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Sad mood phrase

1. Don't wait for you to go far, only to find that you have lost me.

2. Is there a person, you don't love him, but if you are good to others, you are not happy.

3. Cry to yourself and laugh to others. This is the so-called life.

4. I thought that time is the best remedy, and all that can be cured is skin trauma.

5. Thank you for accompanying me through the period, not too long or short but hard to remember.

6. I always love to look down on the ground, like a line of ants crossing my memory.

7. The wind is rising, the rain is swaying, and there is not much to pass. Why bother to go and taste the bitter fruit.

8. Only after the displacement, can you re-examine the traces of time left in your heart.

9. At least once in life, for someone, throw away your restraint, let go of your self-esteem, and ruin your principles.

10. Without you, even if you give me the world, I still have nothing.

11. I am not a person who dares to love and hate, so I have no heart and lungs like you.

12. Although we will never leave, please let me see your smile when you look back.

13. Love someone who doesn't love yourself, just like a ship at the airport.

14. I am caught in the blindness of love, fulfilling the days of your love.

15. You don't have to be stubborn, you don't have to lie, and people who know you will naturally know what you were.

16. Feelings will never follow the pattern you set. Once you are on the passive side, you will become very sad.

17. If I treat you in the way you treat me, I am afraid you have already left.

18. Once the dream was broken, pick it up, try to piece together, then break it up, then pick it up again, until one day, it will not be put together again.

19. It is a feeling to like someone, but it is a fact that you don't like one person. easy to tell the fact, but difficult to express feelings.

20. Not choosing is also an option.

21. I know that there will be no results, but I will stick because I still love.

22. Things that are too easy to get, we don’t know how to cherish.

23. Born in this world, no feelings are not riddled with holes.

24. Do you smile when your lover doesn't love it?

25. Companionship is when I need it. I am there.

26. There is something in my heart, there is no heart in it.

27. In fact, life is very dull, but we have made it hard to make it ourselves.

28. Some wounds, no matter how long, still hurt when they touch; some people, no matter how long, still feel pain when they think about it.

29. Time, starting from zero. Story, but can't end at the end

30. If you don't expect it, you won't be sad if you lose it. It is a surprise if you get it.

31. Can you not put a love song, the voice is so lonely.

32. Just just sad, just decided to give up, just just forgot to cry, just happened to meet you.

33. Don't believe in memories so much, the person inside doesn't necessarily miss you.

34. Don't waste new tears for the old sadness.

35. I found myself really stupid, knowing that he will not come, but also deceiving himself, deceiving himself, he will come back, just wait

36. There is a real moment, purely fictitious forever. .

37. I am glad that I like what I hate.

38. Don't waste new tears for the old sadness.

39. Smile and let the people who care about you rest assured.

40. Some words I would rather bury in my heart and not say anything.

41. Loneliness is an sentiment that is more reliable than romance.

42. There will be a day when I am lying on the same big bed as you, waking up and seeing you at first sight.

43. Many people, because of loneliness, love one person, but more people, because they love one person, and lonely life.

44. When you see the reality, it’s much easier to put it down,

45. I don't know because I fell in love with it, and I can't find an excuse to forget it.

46. ​​When a person is sad, it is the best time to remember

47. Actually, I am very scared. Without you, where do I go to die?

48. In a blink of an eye, it is a flower that blooms and falls, and can't find the past, why not hold it.

49. Actually, do you know that it takes courage to pretend to be strange in front of you.

50. Struggling in survival, changing in struggle, and being calm in change.

51. I laughed inexplicably, just because I thought of you.

52. I am still waiting for you in the same place and you have forgotten that I have been to my heart.

53. Your love is a dream, but there is real pain.

54. The regrettable journey of life is not old, not endless, and it is not to say goodbye.

55. Turning back to the shore is just to let us drift away. I am willing to tell you how to be willing.

56. Fear of imagining separation, no love or reluctance to leave..

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