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1. The wire saw is broken and the water drops are worn. —— Luo Dajing, “Helin Yulu”

2. Days and days, not afraid of thousands of miles; often do, not afraid of thousands of things. - "Mottos and Deeds"

3. The things of the world are often in a difficult state, but lost to extravagance. —— Lu You 27 fills the soil and is the mountain, and the water is the sea. - "Xunzi · Confucianism"

4. People are not sages, no one can. - "Training Customs Rules"

5. Being determined and brave, it is just the beginning. Just, the virtue of being born is also. - "Basic training, just reinstated"

6. Donate to the country, and see death and death. - Cao Zhi "White Horse"

7. The world is rising and falling, and the husband is responsible. —— Gu Yanwu

8. The husband does not serve the country and ends up being a poor person. —— Chen Gongyin, Shooting Tiger Shooting Stone

9. At the time of the crisis, the world was ignorant. —— Bao Zhao’s “Generation from the North Gate”

10. For the benefit of the country, life and death will be avoided. —— Lin Zexu’s “Going to the Dangcheng Chengkou to Show the Family”

11. The true person, sincere and sincere, is not refined and can't move. - "Zhuangzi Fisherman"

12. Don't be evil, don't be small. Only Xiande is able to serve people. —— Liu Bei

13. Proud not to be long, to be indefinite, to be incompetent, to be unsatisfied. —— Wei Zheng

14. Being proud is not to be proud, not to be favored by pets. —— Zhuge Liang

15. Life is for the sake of survival. —— Zhu Xi

16. Those who have made great achievements in the ancient times must not only have the talents of the world, but also have the steadfastness of perseverance. -- Su Shi

17. Young and hard, the boss is sad. —— Han Yuefu ancient remarks "Long Songs"

18. The industry is diligent and absurd. —— Han Yu’s “Study of Learning”

19. One inch of time is one inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy inch of inch. - "Zengguang Xianwen"

20. Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is self-improving. - "Zhou Yi dry elephant"

21. Those who are not strong are not wise. - "Mozi Slim"

22. Green, taken from blue and blue in blue; ice, water is cold and water. - "Xunzi·Encourage Learning"

23. Keep aspirations. —— Zhuge Liang, “The Book of Foreigners”

24. Husbands are all around the world, and Wanli is still a neighbor. —— Cao Zhi, “Gifting the White Horse King”

25. Those who are willing to do so will succeed. - "Han Han Shu Bi Biography"

26. It will be the top of the list. —— Du Fu's "Wang Yue"

27. Years of cold, and then know the pines and cypresses. - "The Analects of Confucius"

28. The day will be reduced to a great man, so people must first suffer from their own minds, work their muscles, hungry their body, empty their bodies, and do what they do. - "Under the Mencius

29. In the meantime, the dead wood is not folded; the perseverance, the stone is awkward. - "Xunzi·Encourage Learning"

30. Stone can be broken, but not hard to win; Dan can also wear, not to win. - "Lv's Spring and Autumn, Honesty"

31. Sincerely added, the stone is open. - "Han Han Shu Guang Wu Shi Wang Biography"

32. Worry can rejuvenate the country, and Yiyu can die. - "New Five Dynasties History, Eunuch Preface"

33. Lu Manman is a long way to go, I will go up and down. —— Qu Yuan, Li Sao

34. There is no need to forget the country. —— Lu You’s "Sickness"

35. The ruler is short; the inch is long. There is something wrong; wisdom is unknown. —— Qu Yuan's "Bu Ju"

36. If you have to work hard, the iron shovel is ground into a needle. —— Cao Xue, “Gongzhong Guangji·Pengshan County, Shangchuan South Road”

37. The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

38. The philosopher has no worries, and the wise man is always happy. It's not because he loves everything he has, but everything he has, he loves.

39. There are a few things in life that must not be lost: self-control, calm mind, hope and confidence.

40. If you want to get hard work and you don't want to get it, you will look good if you win or lose.

41. Life is not a one-way line, one road can't get through, you can turn.

42. The chemical composition of tears and sweat is similar, but the former can only exchange sympathy for you, but the latter can win success for you.

43. Getting older is a compulsory course in life, and becoming mature is an elective course.

44. Don't bother, don't forget to smile; be anxious, pay attention to the tone; don't forget to stick to it again; be tired and love yourself.

45. Low-key people, you will be more stable than once; high-profile work, you will be better than once.

46. ​​Don't forget the past when you are successful; don't forget the future when you fail.

47. Learning to forget is the technology of life, learning to smile is the art of life.

48. What is a good job: one does not affect life and work, the second does not affect family reunion, and the third can support the family.

49. Laziness, like rust, consumes more body than labor.

50. Take exercise as the basis, learn to be healthy; learn from the principle of learning, learn to know; use morality as the basis, learn to be a person; adapt to the principle and learn to survive.

51. Four basic principles of life: know how to choose, learn to give up, endure loneliness, and stand the temptation.

52. When everyone is low-key, you can be high-profile, but not out of tune.

53. The journey of life is far and dark. However, don't be afraid, there is a way in front of people who are not afraid. —— Lu Xun

54. Life is like climbing a mountain, but finding a way out is a process of learning. We should learn to be stable and calm in this process and learn how to find life from panic. —— Xi Murong

55. A man must be like a candle. In a limited lifetime, there is a point of heat, giving light and warmth. —— Xiao Chu female

56. The so-called genius is nothing more than the use of coffee for others to work. —— Lu Xun

57. Human hope is like an eternal star, and the clouds can't hide its light. Especially today, peace is not an ideal, a dream, it is the wish of thousands of people. —— Ba Jin

58. We are the masters of the country and should be considered for the country everywhere. —— Lei Feng

59. We love our nation and this is the source of our self-confidence. —— Zhou Enlai

60. The spring silkworms go to the dead silk, and the people will not stop.

61. It is necessary to work hard to survive and to be a good young person. —— Wu Yuzhang

62. The enemies of learning are their own satisfaction. To learn something seriously, you must never be complacent. For ourselves, "learning is not tired", for others, "deaf people are tireless", we should take this attitude. —— Mao Zedong

63. Mistakes and frustrations have taught us to make us more intelligent, and our feelings are better. Any political party, any individual, mistakes are always inevitable, and we ask to make fewer mistakes. If you make a mistake, you need to correct it. The quicker, the more thorough, the better. —— Mao Zedong

64. One minute and one second is complacent. In this minute and a second, I stop my life and excretion. Only by accepting criticism can we excrete all the scum of the spirit. Only absorb the opinions of others. I can add spiritual new nourishment. — Xu Teli

65. The determining factor for genius should be diligence. „„ There is a bit of hard work and hard work is proportional, —— Guo Moruo

66. Self-consciousness is the mother of progress. Since self-confidence is the source of degeneration, it is indispensable to be self-conscious. —— Zou Yufen

67. Working hard on the labour force is the mother of all inventions. Everything works hard in labor, and becomes the truth of things. —— Tao Xingzhi

68. It is the most commendable revolutionary quality that is not contaminated by sludge and is not eroded by bourgeois sugar-coated shells. —— Zhou Enlai

69. Those who know a little about things are not modest; those who have a lot of knowledge and skills must be modest. —— Xie Juezhen

70. Jiu Niu boasted that he would be overturned with pride. I have seen many things in ancient and modern times. —— Chen Yi

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