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Father's wordless newsletter

When my father was 70 years old, I bought a mobile phone for him in the country.

Father holding a mobile phone, touch it here, press it there, like a child, it is rare. When you see yourself

When the image of the person is fixed on the screen, he is so happy that he has no teeth.

I know that my father who was diligent for a lifetime was reluctant to call, so he gave him a month-free "Shenzhouxing" mobile phone card and taught him to send a newsletter. After all, the father is old, although he has been nodding in the "Enn", but his turbid eyes are clearly written.

When I left, I said to my father, "Hey, call me if something happens."

The father raised his mobile phone and said, "I will send you a newsletter, hey, save money."

I can't help but smile.

Who knows that I just ran on the train and the phone rang. At first glance, it turned out to be the father’s newsletter.

I opened it with surprise, but found it to be blank.

I smiled first, then my heart was hot. I read my father's no-word newsletter: Son, got on the train? I immediately replied: Hey, I am already on the bus, don't worry.

Just after returning home, my father’s no-word newsletter came again.

So, I immediately replied: Hey, I have already gone home, please rest assured.

In this way, the father's no-word newsletter is as close as possible.

I know what my father cares most, every time I answer this way;

"Our family is very good."

“Working very smoothly”

"Your grandson's study has improved..."

I imagined that sitting under the banyan tree in front of the door, the old father looked at his son's security newsletter and must smile silently.

In March of this year, I passed my 40th birthday. When I was toasting with my friends and family that day, the phone rang. I opened it and it was my father’s newsletter. Looking at it again, I was surprised to find that there were two numbers in this newsletter: 40.

I don't know how my father figured out this digital newsletter, but I realized the silent feeling and gratitude of my father behind the numbers in an instant:

Time flies so fast, my son is already 40 years old.....

My son is already in middle age, I am old too.....

Reading my father’s digital newsletter, I read a tear in my face...

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