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2014 is very touching words

1. Since love, why not say it, if something is lost, it will never come back.

2. Love is a feeling. When this feeling is gone, I am still trying to force myself. This is called responsibility! Breaking up is a kind of courage! When this courage is gone, I still encourage myself. This is called tragic.

3. Life is endless, lonely. Lonely life is loveless, loneliness is the theme of love forever

4. If one day, I no longer like you, will my life be as degraded and decadent as I used to be... I don’t want to live like that anymore, so before I have given up on you, please, at least you like it. On me...

5. When I am a kite, don’t let me go, or take it home, don’t smack me with an invisible feeling, let me hurt.

6. It was snowing outside the window, soaking a cup of coffee, and holding it cold, I realized that I remembered you again. I am looking forward to how you can understand

7. The first time I cried because you were not there. The first time I laughed because I met you. The first time I laughed and wept because I can’t have you.

8. The years are like a river, the left bank is an unforgettable memory, the right bank is a youthful year worthy of grasp, and the middle is fast flowing, it is a young and faint sadness. There are many wonderful things in the world, but not many of them belong to themselves. In this mundane world, it is also a realm to learn to treat everything around you with a normal heart.

9. There is so much helplessness in our lives, we can't change, we can't change, and worse, we lose the idea of ​​change...

10. The most regrettable thing in life is to give up easily and should not give up, stubbornly, insist on what should not be adhered to...

11. Some losses are doomed, and some fate will never have results. Love a person does not necessarily have to own, if you have a person, you must love him well...

12. There is nothing in the world that can last forever. If it flows, it will flow away; if it exists, it will dry up; if it grows, it will slowly wither.

13. If, if you are not happy, if you are not happy, let go; if you can’t bear it, you can’t let it go, then it’s painful.

14. Life is just a few decades. Don't leave any regrets for yourself. If you want to laugh, you will laugh. If you want to cry, you will cry. When you love, you will love, and you will suppress yourself. There are two kinds of depression in life. One is that the desire is not satisfied, and the other is that it is satisfied.

15. The so-called flower heart is the feeling of having love and bread, but also want to eat cake; the so-called affair is to sneak out of the siege and fall into the trap; the so-called romance is to help the wife buy a cabbage, and will bring back a rose The so-called kitchen is the front of the red carpet leading to the wedding...

16. I dare not say it because I am timid, because if you refuse, I will not be able to see you again in the future. I would rather love you silently, and I will not let you know until you are surrounded by others.

17. The world is so imperfect. Whenever there is something you want, there is something else you need to give up.

18. I put down my dignity, let go of my personality, and let go of my stubbornness, just because I can't let you down.

19. If you fall in love, don't let go of your chances. A slap in the face may make you regret for a while; oh, it may make you regret for a lifetime.

20. If you will remember me inadvertently in the future, please don't forget that I once loved you so deeply: secretly watching you, secretly thinking of you, secretly loving you - finally, secretly crying

21. As long as you can remember me, even if you hate it. And when I try to hate you, I think of your smile.

22. When love is not perfect, I would rather choose no regrets, no matter how beautiful I am, I don’t want to lose the memory of you in this life. I don’t want the beauty that lasts forever, I only have you in the reincarnation of life.

23. When your tears can't help but flow out, don't blink your eyes! You will see the whole process of the world being blurred and blurred, and the heart will become clear and clear at the moment your tears fall. salt. It is destined to melt, perhaps in the way of tears.

24. It turns out that when you are lonely, you are indexing your own feet. It turns out that even when you miss, you will feel heartache. It turns out that a person is a lifetime.

25. Crying does not mean that I give in; taking a step back does not mean that I admit defeat; letting go does not mean that I give up; smiling does not mean that I am happy.

26. I thought that the bird could not fly over the sea, thinking that the bird did not fly through the sea. After ten years, I discovered that it was not the bird that could not fly, but the head of the sea, and there was no waiting...

27. When tears flow down, I know that separation is another kind of understanding.

28. I really love you, close my eyes and think that I can forget, but the tears that flow down, but I have not deceived myself...

29. Don't say love easily, the promise is the debt you owe.

30. It’s my after all, it’s mys. I’m a guest of yours. You never love me. It’s destined that I and you are nothing. It’s destined to be destined. No matter how I cross, no matter how I want to approach. You`re still leaving me `I miss you so much, I miss you, I want to see you.

31. The happiness on the face can be seen by others. dog

32. You can't be friends after breaking up, because you have hurt each other. You can't be an enemy. Because they love each other, we become the most familiar strangers.

33. Sometimes the encounter between people is like a meteor, instantly sparking an enviable spark, but destined to just pass by.

34. Time will slowly precipitate, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own fulfillment.

35. Sometimes, it is just for love that quietly escapes. It is the figure that hides, but the silent feeling that cannot be avoided.

36. Love is very precious. Many people don’t know how to cherish possession. Only when they lose, they see it. In fact, the most familiar one is the most precious.

37. Sometimes, love is also a kind of harm. Cruel people, choose to hurt others, kind people, choose to hurt themselves.

38. When we are ignorant, there will always be such a person, let us commit crimes for him for many years.

39. There is always one person, no matter how he used to treat you, you will always find reasons to forgive him.

40. His heart has changed the season, and you are still standing on the day he made his promise.

41. I will use all my strength to write a word and let go of you.

42. You have never belonged to me, even if it is only one second.

43. Pleasure said to me, you are still too young.

44. The feelings are the most elusive, and the two are well divided, and the two are noisy and noisy.

45. You are not too sad, because I have always been there. You are not too lonely, just because I have never left.

46. ​​It’s not easy to say love, the promise is the debt owed.

47. The first sentence is wrong and the entire hypothesis fails.

48. Some people are good to you, because you are good to him, some people are good to you, it is because you know how to be good.

49. Crying does not mean that I give in; taking a step back does not mean that I admit defeat; letting go does not mean that I let go; smiling does not mean that I am happy.

50. Truly sorrow recently.

51. The most enjoyable moment for a person is to find the right person. He indulges your habits and loves everything about you.

52. As long as you want, as long as I have.

53. What can't be rejected is the beginning, and what can't be resisted is the end.

54. It is my after all, it is mys. I will be your passerby. You never love me. Destined me and you are nothing. It is destined to be doomed. No matter how I cross, no matter how I want to approach. You`re still leaving me `I miss you so much, I miss you, I want to see you.

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