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Life perception phrase

1. Be kind to her friends, even if she hates people, you are not qualified to say bad things. What you have to do is to listen to her quietly. Give her comfort. Sometimes, they need to rely more, even if you are still students.

2. Don't ask her about the past, the time is up, she will tell you without reservation. If she wants to see the former, let her go, because you will not let her go, she will go. Why not be generous, but let her know that you are quite depressed.

3. Cherish the people around you, don't look at it, everyone needs stability. Even if the other party is 10 times more beautiful than your GF, you will take the initiative to approach you and give you a secret number. Please tell her seriously that you have a girlfriend!

4. She starts to take care of your life, your money, you are embarrassed, and frequently send a message asking about your location. Don't worry, she just handed it over to you, afraid to lose you.

5. Take her to where you used to go, she will be very happy inside, when you are frustrated, she will find you in the first time.

6. After the corner is formed, don't shut down, don't stroll around the street and other opposite sexes, it can only intensify the contradiction.

7. On birthday, send her strawberry cake, don't be too big, but be delicate enough to put your greasy name on the cake. Buy another big one and let her go with friends.

8. When holding hands, don't let go even if your hands are sweaty.

9. Introduce her to your best friends, including friends of the opposite sex.

10. Don't always let her call, she also needs to be valued.

11. Dress as much as possible with her taste, even if you want to improve the quality, please bring her together.

12. Don't peek at her privacy, don't guess, it's fate together, and leaving is fate.

13. If you fall out of love, don't trust the words of the rivers and lakes to drink alcohol, and the taste of spit is uncomfortable. Even if you drink, don't rush to drink tea. Tea can not only hangover, but also hurt the kidney.

14. Don't think about how to rehabilitate all day long. In addition to love, there are still many problems that need to be solved in front of you. This is a real society. Feelings cannot be eaten as a meal, and poor couples are sorrowful. Don't believe in movies, it's just a place for many strangers to express their feelings.

15. After breaking up, you can be sad, but the transition period should not be too long, because this period is excellent study and working time.

16. If you can't live lonely, wait at least half a year, or you will not only deny her, but also negate yourself.

17. When she no longer loves you, no matter how much you think about her, don't call her, because some people will remember the first one, while others will only remember the last one.

18. In a good friend, you must cultivate a confidant. Don't think that you are so slick, you are friends everywhere, and finally you are only one, believe me.

19. If her departure is a major blow, find a good hair styling design that will give you a new look.

20. Don't bother her life, she will only feel that she has seen the wrong person before, and you will despise yourself.

21. When you meet on the street, please smile at her and leave the smile to the person who hurts you the most.

22. Tell the people around you that you and her have broken up, avoiding them reporting to you, and seeing who and who is there.

23. Don't believe in constellation numerology, it is a child, and fate is in your own hands. Do you want to wait for a house or a car?

24. Your friend is best to diverge on your own, allowing a few fulcrums to connect. Don't turn your circle of friends into a tight-fitting multilateral type. You have to keep a card for yourself.

25. People who don't like to have less contact, but don't say bad things in the back, say right and wrong, must be right and wrong, remember, misfortunes.

26. You are always tolerant in your circle of friends. Please pay attention to your opinion. On the contrary, don't worry too much.

27. Make a good impression on the teacher or the leader. They won't step on your feet when you are indulging. On the contrary, they may pull you. In social, the principle is to limit stocks, and the secular is potential stocks.

28. Play less games, this is not South Korea, you can't get a house car and a woman. When I entered the university, I entered the society. This is a marathon. Beijing is now throwing a brick, and 7 or 8 graduate students are injured. Now, should you plan to do so.

29. Take the limit and do your best. What you want to think about is success, not failure. So the first thing to face difficulties is to show confidence. In addition to the encouragement of your beloved woman, this should be the most useful thing.

30. Regularly organize the desk bookcase, a good mental outlook can make you get twice the result with half the effort.

31. Learn English well. Those who say that learning English is useless can not be taken care of. They are either older, or they have already passed CET6 to prepare for the TOEFL, and they are sensational. You can not get a certificate, but you must learn.

32. It is not enough to love your profession, and the future of learning is not bright enough. Now more people value "money way"

33. Knowing what you want to do, the dormitory in the bedroom can really help you to grind your skin, to be quiet at night, to ask yourself, your future plans, and to achieve that direction.

34. Occasionally flipping through fashion magazines, girlfriends and female friends can benefit from it.

35. Try to watch A films as little as possible. Normal men, even if they are single, will not be obsessed with sensuality. Every time you SY, there will be a lot of zinc loss, which is closely related to your brain activity.

36. Stick to exercise, push-ups can exercise your chest and abdominal muscles, remember that the swim ring is a luxury that is qualified for success.

37. Take a glass of water every morning to prevent gallbladder. Do not drink water for an hour before going to bed, otherwise eye bags will appear prematurely.

38. I would rather have dark socks and less white, which will make you feel that you are not mature enough, and students and friends are free.

39. New colleagues or new friends invite you to eat, don't take it for granted, please come and talk, otherwise your reputation will become more and more stinky. Whether it is a university or a company, many stories are heard.

40. A woman with a boyfriend should not touch, even if you want onenightstand, be prepared. The consequences are the same as above, and in severe cases, there will be pain in the body.

41. A friend's woman should not touch, whether it is now or once, the consequences are the same. Be aware that men who run themselves are like running a company and building a brand culture. If you want to ask a friend, please make a hypothesis that you are a victim, and then send a short message to discuss with me.

42. Women who love fraternity don't touch. Often this woman doesn't even know what she wants. I don't think anyone wants to share her love with some adult men. Heaven is awkward, you can live, you can't live.

43. No opinion, no progress, lazy women don't touch. Even if you have money, you have money, and eventually you will be bored. Not to mention that they are all vases, not to mention the aesthetic fatigue.

44. I don’t like things, I don’t feel sad, I know it’s hard, but to be successful, this is a compulsory course.

45. Do not take all the free time to bubble BAR, read some literary works, learn some business processes, management norms, international current affairs, legal common sense. This will ensure that you have talks at any gathering.

46. ​​It is best not to smoke, it may help you to attract some girls, but you will not be bored, there are many ways to show masculinity, there is no need to make a healthy bet.

47. Set goals for yourself, one year, two years, five years, maybe you are born less well than others, and through hard work, you can often change the fate of 70 percent. Broken cans can only be friends with cowardly.

48. Finding a girlfriend's appearance is the first level, but it is not too late to understand her character.

49. Don't care about small money, people who work will regret not being good enough for their GF. Remember your important days, your conversations, girls are much more sensitive, and doing so at least proves that you value her.

50. Love her, but don't be afraid of her, you are lovers, but also friends, she does not want pets, such feelings, not long-term.

51. If she is ill, take her to the hospital. When she is afraid, she will find her where she is less likely to hold her, give her courage, help her to line up, register, and put down your sad face. The people around will only vote for her. The envious eyes will not make irresponsible remarks to you. Help you collect

52. Don't twist the lives of two people together, space is the longevity medicine of love. Don't be jealous often, no one has a friend of the opposite sex, eat it when you eat it, and let her know.

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