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Deaf words

1. My name is Alibaba. I am one meter tall and eighty-eight. Look at you. Poor Baba gives you a bag of casserole and calls me aunt.

2. Tell the teacher to you - tell you to go to the urine! Go find a wife to sleep.

3. Neuropathy has a problem with the aging mother to see a doctor, saying that no disease is your nerve disease.

4. "Xinyi Butterfly Dream": Yesterday, the Yellow River made a big water, your mother is washing the thighs...

5. Look east and see the hen lay eggs. Boil you to the North Railway Station.

6. Your wife, pointed and pointed, the car is coming and running.

7. You yell at me, I am not afraid, I am going to Beijing to find my dad, my dad has a big horn, blowing you a big face.

8. XXX's mother, Ma Daha, wash the feet of water, steamed sweet potatoes, steamed and noodles again, eat in the bed, be pulled in the nest, bet in the nest, popcorn

9. Yesterday your family made a big water, your mother became a water turtle, your dad became a bird, flying all over the sky...

10. Shanxi's mountains, Shanxi's water, Shanxi's XX loves scent, gold hook nose and mouth, tiger eyes pig butt, plus a pair of Luo circle legs, to see you smelly and not smug.

11. Your mother's head, like a ball, kicks to the department store, the department store sells the ball, and sells your mother's head!

12. There are life, no one raises, some raises, no one teaches, some teaches, no one's heart, some people's heart, no one's sex.

13. Your mother, the dominatrix, pick up the fork and fork everywhere; your father, Batman, flying up to the sky; your mother, the cockerel, pick up the pole and poke everywhere; your father, fly swatter, kill the flies Not bleeding;

14. Hello, hello, you take a bath in the river, you are less fleshy.

15. People give you two pieces of sugar, you give people a house, there is no light in the cottage, you lose the Baba pit, you fight with Baba, almost no sacrifice!

16. You are handsome and handsome, with a nest of cabbage on your head, you want to eat a kelp.

17. Your mother's head, like a ball, kicks to the department store, the department store sells the ball, and sells your mother's head!

18. xx's fart, shaking the world, a fart collapsed to Italy, the king of Italy is watching the show, smelling this fart, very satisfied, sending troops will come together fart

19. The three-year-old child wears new shoes and carries a schoolbag on the small school. The teacher said that he is young and runs home with his bag. Run, run, run, go, get up, get up, get up, get up, come, go to school, learn, learn, learn culture; draw, draw, draw pictures; diagram, diagram, library; , tube, tube can not; holding, holding, fire; fire, fire, locomotive; head, head, your mother is a nest!

20. You hit me, I am not afraid. I went to Beijing to find my dad. My dad took a machine gun and shot three shots at your ass!

21. Your mother*, your mother, your mother died at the train station, the people of the country came to see, your mother is a yam egg!

22. The old five old five sells burnt soil, the trousers are rotten and no one makes up, make up one, five five, and the old five straight dance.

23. I am your father, how great, I have worked hard to raise you. If you don’t listen to me, I will marry you.

33. Rotten leaves and pickled cucumbers like you are also used to quarrel with me? You still go back to your own shell to do your dream of spring and autumn!

34. Have you made things clear? Even if you don’t have the ability to distinguish things, just install them here.

35. You said that you are 13-packed, the president of the 13 associations! You have been re-elected for five years! I am thinking about the skill of you so powerful, the next will definitely be you.

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