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I want to say something to the teacher.

1. Like the burning candle, you illuminate others but burn yourself, as the calm alarm reminds us to learn. How unselfish and great you are! To sacrifice yourself for the beautiful future of the motherland, you are putting fertilizer on the flowers of the motherland, let us bloom slowly. But you never asked for a return, just hope that we are happy to learn.

2. Dear teachers, remember that six years ago, when I first entered the country, I didn’t know much about it. Just write a few words and do a few simple arithmetic questions. Today, I have been able to write thousands of words and have mastered a lot of knowledge. Who made me such a big change? It is a teacher, you! So, I want to say to the teacher most, thank you!

3. Taohuatan is a thousand feet deep, not as good as the teacher taught me. The teachers of the Propaganda Department thank you for your teachings in the past two years!

4. I have many math teachers. Every math teacher has a great influence on me. They are all supporting me to learn the Olympics. They helped me and won me the "China Cup Third Prize" and "Hope Cup First Prize". Without them, I can't have the honor of today.

5. Every day, one year, we thrive on campus. From the ignorant child to the shining of youth, it is your embarrassment to teach us strength and faith, it is your kindness, let us forget the loss of leaving home, your care, we remember in my heart, forever unforgettable.

6. English teacher, you have been teaching us since the third grade. You are very strict, so many students hate you, and I am just the same. However, my classmates and I quickly understood your intentions. Your request to us is equivalent to the requirements of the middle school teacher, which is very helpful for us to go to middle school.

7. May you not use candles as a fluorescent lamp, illuminate the students and save yourself; may you not be a spring silkworm and be a bee, brewing sweetness and enjoying the fragrance. Teacher, pay attention to the body! You have worked hard!

8. On the occasion of the Chinese Teacher's Day, the teachers who are far away from Vietnam, I want to say to you: It is a fate to meet you. You are the miss of my life. I hope that all of you in the foreign countries will be well.

9. Bless you, teacher. I want to send you my most sincere wishes, I hope you will receive it.

10. "Spring silkworms go to the dead silk, and the wax torch begins to dry with tears." I still have many teachers, you have influenced my life, thank you!

11. When I am confused, you have given us the courage to persevere, so that we have found the direction. When we encounter difficulties, you always extend the warm hands to help us through the difficulties. Your hard work, we can see, your contribution, we can also see, please forgive us those children who are not sensible, trouble you over and over again, let you worry about us. The teacher please believe us, we will study hard and let us become the pride of you in the future.

12. The flying chalk gray dyed your hair, and the sweet ringtone sent away your precious youth. But you have no regrets, and you still do your duty in the storm. This is the sun, the most sacred, the greatest profession, the teacher.

13. I remember that when the sixth grade, the language teacher was ill, it was still at the end of the period. In order not to delay our homework, you bring sickness to class for us, so that the final exam results of our class will become the first in the whole year. When you bring a sickness to class, we sometimes make you angry, but you still come to class as usual.

14. Although the flood of years has washed away the history of the ups and downs, the constant change is that the teachers of the generations have been doing their best to cultivate the students of the first session and lead them to success. Although your face is full of vicissitudes of years, you can still leave us with a smile.

15. Active in class, after-school discussion, extension of knowledge... Our laughter, your sweat, teacher, you have worked hard, thank you!

16. Our performance is not good, we may make mistakes, communication between teachers and parents is very necessary, but please do not call our parents. Our parents are also very busy at work. They often take time off to come to school. At this time, we feel that we have no face and feel that we are losing face to our parents. Parents also smother the gas on us and let us know. However, we are still more willing to listen to your teachings.

17. Teacher, I can finally go to college. This is the best reward for you. On Teacher's Day, I want to say to the teacher, you have worked hard!

18. People are different. Our achievements are not as good as those of yours, but you always say: You see XX, people are never late, never go to sleep in class... We also want to catch up, However, please give us time for progress. At the same time, please treat us as a good student, give us a small stove, and give individual counseling.

19. Teacher Your one-word and one-sentence students are in mind. The teacher's contribution will not be in vain. I have tried my best to go all out and test my good results to return my parents, return the teacher, return the government, and return. The motherland, the teacher, your words will be remembered by the students, I will not live up to expectations. And the teacher, I want to sincerely apologize to you, "The teacher is sorry."

20. We know that you sometimes lie to protect our souls from harm, but we want to know the true truth of the facts. Don't lie because we protect us. Our spiritual growth and quality progress are more important.

21. Teacher I have been in the National Elementary School for six years. You taught me in the fourth grade. I learned a lot of life and mastered the knowledge at your side. Under your care, three years have passed. I am about to leave the country, and I am about to step into the door of the country. How much I can't bear you, how can I not let the school; how can I not want to live with me in school. As the saying goes, "There is no banquet in the world." When the teacher left, I have a lot of heartfelt words to tell you. I have been buried in my heart until I am about to leave my alma mater.

22. Teacher, we are young and we are likely to make mistakes during our growth. However, we hope that after we make mistakes, you must not abandon us. I heard that there is a saying: God also allows young people to make mistakes. Teacher, we think, you must have made mistakes at this age? When you make a mistake, do you know how much we hate ourselves?

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