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1. If you love you is wrong, I don't want to be right; if you are equal to not having you, I would rather be wrong for a lifetime.

2. If I am a rose, I will give you fragrance; if I am the sun, I will give you warmth; if I am a diamond, I will give you eternity; if I am your love, I will give you all of me.

3. It is my pursuit to love you for 10,000 years; it is my desire to love you for a thousand years; and kissing you once is the happiest time of my life.

4. Think of your feelings, sweetheart; love your feelings, joy and joy; hold your feelings, just like this life, willingly!

5. Tell me an address, let me go to your heart; give me a password and let me open your heart. Asking you a silly question, what should I do if I like you?

6. If I have a magic lamp, I will have three chances to make a wish. But as long as I only need one! I will make this wish: I want your countless future lives, and love you for 100,000 centuries!

7. You ask me how deep I love you. I can't say it. I only know that you have become a habit of my life. An indispensable habit. Every night, you can not eat or sleep, but you can't miss you.

8. I will always remember those days when I was with you. Happy, happy, happy, lost, sad, and painful all the days. I miss you very much, miss you very much.

9. The heart wants you to hear, love wants you to see, not afraid to admit how much you love you; when you miss you, I hope you can receive my true message!

10. I know that I can't stay with you. I know that all I can do is far away. Are you happy? Are you happy? I bless you silently.

11. Maple leaves are red, and it is time for more thoughts. I wish you blessing with the enthusiasm of maple leaf, I hope it will bring you unlimited warmth.

12. The farther apart, the deeper the thoughts; the longer it lasts, the more we miss; the long nights, when is the feeling of love?

13. I miss you, it is a beautiful sadness and sweet sorrow. In the heart, it is a kind of warmth that cannot be expressed in any language.

14. Do you know how to miss someone's taste, just like drinking a large glass of ice water and then tearing it into tears for a long, long time.

15. If it is not because I love you, how can I still sleep late at night, every thought is about you, I miss you, miss you!

16. There is a kind of pain that I dare not see. This kind of love is still buried in my heart, and I am thinking more and more about you. I can only put you in my heart.

17. I really like you. I see you every day and hear your voice. I am very satisfied. I feel very happy and happy with you.

18. If you want to come and think about it, you can't think of the reason that you don't want to be like you, so you have to continue to think of you; you can't turn to care for you, so you should continue to care about you; you can't talk around you. Your topic, so only continue to put you in your heart; it seems that you are all looking at you, so you can't leave you alone; you can't walk out of your sight when you walk around, so you have to stay in place and wait for you. !

19. The world is really small. It seems that when I turn around, I don’t know who I will meet. The world is really big. It seems that when I turn around, I don’t know who will disappear.

20. Some love, we don't know when we are young; when we know, we are no longer young.

21. Maybe a little farther away from that person, but a tolerance for yourself.

22. You are a cloud in the sky, occasionally throwing into my heart, you won't care, and I will collect it for a lifetime.

23. When love is not perfect, I would rather choose no regrets, no matter how beautiful I am, I can't lose the memory of this life!

24. The world of OICQ is an eternal and beautiful world. In this clear and vague world, I met you. You come gently, with deep eyes, you walked to my side and stepped into my heart. Love says that you are always very memorable when you laugh. So, you become a companion in my OICQ world. Every time I go online, I see your presence, which makes me feel very excited. Every time, we always have a topic that can't be finished, and we can't finish the story. From learning to life, from life to each other's emotional world... You said that we are friends for a lifetime, I laughed. I found myself slowly falling in love with you.

25. You never gave me a look back, but I always smiled at you.

26. Everlasting beauty is in our memory; eternal happiness is in our hands; permanent vows are in our hearts. The eternal life of eternal life is today!

27. I know now that you don't know a person and you can love him. I understand now that you don't love someone, you can miss him!

28. There is always a moment when you will admit to escaping. There is always a moment when I will admit that I am missing. There is always a moment when you will admit that those who don’t care, wait, be strong, smile, are just hidden weapons.

29. Missing makes me mature, miss makes me hope, miss makes me intoxicated, miss makes me fantasies, but miss is better than seeing...

30. When you are gone, what is left to me is endless thoughts. But even if you can't see you again, it's enough to have this true affection.

31. Lonely night, you and me, Acacia, cold wind, I am embracing you. May we always love each other! I don't think I love you enough, because I can only love you 24 hours a day.

32. I feel very lonely, except when I am with you, because I love you! I am afraid of electric shock when I see you; I don’t see you, I need to charge; without you, I think I will lose power.

33. Open your eyes, there are 2 of you in my eyes; bring glasses, there are 4 in my eyes; close your eyes, there are countless you in my eyes.

34. Chun Xin Mo has a total of flowers, one inch of Acacia and one inch of gray----Li Shangyin

35. Affectionate only the Spring Court, it is still a flower. - "People" ---- Zhang Yi----

36. The princes and pearls have tears, and they hate to meet each other when they are not married----Zhang Ji

37. Tears can be traced to the end, and the language is difficult to send without words----Chen Duansheng

38. If the two sentiments are long, they are squatting in the dynasty. ——Qin Guan

39. Linglongzi Anhongdou, I don’t know if I’m in the bones?-《杨柳枝》 ---- Wen Tingjun----

40. Falling red is not a ruthless thing, turning it into a spring mud and protecting flowers----Gong Zizhen

41. I am afraid of lovesickness, have thoughts, and it is the turn of Acacia to make a speech. ----Yu Yan----

42. I will not think about each other in my life, and I will be able to think about each other. "Folding Guiling" ---- Xu Zaisi----

43. After the desolation, the two should be the same, the most unsatisfactory. The log about love, "The Beauty" ---- Nalan Xingde----

44. People enter the river like the wind, and it feels like rain and sticky. - "Yu Louchun" ---- Zhou Bangyan----

45. Life is full of love, this hate does not close the wind and the moon----Ouyang Xiu

46. ​​There is no colorful phoenix flying wings, and the heart has a glimpse. - Li Shangyin

47. I used to go to Yang, Yiliu Yiyi. Today I come to think, rain and snow dawn to see the sky, look at the clouds, and also think about the king, sit and think. ----唐寅----

48. What do you know about each other? This night is hard to say. ----Li Bai----

49. Acacia one night, how much, the corner of the earth is not long. - Missing the lover's verse "Swallows House" ---- Zhang Zhongsu's verses of Acacia -----

50. I also want to be free of thoughts. After careful consideration, I would like to think about each other! ----Zhao Biyu----

51. How can a flowering tree let you meet me? For this time in my most beautiful moment, I have asked for five hundred years before the Buddha, asking him to let us make a dusty edge. ——Xi Murong

52. The belt gradually widened and did not regret it. ——Liu Yong

53. There are beautiful people, seeing them, not seeing them in a day, thinking like crazy. Missing poem "Feng Qiu Huang Qinqin"

54. Once the sea was difficult for water, except Wushan was not a cloud - Yuan Zhen

55. This time I left you, it was the wind, the rain, the night; you smiled, I waved my hand, and a lonely road spread to both ends. "Farewell". ----Zheng Yuyu----

56. It’s no good to have a straight love, but it’s not crazy. "Untitled Six First Three" ---- Li Shangyin----

57. The most sad thoughts of the verse: the flower drifts from the water, a kind of lovesickness, two leisure, this situation can not be eliminated, only the brow is on the head. "Yuemanxi Building" ----Li Qingzhao----

58. The most painful verse: ruthlessness does not seem to be a bitter, and an inch is still tens of millions. - "Yulou Spring" ----晏殊-

59. Entering my Acacia door, I know that I am bitter, long-lasting, long-lasting, and short-lived. ----Li Bai----

60. Ten years of life and death, not thinking, unforgettable. --Su Shi

61. Death and life are broad, and Zicheng said. Hold the hand, and the old man. - "Book of Songs"

62. He was born with love and love, and there was no love in the world. "Reduce the word 浣溪沙" ---- condition Zhou Yi.

63. It’s not old, it’s hard to beat. Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot. - Zhang Xian

64. When there is a poverty in the horizon, there is only a lot of love. "Yulou Spring" ----晏殊----

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