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The first million dreams of life and most of those people

The scenery outside the window retreats backwards at a constant speed.

Actually, we are moving forward with our forward body.

Time spent minutes, seconds, and seconds.

The hand trembled and lingered.

In the blink of an eye, most people are starting to do summing up and reporting in the middle of the year. Looking back at the agreement you made with me, looking forward to the goals of the past and the future, looking back at the time you told me that you have never been like Now this serious promise.

He is called Xiaosheng. People call him a younger brother. The reason is probably because the psychological age is different from the actual age. In fact, it is also two or three years old. He is very eager to learn. He has been reading poetry since he was a child. When we are still playing with fine sand, he has already begun to read and read. When we start to know what is me and us, he can already watch Tang Shisan alone. Hundreds of heads.

What is even more frightening is that one day I walked through the front yard of his house and watched him hold a copy of "Dream of Red Mansions" written by Mr. Cao Xueqin. The thickness of the book is much thicker than that of the 300 poems of Tang poetry. What's interesting is that he will often share the contents of the book with us, telling the true nature and telling the funny things of the little people. I asked him how you can understand the story and plot in the book. Xiaosheng’s brother is joking, can’t understand and Grandpa can tell me.

The grandfather of Xiaosheng’s brother experienced the War of Resistance Against Japan and the Cultural Revolution. Although he learned a good book but the conditions at that time were very difficult, the habit of writing and writing love books has been used. Xiaosheng’s brother has a large bookcase in his home. There are neatly arranged books in the wooden bookcase. Some of them have some damaged covers, but the content is still intact. Not only books, but also occasionally can see bamboo slips similar to ancient ones.

Later, I heard from the old people that bamboo slips are a kind of writing material from the Warring States Period to the Wei and Jin Dynasties. They are made of bamboo or wood chips. The bamboo pieces are also called Jane. If the wood chips are called Zha or called 牍, in short, Called Jane, now we generally say bamboo slips. Old people have said that the generations of Xiaosheng’s brothers like to collect and 3,000 books, and they have a lot of treasures. The literati family books and words have become bright spots.

After a long period of time, Xiaosheng’s brother told me a topic very seriously one day. I planned a plan for myself for about five years today. I have never spent as quiet as I am today.

He told me that although I read a lot of books, I am not a person who is good at writing projects. When I write down, I really want to start crying. How many wishes can't be completed!

From the moment he graduated, he began to think about making money. The reason was also very simple. Traveling and doing what he wanted to do. Later, he gradually discovered that this society has too many constraints, including his family, social environment and conditions. Decide.

We may not have much advantage when we grow up in the countryside. In addition to studying hard and keeping ourselves, we also have many plans and dreams.

Yesterday Xiaosheng’s brother published a circle of friends: Do you think you can earn 1 million? Almost everyone is saying that they have to dream.

In the countryside, 1 million can build a good building, buy a small car slippery, Xiaosheng brother also said to his parents, in the past few years to earn 1 million. His parents laughed. They all thought it was a lot of money. They might not have thought that there could be so much, and the feeling of sorrow came to life. They looked at them all over half a year. Slowly lurking beside you.

Finally, Xiaosheng’s brother asked me a question: Do you think you can earn 1 million?

I am very sincere to answer him. I also believe that Xiaosheng’s brother can, he said with relief: “ Your life, if there is no accident, no lottery or anything, you will feel that this life is like this. Nothing can be done, inertia and mediocrity come one after another, and there is only a little lingering enthusiasm, but we are still young and thinking about the old age, how to change and create, people I believe that it is impossible, they do not believe that they can, is it because it is difficult? Or because they are not willing? "

However, at the time of writing this article, Xiaosheng’s brother has already earned the first one million in his life, but he still lives in a low-key life. In the past few years, we have maintained a little connection. Maybe some things don’t need too many people. Know, he told me that to believe in the importance of self and self-improvement and to maintain reality, some dreams still have to be done, in case it is realized!

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