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Classic talk mood phrase

1. God abandons us but wants to give the bleak moon to illuminate the world for our endless and ruthless reproduction.

2. We can control our own destiny, but if we are subject to people, we are not in fate, but in ourselves.

3. You told me to live well, and the road to go well, I should go there, all bricks.

4. I can't run, I use it. Can't walk, I used to climb. Can't climb, I use rolling!

5. Sleeping is an art that can't stop me from pursuing art!

6. I am always by your side. Never give up. Until the time you loved me.

7. Iron cock will leave some rust, you are a stainless steel cock!

8. Live your life indifferently, don't bombard the columns, just ask for peace of mind.

9. Life is desperate, just add a little light to the point, it is a fantasy

10. Sometimes silence can cover everything, sometimes silence will often make you lose everything.

11. You and I have a sentence without a word, I really can’t imagine that we are a pair of lovers.

12. I allow you to walk around in my world, but I am not allowed to run around in my world.

13. I finally understand the meaning of time, you can forget me but can't let me forget you.

14. Dear, if my world doesn't have you, everything will become so illusory.

15. Perhaps we have no fate, God likes us together, and takes us apart!

16. Is it silly to leave you? Is it wrong? It is weak to see if it is weak. The result is whether love is hate or what.

17. I finally saw you, but I can’t be happy at all. Maybe because she is.

18. In fact, we have no choice but to choose a different road or not to go back and wait.

19. I am the thick, I don’t know, I’m stupid, I’m stupid.

20. Who is the dawn of my life, slowly illuminating my entire life. I'm waiting.

21. Who is not in the middle of the night is not because you miss you, just think about how you can not miss you.

22. I always think that I am already very good. I still can't compare with her in your heart.

23. One leaf blooms and one pursues, one flower blooms in one world, and one life is a person.

24. I am just very sad, I am just being caught by memories, I can't get away.

25. Love is very thin, but we all have to live by its fragrance.

26. I used to share all my secrets with you, but now, you are the deepest secret in my heart.

27. Although I am very happy, I am very happy. But there will always be a person's name that makes my smile come to an abrupt end.

28. Without a hysterical sadness, there was a smile.

29. I won't think of you again, I won't even give you hate.

30. You still have dreams, you still have pain, and you remember how heavy you are.

31. There will always be a tear that will make us mature instantly.

32. For the sake of giving up all of you, you only said one sentence.

33. How intimately implanted bone marrow can become a cold indifference in the future.

34. At least one heartbreaking secret is hidden behind each single person.

35. The water is deep, and the songs are sung, such as beautiful flowers, only the feeling of a review, so that I often think of the future.

36. Things that are useless, don’t buy them cheaply; people who don’t love, don’t rely on loneliness.

37. I finally understand why people's faces, when they think of love, the lonely eyes turn red.

38. I don’t know how to love him deeply, but there will be no more people like him to make me fall in love.

39. What I am afraid of is that even if I run with all my strength, I can't run you there.

40. Whether you love only that piece of memory, and you are not willing to lose.

41. The most lonely thing is no longer no one is with you, but no one lives in your heart.

42. I like to see everyone’s smile, but I’m scared, seeing you behind your smile.

43. I abandon all pride and self-respect to love you, just exchange for one sentence: Sorry, I don't like you.

44. Don't let our love become a memory. If you want to leave, don't forget my name,

45. Maybe a person can only smile when he is really helpless.

46. ​​◇◆ For the rest of my life, I want to be your tooth, even if I am uncomfortable, you will also suffer.

47. The so-called love. It is when you feel. After the enthusiasm and romance were taken off. You still cherish each other.

48. When you turn around, you want to say that I wish you happiness, but I can't say it.

49. Those who win me may not be forever, and those who lose me will never lose. Pay attention to your behavior.

50. I used to be stunned by love, but now I will not be as stupid as I used to be.

51. Why do we love, only I pay alone. And you just got it?

52. You like me because I am a good person. But you love her. Even if she is the wrong person.

53. Step on the pain you gave, and one day, you said to me, you regret it!

54. I have forgotten all the past, as I have never loved you, I am completely ruthless to you.

55. It will be fine if the joint entrance exam is over, so I will not meet again. I hope that I will not meet again in the future.

56. Pointing to the heart: You have been here all the time, no matter what we are now.

57. I want to cry a lot. But the tears came to the corner of my eye but could not fall.

58. What do you do when you love me when you love me, what do you call me when you don’t love you?

59. If you are happy, you have to start to be alone. If you are, you would rather be alone.

60. I want to accompany you to watch the sunrise. I want to accompany you to watch the sunset. I want to accompany you to see the world.

61. When I love you, what do you say? When I don't love you, you say what you are.

62. Although the road ahead is hard to walk, I would rather go down with a smile and not cry and regret.

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