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1. Regret is a mentally consuming emotion. Regret is a greater loss than loss, a bigger mistake than mistake. So don't regret it.

2. Is there a long time? Of course! Why do most people don’t believe it? Because they don’t find the one that suits them best on their journey. Just the destined one. Why can't you find it? It's a sea of ​​people, life is like a dew. How easy is it to find the one that suits you best? You may be able to find the one that is destined at the age of 40, but can you wait until the age of 40? Looking for it in your 20s Not enough, but they have to get married, but they have to give up when they are in their 30s and 40s. This is the sorrow of life.

3. Every girl has been an angel without tears. When she meets a boy she likes, she will cry—then become a mortal. So the boy must not disappoint the girl, because the girl gave up the whole paradise for you!

4. When you were born, you cried, the people around you smiled; when you passed away, you smiled, and the people around you were crying! Everything was reincarnation! We are all in reincarnation!

5. When I love someone, when I dial the phone, I suddenly don’t know what to say. I just want to hear the familiar voice. What I really want to get through is just a string of my heart.

6. When you have to make a promise for a piece of love, the cut is actually over; when you have to make a promise for a marriage, everything is just beginning.

7. Everyone has different attitudes toward love. Each person has their own love principles and has their own bottom line. You should first ask your own principles and the bottom line. What can you do to make your heart really? happy.

8. A person can fall in love with many people in his life. After you get the happiness that truly belongs to you, you will understand that the former pain is actually a kind of wealth, which allows you to learn to better grasp and cherish the person you love.

9. Love is not a vanity, it must be shown to show off in front of everyone; love is not a beautiful clothes, to be worn outside for everyone to appreciate; love is not a task, to have a confession to friends and family.

10. The most easily forgotten thing in the world is love.

11. During our lifetime, it is not possible to love only one person, but often there is a person who makes you smile the sweetest, makes you feel the deepest pain, often has a beautiful wound, and becomes a part of your body that cannot be healed! Because it is strange, so Brave, because of the distance, so beautiful.

12. The most terrible thing about people is that they don't understand what they want.

13. There are too many in the eyes of Russia, 沵du-1 does not understand how sad

14. Humble humans. I am living more humble.

15. The story, without ending, will not end.

16. The moment that let him take you away is our commemoration.

17. 涐 涐 有用 有用 有用 有用 有用 有用 有用 有用 有用 有用 有用

18. 莪 has already taken care of it as a harvest

19. Next to my left hand is my right hand that wipes my tears.

20. Who is a gorgeous friendship?

21. Ieping in the rain watching the back of your fading away.

22. Our love drama, unlimited sequel√

23. Is it too much for my luxury or you don’t care?

24. One's day, spend your time thinking about you

25. As always, I miss and torture day after day.

26. In the future, I’m happy to be happy with the sad words.

27. Destiny, self-righteous thoughts.

28. With the courage to choose, I chose the path that I have been unwilling to face..

29. Some injuries, let it, and heal.

30. How can I take Jude's face away from Jude's memory.

31. Yellowed photos, those lost years

32. Life does not require too many symbols to replace.

33. The world is public, and loneliness is the exclusiveness of jealousy.

34. The sun is like blood, dyed red and thick clouds.

35. But happiness and happiness are far from being able to reach.

36. I don’t dare to love after I am wrong. . . Because I can't afford to lose.

37. Some are difficult to talk about, can only grasp slowly

38. -, 峩旳婞諨/, -, 甴伱 sponsorship /.

39. Your voice falls on my heart like a bell. Very heavy.

40. In the end, everyone can only cry on their own, licking their wounds.

41. My world is destined to be blank. Yangtian laughed. The sky is still so sunny.

42. The days are illusory, and I am slowly chilling with my thoughts.

43. The fireworks are too arrogant and hold on.

44. Love is a cup of bitter coffee, sometimes sweet, sometimes he makes you miserable

45. Round off the component to get the quality This is the so-called willingness.

46. ​​I am not deeply affectionate about you. I don't want to scorn each other's feelings.

47. Get used to loneliness, but quit and miss your thoughts, .!

48. Suddenly I feel that the extra is the residue that I left for myself.

49. I can't afford it. The so-called love.

50. The so-called love is that one person believes in all the lies of another person.

51. Leave |smiles | to the person who hurts you the most.

52. The sun shattered in the summer, and the sadness in the shadows grew slowly.

53. Our thoughts are always fortunate to life and to death.

54. The memory of timidity is escaping

55. Love, if you are like me, if it is destroyed, nothing will be done.

56. The day when love is crying. Leave you here to commemorate yesterday.

57. Unlocking the super-existence with simple German words

58. Time has broken the dewy fingers. Look at the future in a gazing position.

59. Who is doing the nightmare, whether it is blasphemy or burying hope.

60. Crying is just an expression of incompetence and no meaning.

61. Our secrets are only memories, and your fragrance is in the air.

62. That pair of pulp, how to point to the other side of you.

63. Finally, it’s just memories

64. The future is always unpredictable

65. Cold and heat are only a moment, love and hate are only one step away.

66. Life tempts me to immerse myself in happiness and beauty that I have never had before.

67. The moisture in love evaporates in the sunny days after love without pain marks.

68. There is a person in the world who will wait for you forever. No matter when, no matter where you are, anyway, you know, there is always such a person.

69. It is helpless to give up the waiver. It is incompetence to give up what should not be given up. It is ignorance that does not give up the waiver. It is attachment that does not give up.

70. Happiness should be accompanied by sorrow, and there should be fine weather after the rain. If it rains after the rain, if it is still sad after sorrow, please let us calmly face the parting after this separation. Smile to find an impossible person!

71. Please don't deceive good girls. There are too few good girls in this world.

72. There was once a sincere love in front of me, but I did not cherish it. When I lost it, I regret it. The most painful thing in the world is this. If God can give me a chance to come again, I will say three words to the girl: I love you. If you have to add a deadline to this love, I hope it is 10,000 years!

73. Some things are beyond our control and we have to control ourselves.

74. Among the thousands of people, meet the people you meet; in the thousands of years, the endless wilderness of time, there is no early step, no late step, just happened to catch up.

75. No matter when you start, it is important not to stop after starting; no matter when it is over, it is important not to regret it after the end.

76. In addition to tears, it is time to wash away everything. It takes time to change feelings. The longer the time, the lighter the conflict, as if the tea is constantly diluted.

77. Life is just a few decades, don’t leave any regrets for yourself, laugh when you want to laugh, cry when you want to cry, love when you love, and suppress yourself.

78. We do live a hard life. We must bear all kinds of external pressures and face our own inner confusion. In the struggle, if someone gives you an understanding of the eyes, you will feel the warmth of life, perhaps only a short glimpse, enough to make me feel excited.

79. Remember what to remember and forget what to forget. Change what can be changed, accept what can not be changed

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