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Praise the teacher's maxim

1. One day is a teacher, and life is a father.

2. The words of the words are all my teachers.

3. The gardener, the title of lofty, I wish you all the best in the world.

4. The river pushes us to the vast sea, and the dawn brings us a bright morning; dear teacher, you lead us to a magnificent life.

5. Teacher, people say that you are cultivating the pillars of the motherland. It is better to say that you are the pillar of the motherland. It is you who support the backbone of our generation.

6. Teacher, is the beautiful cultivator, the beautiful sower. It is your beautiful sunshine, moisturizing with beautiful rain and dew, our heart is only green grass, flowers and flowers.

7. Your love, the sun is generally warm, the spring breeze is generally harmonious, and the spring is generally sweet. Your love is more serious than the father's love, more delicate than the mother's love, and more pure than the love of the friend. You ------ teacher's love, the world's greatest, the highest clean.

8. Your work is in the present, but it builds the motherland's tomorrow; your teaching is in the classroom, but the achievements are in all directions in the motherland.

9. Your position will never be exchanged, your footprints will be all over the place; your two will be white for a day, your youth will last forever.

10. As we move from childish to mature, from ignorance to civilization, you use the torch of life to clear the way for us.

11. The spring breeze of the teacher, my heart, my heart, a good teacher, more than a thousand books.

12. Dear teacher, your sincere love, how many confusions have been awakened, how much self-confidence has been nurtured, how much youth has been ignited, and how many sails have been destroyed. 7, the crane hair silver silk reflected the sun and the moon, Dan Xin warm blood new flowers.

13. One day has risen and landed, and one session of students has come and gone. What remains unchanged is your deep love and bright smile. Dear teacher, I don’t think of you only today, but I miss you today! Bless you, dear teacher! A chalk and two-sleeve breeze, three-footed podium for the four seasons, plus five internal organs, seven thoughts and seven thoughts Very intent, dripping sweat and cherishing peach Li Fang world!

14. A chalk is written on the trajectory of your life; two scented creams form a beautiful movement in your life; the three-foot platform leaves the splendor and brilliance of your life! I wish the teachers of the world happy and happy holidays!

15. Your teachings remind me of the wind and rain, my blessings accompany you to stay up all night. With your guidance along the way, I have not lost my way; I have your attention along the way, I can achieve the ideal!

16. Honestly educating people, respected for generations, preferring to be blind, so that the small trees can be made. Facing the podium, backed by the blackboard, in the long river of time, the teacher is you to sculpt into a myriad of dazzling halo with hard sweat and wisdom for 45 minutes.

17. Teacher is the engineer of the human soul - Stalin

18. Spring silkworms go to the dead silk, the wax torch turns into a gray tear and begins to dry - Li Shangyin

19. The engineer of the most brilliant professional human soul under the sun;

20. 4. The teacher is like a candle, burning himself and illuminating others.

21. Three-foot platform, three-inch tongue, three-inch pen, three thousand peaches

22. Ten years of trees, ten winds, ten rains, 100,000 beams

23. As a model, a teacher

24. The teacher is our biological parent! My mother raised our teacher and educated us!

25. The mountains are cheering, the water is singing; the sun is laughing, the grass is dancing: praise you, be a teacher, work hard! No hard work, cold, peach, plum, and ripe, it is easy to grow flowers. . The poetry is full of people, painting the world, the talents smile and open.

26. When I first came to the sea of ​​knowledge, I almost "suffocated". It was you--teacher, silently giving me the "oxygen" of knowledge, selfless but priceless.

27. You are a tall and straight tree. You have matured fruit. You have carved an old ring on your body, and your forest is surrounded by lush forests.

28. The bright and short of the meteor brings us the best wishes and hopes, but it crosses the sky and disappears forever...

29. Flowers, applause, and congratulations express the wishes of the students: the teacher has worked hard! The students wish you: "Nine. Ten" every day, always happy!

30. Dear teacher, I don’t think of you only today, but I miss you today! Send a message to bless you and express my heart. Peach and plum blossoms in the world, happiness is always in your heart! Although it has been so many years, but my respect for the teacher is still like a Taotao river, continuous...

31. Hello teacher, your spit has spread all over the school, your hard work has cultivated a new generation of pride, wish you a happy holiday - good health

32. If you don’t say it doesn’t mean you don’t miss it, don’t you say it’s not worried, isn’t it?

33. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, can not be fulfilled by your dedication! Poetry and songs, you can't finish your reverence! You use knowledge to expose the ideal flowers; you use the soul to clear the spring, and reproduce the beauty of our sentiments. In this unusual frugality, offer our deep blessings!

34. Gardener - the title of lofty. Look at the flowers that bloom in the branches, it is your hard sweat pouring. Wish you: Tao Li is in the world, Chunhui is everywhere!

35. The sun shines, the gardener's heart is warm and springy; the rain and dew moist, the peach and plum branches are buds red. -- I wish you a happy Teacher's Day. You are a gardener, adding a beautiful color to the mountains and rivers of the motherland; you are like spring rain, moistening peach and plum, and the land of Shenzhou is full of fragrance. In this festive thrift, let me present a heart of flowers and express my heartfelt wishes to you. Composing Yangko with Tianxia Caixia, weaving the poems with flowers everywhere, we also express our congratulations to the teachers' frugality!

36. "Peach and Plum is the best in the world" is the glory of teachers. - On this beautiful and clear garden festival, I wish the teacher a happy and happy life! I am not your best student, but you are my most respected teacher. In your thrift, I want to give you a high respect. Dear teacher, your martyrdom is like a spring breeze, like a rain, forever my heart. I sincerely wish you all the best: recreation, wishful!

37. You teach in accordance with your aptitude and be good at your heart. We hold excellent results to congratulate you on your victory! Teacher, I wish you the education of the students, talented people, elites.

38. Teacher, you are sincere, kind and beautiful. I hope that the hearts of all my classmates will be open to you.

39. May my music in this creek echo in your deep valley forever. When the sea is low tide, leave the colorful shells on the beach. When we graduated, we would like to offer our sincere wishes to our teachers.

40. You warm the heart of every classmate with the emotion of fire, countless hearts are pulled by you, and even your back is condensed with hot eyes... You are not an actor, but it attracts our hungry eyes; It’s not a singer, but let the clear spring of knowledge sing and sing a fascinating song; you are not a sculptor, but it is shaping the soul of a group of young people... Teacher, how can I forget you!

41. The name carved on the board is not necessarily immortal, and the name engraved on the stone may not be immortal; the teacher, your name is engraved on our soul, and this will last forever. Your thoughts, your words, are full of poetry, contain philosophical, and seem so magical - Oh, in my mind, how many wonderful encounters they have provoked! You respect sincerity and integrity, as it is regarded as The principle of human life. You are a model in the minds of our students. I admire great men and celebrities, but I am more eager to dedicate my respect and praise to an ordinary person - teacher you.

42. You are strict with us and follow your own actions as an example. Your persuasion, demands, and even orders, once they are put forward, must be done by us, but they always make us convinced and consciously act. This is the tall image you have left in my heart. In my mind, you are the most severe father and the most kind mother; you are an unknown hero and a teacher. Your voice and smile, always flash in front of my eyes; you are a character of personality, always treasured in the depths of my memory. Ah, the teacher - the engineer of the human soul, only with this glorious name, has the richness of the sea and the deep blue sky!

43. Dedicated to the beloved teacher, we search for those beautiful and patient memories, and silently wish you happiness forever.

44. Being honest and educating people, respected for generations, would rather be white, so that the small trees can be made.

45. Teacher--The season of feelings blows through my eyes, the rain falls on my heart, and after a few curtains, I can’t help but remember the childhood and quietly greet you.

46. ​​When I grow up, I will be you. I will use you as the navigation light on my work. I wish you a step by step when our common festival is coming!

47. Teacher, how are you? I miss you, but please believe that no matter where we are, we will not forget you - my dearest teacher!

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