bed to the fire truck. Barbary must sit behind the car and Bob leads him back to the fire brigade. He seems to be in heaven.

There were 3 fires in Phoenix on the same day, and Baboxi got the service every time. He rides in different fire trucks, as well as ambulances and even the captain of the fire brigade. He also took videotapes of local news programs.

As a result of his dream come true and all the love and care he had raised in him, Barbary was deeply moved. He lived three months longer than the doctor expected.

One night, all his signs of life began to drop sharply, and the head nurse hurriedly called to inform the family to the hospital.

Then she remembered that Barbary had served as a firefighter, so she also called the fire brigade and asked if he could send a uniformed firefighter to the hospital to accompany him before his death. The captain replied: "We can do better. It will arrive within 5 minutes. Can you help me? When you hear the sirens and see the lights flash, please inform the hospital. This is not a real fire. It’s just the last side of the fire brigade to see their good partner. Please open the window of his room, thank you.”

About 5 minutes later, a fire truck arrived at the hospital and extended the ladder to the third floor of Barbary. Four firefighters and two female firefighters climbed the ladder into the room at Babusi. With the consent of his mother, they embraced him, held his hand and told him how much they loved him.

Before Babersi swallowed his last breath, he looked at the fire brigade and said, "Captain, can I be a real firefighter now?"

"Count! Barbary," said the captain.

With those words, Barbary smiled and closed his eyes.

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