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Encourage your child’s words

1. Learn easily, live easily, and be a good boy with confidence.

2. Take the long-term supplement of others, and there are learning examples everywhere in life. Everyone has a place worth emulating and learning.

3. Children, your paintings are beautiful, I believe that your words can be written more beautifully.

4. A capable little girl, you are the pride of our entire class.

5. Child, your sweet smile is really lovable! May your life be filled with joy forever!

6. Child, hard work! Thank you for your work for the class!

7. Children, stay away from the "small sloppy", OK?

8. You are a very good child, but why don't you dare to show your talents to everyone? Be brave! Baby.

9. You are a competent, well-behaved good boy, too self-willed! After correction, the teacher will like you more!

10. You insist on studying with your eyes hurt and you learn so well, the teacher is really proud of you!

11. You are a good and responsible class committee and a good helper for the teacher. The teacher really wants to say to you: "Child, hard work!"

12. This semester, you are not as prominent in all aspects as before, but the teacher believes that you have great potential and will shine like gold again. Work hard, child!

13. In fact, you are a very smart and very cute child, but this semester has been regressed in all aspects. The teacher hopes that you can correct the shortcomings as soon as possible, can you do it?

14. Use laughter to face difficulties, use tears to greet victory, and be a strong man from an early age.

15. I believe that you will become an outstanding talent with great value and generosity.

16. Remember: students are modest and you will have more friends.

17. Time is like the water in a sponge. As long as it is squeezed, it will be there.

18. Be careful and be more detailed.

19. Children, learn to use the advice and opinions of the ear to guide the action!

20. I hope that you will seize every opportunity with your heart and never give up hope of success.

21. Genius lies in accumulation, wisdom lies in diligence, don't expect luck, and plant a golden seed for the tree of success tomorrow.

22. Use your intelligence and wisdom for creation, you will have a promising future!

23. Grasp the opportunity and radiate the spark of your talent!

24. You are a responsible child and your life will be beautiful!

25. Keep your curiosity, this will be the source of your creation!

26. You like to swim in the ocean of knowledge, but to achieve success, you must work tirelessly and struggle hard!

27. “Seriously” can accompany you, and “success” can accompany you.

28. Diligent and serious, you will receive a lot of fruitful results if you are serious and practical.

29. Such a life is valuable if it is tested in adversity or difficulty.

30. Your efforts have been fully affirmed by the students and teachers. If you can seriously think about your own shortcomings and make up your mind to correct, you will be closer to your ideal goal. Child, keep working hard!

31. Efforts to start from today, success begins with “zero”.

32. Self-confidence is the first step towards success.

33. Love people with kindness and treat others with good words. Children, let us work together to create a world of love.

34. Make friends and grow knowledge.

35. Seriousness is the secret of success, carelessness is the partner of failure.

36. When you do your best, failure is great.

37. Great progress, I hope you will take it to the next level.

38. Mutual trust between classmates is invaluable.

39. You are excellent in learning, and you are the most satisfied student.

40. Be willing to make your brains smarter.

41. Self-confidence is the first step towards success.

42. Birds can only fly if they spread their wings. Children need to be more hands-on while they are brain-moving.

43. Your self-awareness and progress are gratifying to teachers and parents.

44. Be a hardworking bee, you will taste the joy of success.

45. From your innocent eyes, the teacher feels your love.

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