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1. In fact, there is nothing that can't be let go. As time goes by, when you look back, you will find that what you thought you could not let go, just a springboard in life, let you grow.

2. A strong inner heart is often defeated by a simple comfort, and then burst into tears.

3. Don't give up when you think you can fight for it. Waiting is very sad, but regretting will be even more sad.

4. When you are in a bad mood, close your eyes and tell yourself that this is an illusion.

5. The ridiculous thing is that we pretend to be psychologists in front of our friends, but we can't solve our own problems.

6. Cry to yourself and laugh to others. This is the so-called life.

7. Even if you are not happy, you will never bother others' happiness. This is the principle.

8. If you recognize that you are not so important in the hearts of others, you will be a lot happy...

9. A friend is not the first person or the person who knows the longest time, but the one who has never left after coming.

10. After the pain, you will not feel pain, and some will only be an indifferent heart.

11. Don't say that others are pitiful, that you are more pitiful, how about your own practice? How much do you know how to live?

12. Don't rely on others, it's something that you can still rely on when you can rely on it.

13. When you are right, no one will remember; when you do something wrong, even breathing is wrong.

14. I fell in love with an hour, and I lived a lifetime.

15. False tears can hurt others, and false smiles can hurt you.

16. I think there are always some reasons for people to separate, but some people, you should wait.

17. In fact, for someone who is really good to you, you will not encounter a few in your life.

18. The best friend, usually ridiculed with each other, is the most embarrassing one. When you need it, it is the softest one.

19. Sometimes, you choose not to let go, just because you find that something is doomed to be impossible.

20. In fact, there are not so many in this world. Sometimes, what we lose in a flash is eternal.

21. A good life is not to think, to do more, to be less, to smile often, to know how to be satisfied.

22. Sometimes I don't trust you, but I care more than others, and I am more afraid of losing you.

23. Some things, not care, but what they care about. There is no hypothesis in life, there is only consequence and result. To mature is to face all the little things with a smile.

24. When are you going to let go, when will you have no troubles?

25. Love is described as beautiful, a person who does not understand love; a person who describes love as ugly is a person who thinks he loves.

26. Sometimes, it is just for love that we sneak away. It is the figure that hides, but the silent feeling that cannot be avoided.

27. If it is a precious memory, how can you forget it? Because people are dead, they can only live in the memories of others.

28. Sometimes love is also a kind of injury. Cruel people, choose to hurt others, kind people, choose to hurt themselves.

29. Some people meet like a meteor, and an enviable spark is ephemeral, but it is destined to pass by.

30. The most memorable thing is that it never remembers, but never forgets.

31. Is there a person in the world? It’s a matter of life. People are hard to give up, people can’t give up, and abandonment is decisive. It’s hard to say, things are hard, why not.

32. Time will slowly precipitate, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own fulfillment.

33. What is happiness? It is to hide your sorrow and smile at everyone.

34. Some things turn around for a lifetime.

35. I would rather be like a child, refuse to see too many things, listen too much, not just, for a lifetime. a little bit of quotation

36. The woman’s face is not looked at, and the man’s heart is not carefully looked at. Some people, when they are near, will be far away.

37. Don't pay too much attention to some people. If someone asks, say forget. Do not explain, not sad.

38. True love is not a good feeling, but an impulse to know that there is no result and you want to stick to it.

39. The road ahead is still far away, you may cry, but you must go on, you must not stop.

40. Don't wait until I change, and then say that I miss the old one.

41. Love is very precious, and many people do not know how to cherish possession. Only when you lose it, you can see it. In fact, the most familiar one is the most precious.

42. You can have love, but don't cling, because separation is inevitable.

43. Those who will eventually get you stuck are always good at first.

44. Waiting for your concern, wait until I close my heart.

45. It seems that people who are waiting for a long time or the arrival of an event will appear to be silent and reflect on why I am silent. The reason is that if you choose a new one, you will lose the old one, and the old one seems to be very good.

46. ​​If you are a child, you can pinch the word for the person, leave the person you want to stay, do what you want to do. The effect of losing the arm, then, going or staying, there is probably a half chance that you will be excited. But often, we will invent the team that has long since left the child, so there is no chance.

47. Waiting is the first old man in his life.

48. When the previous implementation is allowed, it is no longer an allowed, but exactly! Allow, is what we are waiting for yet!

49. If you don't bother yourself, others will never bother you. You can not let go because of your heart.

50. Some roads are very far away and it will be very tiring to go down. However, if you don't go, you will regret it.

51. The saddest thing is that when you meet a special person, you understand that you can never be together, or sooner or later, you have to give up.

52. Hours, happiness is a thing, happiness is possessed; when you grow up, happiness is a goal, and happiness is achieved; after maturity, it is found that happiness is a state of mind, and understanding is happiness.

53. There is always one day, someone will walk into your life and let you know why you and others have no results.

54. Some roads can only be walked by one person. The hardships on the road are only known to you.

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