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1. I have shortcomings, but I will treat you with advantages; I don't have much money, but I will work hard to earn money to raise you; the happiness of love is not in the eyes of others, the key lies in me and you. Dear, I really miss you!

2. I would like to be a towering tree, with a strong arm, to prop up a happy paradise for you; I will turn into a falling leaf, with a gentle and lingering language, waiting for a happy home for you, loving you forever.

3. Without your days, so lonely, one person does not know how to eat sweet; one person speaks, no one interjects; one sleeps; no warmth; dear! I miss you!

4. Boy: I want to ask you something. Girl: What? Boy: Come with me. Girl: What? Boy: Play my wife. Girl: How long does it take? Boy: a lifetime. Sixty years later, a white-haired grandmother stroking the old man on the hospital bed and sighing: If this scene is never full of good dramas. Old man: I want to ask you something. Grandma: What's the matter? Old man: For the rest of my life, it's good to play a sequel with me!

5. Your tenderness is something I can't stop; your kindness is deeply infatuated with me; your beauty is unforgettable to me; your thoughtfulness is what I am fascinated, everything about you, I like it, I will always guard you!

6. You are my harbor. When I am tired, I can rest in your arms without worry. You are my pistachio. When I am bored, you will bring sweet laughter; you are my blessing. Will, all the bad luck will see you far away, baby miss you.

7. There are not many wives, but you are enough; love is not long, life is enough; holding hands, white-headed old. The beauty is standing by, the wife is always in the heart. Lady hot girl, not as good as a wife. Today, I love you, I love you forever! Love newsletter sentences

8. Dear, the sun is like a fire, give you a heart-warming hug; the night is bleak, give you a refreshing smile; I am your safest embrace when the clouds are raining; the world is vicissitudes, I am your most intimate harbor. . Honey, I love you!

9. Dear, every day when the sun rises, I am thinking of your beginning in my heart. Every day when the moon rises, I am thinking of your beginning in your dreams. The moon and the sun make me love you forever.

10. There was a shadow of yours under the phoenix tree. The drizzle was filled with my thoughts on you, and the pain of lovesickness seemed like a raindrop to the dawn. I am still on the shore, listening to the waves and the thoughts of you in my heart. I miss you.

11. It rains because the cloud is crying. The flowers bloom because the wind laughs. The snow is falling because the sun is sleeping. The moon is round because the stars are drunk. I am sending you a newsletter because I miss you!

12. Every day of love, honey is as sweet; every minute of each other makes love warm; every second that comes with it, there is no trouble; every point of love is inscribed in the heart. You are by your side, holding you; you are not around, miss you.

13. I miss you, a beautiful sad, sweet sorrow, but in my heart, it is a kind of warmth that can't be expressed in any language.

14. When you miss you, you are in the heart! When you are reading, you are by the side! No matter how far apart we are, I still think about you! I am thinking of you! I am in love with you! Baby! Forever, forever, forever...

15. The feeling of love is so profound, pure and lovely like a white dove in the square, without any worldly entanglements, sweet enjoyment, faintly, who am I willing to count the sadness and happiness of this life? As long as you are willing to You can't!

16. Love, love, heart, touch, trust, eternal in ten fingers, and never give up. Such love is not necessary to be vigorous and vigorous, and it is not necessary to feel the earth. As long as you move forward, the people on the side always smile and follow.

17. Love is like a poppy, knowing that it is harmful, but still can't help but indulge; love is like a glass of poisonous wine, knowing that there is no salvation, but still willing to drink it; you are like me, like poppies, such as poisonous wine, knowing I will be addicted, I will be saved, but I still can’t help but fall into it. For you, I am willing to be a fool who is not afraid of anything!

18. Hundreds of thousands of backs are only for you. The clouds are only for you, and the snow is only for your moment. The memories always remind you of sweetness, life is better because of you, you are I have to wait for the angel!

19. Love is distressed. You can like a lot of people, but there is only one one that hurts.

20. To love someone does not mean that you will be wronged!

21. Sadness is a cup of bitter tea, time, water, and all the grief is getting worse!

22. If you don't love me, don't give me hope again and again. I only have one heart and can't bear so much damage!

23. Don't let the innocent waiting torment yourself, no one will sympathize with you!

24. Once, you promised me the whole future; now, you gave her the future.

25. It used to be once, how sad it was or ever!

26. It used to be that the past was just the past. It used to be just a thing of the past. Memories are just memories. What is so sad!

27. In the past, I didn’t know how to let go, but later I put it down, but I was hurt!

28. When we know how to love ourselves, know how to smile, and understand forgiveness, what are the so-called injuries?

29. When a person has the dream of flying, even if he climbs, there is no reason not to stand up.

30. Those who can't get it are called distant places. Those who can't get back are called the past. If they don't look back, they are called separate.

31. Perhaps, you are only suitable for missing, not suitable for meeting.

32. It is said that you dreamed of a person because that person was thinking of you.

33. Those who are willing to bow their heads will never hit the low door.

34. Suffering is the happiness of makeup.

35. When you are tired, let go of it, don't hurt yourself!

36. The world of two people can't accommodate three people, the world of three people, and there will be only one person left!

37. Everyone has a mask, pretending to hide the grief!

38. Silently staying with you is longer than staying with you.

39. Those who have missed, what they miss. Time is long, no longer miss, just think of it!

40. You must be strong and no one will know how much pain you have. You must be strong, no one will understand how you want to continue living.

41. You live in a world where you can live without me, I live in a sky that only has you.

42. Actually, I am not brave at all, but life has forced me to be strong.

43. What money can buy is ultimately worthless.

44. Dear, never embarrass yourself, such as not eating, crying, autism, depression, these are things that fools do.

45. Youth always needs some pain to make us unforgettable. We always need some scars to prove that we have been young.

46. ​​Life is no more than that, and you can cherish yourself. You will always be your own protagonist. Don't always play a supporting role in other people's dramas.

47. People always encounter setbacks, there will be low tides, there will be times when they are not understood, and there will be times when they are going to whisper. These times are the most crucial time in life. At such moments, we need to wait patiently, wait with confidence, believe, live

48. Will not give up on you, fate will not abandon you. If you can't stand the loneliness, you can't see the bustling.

49. If you don't work hard, you never know how terrible you are!

50. If one day, I become blind. Please remember that no one has taken care of me.

51. The so-called love, only when you love someone who loves you at the same time, can feel great happiness!

52. The so-called if, if so, is only self-deception!

53. The so-called promise, when it is realized is the promise, can not be realized is just a lie!

54. Suddenly I am sad, I don’t know if it’s for the past, or because of it now!

55. We are all farsighted and often blur the happiness that is closest to us.

56. I hate the person who cares the most about me. My full name is written.

57. I want to cry, but I don't know how to cry.

58. I have a friend who was bitten by a five-step snake on the mountain. I heard that after five steps, I will die. What should I do? I am anxious to die. Now I have gone four steps. We have arrested a few of them. The step snake bite him a few more times, and it is estimated that it should be accumulated to about 100 steps, but

59. What do we do next?

60. Heart, pain, tears, stay, swear, smash, frame, beat, hurt, suffer, acne, grow. To be honest, what else has not been tolerated

61. Happiness is used to feel, not to compare.

62. One person, one night, one song, one love, can't forget, just miss it!

63. The phrase “Long time no see” contains a lot of sadness and helplessness.

64. Because I love you, I see everyone like a rival.

65. How many people, often at night, hide in the corner, secretly holding themselves crying, and then the next day still haha.

66. Sometimes all you have to do is shut up, let go of the so-called self-esteem, and admit your mistakes. This is not called giving up, but calling growth.

67. Sometimes, the best comfort is a silent companionship.

68. Some people, some things, hold on, the one who is embarrassed is himself, the one who is injured is himself, why bother!

69. Some injuries are like using a knife to make a mouth on the foot. Every time you take a step, you will have a heartbreaking pain!

70. Some things don’t care, but what they care about.

71. Some things can always make you see some people and let go of some persistence!

72. Wandering between forgiveness and despair, the only feeling is hurt! Injury!! Injury!!!

73. Nothing is worthy of these years. I can only rely on myself. Abbreviation

74. The road of your choice must go on, the hardships on the road, no need to complain

75. There are always a few idiots, friends that I can't abandon.

76. The deepest feelings are often expressed in the most indifferent way.

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