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Gu Yanwu's famous sayings

1. The world is rising and falling, and the husband is responsible. ——Gu Yanwu’s famous sayings

2. Literacy and shame are four dimensions. ——Gu Yanwu’s famous sayings

3. There is no cone of soil, and there are often four seas. ——Gu Yanwu’s famous sayings

4. The shamelessness of a doctor-in-law is a national shame. ——Gu Yanwu’s famous sayings

5. Life is rich and rich, only the glory of the famous gold stone. ——Gu Yanwu’s famous sayings

6. If you are not honest, you will do everything. If you are not humiliated, you will do everything. ——Gu Yanwu’s famous sayings

7. The people of Zheng Si are in the charcoal, and they open the peace for the world. Ren thought that he was his own, and he died. ——Gu Yanwu’s famous sayings

8. The gentleman is learning, and the Ming is also the same, to save the world. Appreciation is only poetry, the so-called engraving is engraved, and it is also good! - Gu Yanwu's famous sayings

9. Witnessing the world, knowing that the chaos of the chaos must be in the hearts and minds of the people, and therefore shifting the hearts and minds of the people, the teaching of the discipline is indispensable. ——Gu Yanwu’s famous sayings

10. The text is indispensable to the heavens and the earth, the Ming and the Tao, the princes and the political affairs, the people and the people, and the good people. If this person is good for the world, it will benefit the future, one more, one more benefit. If the husband blames the chaos of the gods, the nonsense of the words, the attack of the attack, the text of the blasphemy, if this, it is detrimental to oneself, not beneficial to people, more than one, more than one loss.

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