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Conrad's inspirational story

A person who has no sense of music and can't even understand the score can play 13 instruments such as piano, violin, thumb piano and guitar. He is not a "music genius" with this "special" skill, but a "disabled person" who has suffered from severe brain vibration.

Connors was born in a popular family in Denver, Colorado. Since childhood, he has been a lively and active person, hobby to participate in all kinds of competitive sports, especially when he sees hockey games, his eyes are always full of yearning, he wants to be a professional hockey player.

In order to get closer to delusions, Connors spends a lot of time practicing hockey every day. To this end, he often made himself scarred and exhausted, but when he thought of delusion, he was full of fighting spirit. However, in one match, his head fell heavily on the ground and was diagnosed as a brain shake. Since then, he has to give up his beloved hockey.

In the face of double attacks, Connors has not recovered. He is no longer the dream catcher who can pour all his dreams, and his life will fall from the clouds to the bottom. However, another "accident" not only saved him from the downturn, but also lit up another light that illuminates his imagination.

One day, Connors, sitting in front of the piano and staring, was inadvertently touching the keyboard with his fingers. Unexpectedly, he could play a song with a unique charm. This not only made him ecstatic, but also brought a wish to his bleak life. At this moment, he decided to find another way to lead to delusion.

So he began to study the scores that he regarded as "the book of heaven." Often a simple note is extremely difficult for Connors, and he must repeatedly try to remember it. Sometimes, the familiar music score is almost completely forgotten in a blink of an eye, and he must be familiar again. Connors did not retreat. He took out the spirit of dazzling in the face of hardships in the practice of hockey.

Conax also actively studied various instruments. Sometimes, in order to play a complete song, Connors even has to practice hundreds of times. At this time, his rough hands were even more refreshed by himself, and he not only did not feel hard, but he was happy.

It is precisely because of this persistent strength that Connors has mastered the playing methods of thirteen instruments. The first popular song, under the interpretation of Connors, seems to have been paid for life, and it is wonderful.

Gradually, Connors had another kind of emotion for music. It not only succeeded in sponsoring Connors to get rid of the haze, but also let him experience an unprecedented happiness and contentment. He said: "I am very grateful for that accident. Although I was unable to become a hockey player, I learned to give up. Sometimes, giving up does not mean failure, just for the next gorgeous return to accumulate energy. And when this energy reaches a certain level, it will bring unexpected success."

As the saying goes: Warriors who have not been beaten, only the coward who was intimidated. Failure is undoubtedly a stepping stone for those who have courage, which will help them to be closer to success; for those who fear, it is an insurmountable gap, and eventually, their dreams will be ruined. Inserting a pair of confederations for failure, it will surely bring people to the height of any wish. Therefore, giving up seems to be a failure, but in reality it is the closest to perfect success. For Connors, a failed experience just happened to be a stepping stone to his future success.

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