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1. Love is never catered. It’s true love if you can’t break it.

2. If you really love someone, you will fall into a whirlpool of incompetence. He makes you cry, let you down, even if he is standing there, you will still walk over and take his hand, involuntarily.

3. Don't miss the past too much, because it will bring you sorrow; don't think too much about the future, because it will bring you fear; live with the smile in the present, it will bring joy.

4. Sometimes I really want to forget you, just remember the world, however, I often only remember you and forget the whole world.

5. Happiness is not impossible. If we want it, it will come. It is not impossible to be alone, even if the opposite side of the moment meets, we will be satisfied.

6. Life is a sad song of a phoenix, burned to ashes, and then fly out of new life; although it is difficult, it is full of vitality and hope.

7. Sometimes, passing a completely unfamiliar town, getting off the bus, and continuing the journey, I think this is the best.

8. I will not surprise you when I come; I will not cause the sentimentality of the big name. And this strange town, the ancient streetscape, the carved corridor, went deep into the memory.

9. There must be warmth in the word of love, a duty to be willing to give up.

10. In the past, because of the smear of memories, it flashed again, like the bronze door knocker.

11. When you have no love, you want to get it. But when you lose, you would rather never get it.

12. Life and soul are the same as the air and the sea. They are all related to each other in the same limb of the Almighty.

13. "Love" is an innate ability to grow from one's body and mind to a certain period. Naturally, you must walk into the "love" world to pursue your ideal partner.

14. Love is love, even when firewood is beautiful. And the emotion that the flame burned, like a rose, but should stay in the heart.

15. Love can determine the happiness of life and the love of beauty is an adventure that is hard to find.

16. Love can be learned. Each of us is the first to bear love, and then we know how to love.

17. Everyone has a desert in their hearts, and they can get lost in the fields. Sometimes I walked in accidentally, and I had to be depressed for a few nights in the boundless sight, only to find the bustling city where we had flowers and grass.

18. Love is not carried by the bus, there is no station at all.

19. Love, although I have not really tasted its bitterness, I have a romantic and stubborn concept towards it.

20. Love must be sympathetic, and unilateral love can't satisfy me anyway, and loves you.

21. Life is like this, with people you love and people who love you, things you like and things you need to do, people who care about you and people you care about.

22. When you have truly loved someone, you will never treat another person in the same way and in the same mood.

23. When a happy party is exhibiting love, one must have a wound in the dark.

24. There must be at least two impulses in one life, one for unrequited love, and one for walking.

25. The reality of love kills all childishness and pretends to be obsessive and innocent. In the face of reality, thinking about it will lead to a situation without a clue.

26. Just walking around like this, a touch of forgetting. At the intersection of love, if you think about it, you will be tired. If you walk, you will be fine.

27. Everyone in the heart will be destined to be a passer-by. The moment the meteor passes, the beautiful fireworks will be polished, and when she wakes up, she will feel beautiful.

28. Life is like climbing a mountain. Some people go straight to the target and quickly reach the end, but ignore the beautiful scenery on the way.

29. Humans can learn at least three virtues from a tree: look up at the sky and the clouds; learn to stand still; know how to say nothing.

30. Behind the scenery is not vicissitudes, it is dirty.

31. I can only watch the last bus of happiness go away - not that I didn't catch up, but I couldn't squeeze it at all.

32. The princess's innocence is written on the face, and the witch's affection is planted in the heart.

33. At the end of the road, it is still the road, as long as you are willing to go.

34. If you wait for someone to break you from outside, then you are destined to be someone else's food; if you can break yourself, then you will find that your growth is equivalent to a rebirth!

35. Lying on a sunflower, even if depressed, can move towards the sun.

36. Those who are hated are not suffering; those who hate are scarred.

37. Growing up is to understand that many things can't follow you, but try to make things the last thing you want in the most appropriate way.

38. Always remember to be good to yourself, because no one will ever be more reliable than yourself.

39. After every beautiful little thing happens, you need to feel the feeling of happiness, enjoy these wonderful feelings, and then tell yourself: I am very lucky, I am very happy.

40. Love is very precious. Many people don't know how to cherish possession. Only when they lose, they see it. In fact, the most familiar one is the most precious.

41. On the road of your life, covered with love buds, there is always one that belongs to you.

42. Don't think that you can never walk through. When tomorrow becomes today, it becomes yesterday, and finally becomes a day that is no longer important in memory. We suddenly discover that we have longed to be obsessed with one person. Later, how lucky I left. .

43. We are not the only choice for the other party. If we meet, we will be better to each other.

44. Love is very strange, I care about everything, and finally I can forgive anything; my eyes are raining for her, but my heart is holding an umbrella for her.

45. When I knew that I would never see her again, I realized that I fell in love with her...

46. ​​It is not easy to fall in love with a person. After waiting for the plainness, it is not easy to stick to that promise.

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