Inspirational story

To be a good person, the biggest beneficiary is yourself.

Occasionally I heard the message of an old man and learned that he was in a very bad situation, almost to the point where he could not mix. In those days, he was the one who grew up in the circle of friends.

A little bit of emotion, even the idea of ​​contacting him in a flash, can't help anything, but at least, give him a little encouragement.

The friend said, I got it, this kind of person, it is inevitable to go to this step.

I wonder if he has any reflection? I reflected on him for a moment and thought that he was mixed up for several reasons:

The first one, the jealousy is too strong, it is uncomfortable to see others, and it is comfortable to see others unlucky. This is really the case. In fact, many things he did were harming others. He also harmed me. Later, when I knew it, I gradually alienated him. You said that he is doing harm to me, and it is not good for him.

The second one, born in low-level, is extremely insecure and always wants to find a point. At first, I tried my best, I hugged a man's thigh, and with the help of this person, I entered a very cattle unit, but after entering the unit, he quickly took another person who was more useful to him. The thigh, but this person and the person who introduced him into the unit had some grudges. Anyway, I didn’t know how to do it anymore. Both thighs abandoned him.

The third, too savvy, too embarrassing, cooperating with people, do not want to pay, just want to get, but how can there be such a good thing in the world? You can't afford to lose. If you lose, you will complain about others. If you have a long time, no one wants to do things with him.

The fourth, the imaginary head, see who is that a fierce boast, praise the straight hair in the heart, quite boring.


I saw that there are many parents now, and I am always worried that my children will suffer in the society in the future. It is really a pity that the children will be able to learn the skills of the world. Because the most valuable and most touching person in a person is pure, a pure person, wherever he goes, someone will like to get help from others.

On the contrary, a person who has a special heart and soul will be particularly mixed, but it is possible to go into a desperate situation. Why? Because who is stupid in this world? You counted that others hurt others, but others don't know? I sue you, it is impossible. You want people to survive this kind of species, and they are able to survive in all kinds of harsh environments. Their dexterity and self-protection ability are almost innate. Can you calculate your damage and people can not know? What is more likely is that people just pretend not to know, but they are keeping accounts in your heart. If you remember a certain degree, you will have to settle with you.

To be a person who is upright, sincere, open, and willing to give others a chance, even if you may eat a little loss, but you can rest assured that your whole life will never fall into the realm of destruction, because your good is your umbrella, Every critical moment, let the ugly self-defeating shape, let the darkness have nowhere to go, let the injury automatically disarm.

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