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Sentimental phrase

1. I used to be too young but absolutely sincere. The love I gave was always self-willed, and I didn’t understand the love that blossomed only once.

2. I hope that you will always remember, memories always hurt, but you know, I am missing.

3. If emotions and years can be easily abandoned and thrown into the sea. Then I am willing to be silent on the bottom of the sea.

4. Is there such a person waiting for you for a long time until you want to be with him, and he is gone.

5. I use a brush to paint your appearance, but I can't paint your heart.

6. There are always some people, we can't live without it, but we must learn to let go. Sad sentences that don’t dare to love again

7. Love has been a habit for a long time; it has been a nick for a long time; it has become a burden for a long time.

8. The retention of heartbreaking lungs is nothing but an unwilling performance.

9. I miss only a simple name, a simple encounter.

10. Sometimes, I miss you day and night, and when the person who misses the day and night appears, you are safe.

11. If you have obstacles in your heart, you will love and not love.

12. I want to love and can't love the taste like drinking coffee with Kudingcha.

13. The feeling of wanting to love and not being loved is of course uncomfortable, but since you can't fall in love, why should you stick to it? Is it better to face it calmly?

14. We are two horizontal lines that will never have intersections.

15. Loneliness begins after falling in love with you.

16. Love sentence - true love is a kind of care and care from the heart, no gorgeous words, no action to sing the public, you can only feel it in a little bit of words and deeds. It’s as firm as it is. On the contrary, swear, promise to explain its uncertainty, never believe in sweet words. Feel free to feel it!!

17. Love is a sad fairy tale. Anyone who has read it has ever regretted more or less. When we finish reading, we will understand the truth, that is, in the world of love, fate dominates everything.

18. If you want to love and can't love, it is the most painful thing. If you have the chance to love, you must not let go. Love, love, and love, let's work hard.

19. There is a sorrow that wants to love and cannot love, because it is a mistake from beginning to end. Still feelings of helplessness and sorrow, I can't help but look at myself too humble, because this world is very realistic and people follow the reality.

20. In this world, no one is who.

21. From heaven to hell, I passed by.

22. In the distance, nothing but far away.

23. A person, on the road~

24. One person, in the world

25. I am like a child who has been forgotten. One person laughs and one person is sad.

26. If you can't forget, hide it until the moment your heart stops.

27. Don't cry for me... I am already dead..

28. I know that I will forget you, no sorrow, no expectation, just knowing it.

29. Many times, I would rather be misunderstood than to explain. Believe and not believe, it is between you. Why do people who understand me explain why?

30. There are things that we can't understand when we are young, and we are no longer young when we know.

31. I don't want to talk, but I can't say a lot, but I will be safe in my heart.

32. I am not an angel, I can always show you happiness when you need me.

33. We used to really love each other and vowed to go together for a lifetime...

34. I will not let go of those who love me, unless one day you will open my hand personally.

35. Why am I still worried about you, even if you are not mine?

36. In fact, a man with the ability to take his own woman to another man can’t stand it.

37. I said all the lies, you all believe. Simple, I love you, but you don't believe it.

38. A person sleeps, one thinks, one is intoxicated. One is busy, one is tired, one is irritated, one is human, and one is alone.

39. Finally, you are you, I am me, return to the end.

40. The noisy city walking alone in the street seems so depressed.

41. Not getting scarred, tired and unable to chase

42. Loneliness, in the devour of life, like an opium ring can not be quit.

43. You all hate me and say that I am bad. Do I really hate you so much? Gradually, even I hate myself.

44. It is not that you do not love you, but you have already passed the days of loving you;

45. When you meet you, you are fortunate and blessed.

46. ​​I have lived a thousand miles of squally winds, and I have lived thousands of lives. I have lived through poetry and wine, but I can’t afford to go back.

47. I don't have a master, no friends, no love, no children. I thought I had the world, but it turned out to be fake. Love me, die for me, I love, I want to die. I believe, betray me, I rely on, give up on me. I don't want anything, I don't ask for anything, I just want to live a simple life, but it is God who forces me, you force me! Do you think that I have returned to the present?

48. I have subverted the whole world, just to ... correct your reflection.

49. A person, a dream, an empty city, has a distressed life.

50. Forgiveness is easy. It's harder to trust again.

51. Don’t squeeze the world that you can’t walk in. It’s hard to make yourself for others. Why bother?

52. The road ahead is still very far, you may cry, but you must go on, you must not stop.

53. Always miss the most real thing when we don't know the least.

54. The fate will not owe it to anyone. If you look at it, there will be a blue sky on the top of your head. If you are bearish, there is a piece of mind in the heart that tells the sea. After the desolateness of life, you can reach the prosperity of your heart.

55. If you only meet, but can't keep together, it's better not to meet.

56. Time has slowly forgotten our past and left an unknown pain.

57. Don’t forget to smile if you only have your own shadow.

58. Love and being loved are so far away. The existence of silence is very helpless.

59. This life must no longer touch too good feelings, because once you touch it, you can never forget,

60. Sentimental sentence: I heard it. Who has been with whom for several years. I feel so sad.

61. Love is not a noun, but a verb, a permanent verb.

62. Everything is that I am deceiving myself, but I am not willing to come out in that memory.

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