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2014 motivational phrase

1. Victory belongs to the most persevering person. —Napoleon

2. Being angry is to punish yourself by doing something wrong with others.

3. If there are no friends in life, it is like there is no sunshine in life.

4. If life is stripped of ideals, dreams, and fantasies, then life is just a pile of empty shelves.

5. If God wants to destroy a person, he must first make it crazy. But I am crazy for so long, why God still does not destroy me.

6. If you look at the shadows in front of you, don't be afraid, it is because there is sunshine behind the stylistic features of your prose poems.

7. The biggest mistake in life is to keep worrying about making mistakes.

8. The value of man is determined at the moment of temptation.

9. A youthful classic will never be redeemed.

10. Young is the only time we have the right to weave our dreams.

11. You can get the world with love, and you can lose the world with hate.

12. Face the hardships of life, use your perseverance to create a miracle of life!

13. Face the fate without compromise, face the difficulties and not back down, so that you can be your own hero.

14. Tell yourself once a day, "I am really good."

15. Everyone has a beautiful dream. Only by persistence can your dream come true.

16. Without me to light your lights, will you feel sad on your way home?

17. Without the language of love, all the words are boring.

18. The ideal path is always prepared for those who are confident.

19. Let go, make things simple, people become kind, like a child, we start again.

20. Difficulties can only scare down a lazy man, and victory always belongs to those who dare to climb the peak of science.

21. Happiness is not because there is more, but less care.

22. Experience is taken from the pain of the quintessence.

23. The only way to be happy is to cherish what you have and forget what you don't have.

24. Find your own sparkle, tap your potential, and do what you really like.

25. Illumination is not a patent for the sun, you can also shine.

26. If you face your face in the sun, there will be no shadows.

27. Do anything to be frustrated, have perseverance and perseverance, and persist in the end with confidence.

28. Only self-reliance, self-reliance, and self-confidence can you afford the bill of your life.

29. As long as you don’t let your beautiful dreams drift away with your youth, success will one day appear in front of you.

30. True love should transcend the length of life, the breadth of the soul, and the depth of the soul.

31. The fool uses the flesh to monitor the soul, and the wise man monitors the flesh with the mind.

32. Face the present with the least amount of waste.

33. Face the past with the least regret.

34. Face the future with the most dreams.

35. All great actions and thoughts have a negligible beginning.

36. Face with a smile, don't complain. Leisurely, free, casual, follow. Certainly for life-long changes, only after a hundred years, that flower blooms.

37. Greed is the most real poverty, and satisfaction is the most real wealth.

38. Self-deception is the most serious of all deceptions.

39. It is I who have been brave for too long and decided to live for you alone.

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