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1. A person with a new idea is a weird before his idea is realized.

2. The only obstacle to achieving tomorrow's ideals is today's doubts.

3. If a purpose is justified and must be done, then the necessary means to achieve this goal are justified and must be taken.

4. As long as one is still pursuing, he is not old. He was old until he regretted replacing his dream. ------ American actor Barry Moore J

5. Young people, love the ideal, and respect the ideal. The ideal is the language of God. Above all nations and all mankind, it is the kingdom of the spirit and the home of the soul. ------ Italian politician Mazzini

6. There is always a shadow between ideal and reality, between motivation and behavior. ------ English national poet and critic Elliot T

7. Don't give up on what you were determined to achieve just because of one failure. ------ British playwright Shakespeare W

8. Don't give up on your fantasies. When fantasy does not exist, you can still survive, but you are still alive. ----- Mark Twain, American writer

9. Life should set goals, otherwise your energy will be wasted. ------ American jurist Podés R

10. I want to reveal the secrets of nature for the benefit of mankind. I think that in our short life, the best contribution is nothing more than this. ------ American inventor Thomas Edison

11. If you are not good, you can't be far away; if you are not big, you can't see it. ——Wang Chong is quoted from “On Balance, Biography”

12. The old man is in a hurry and is aiming for a thousand miles;

13. The martyrs have a good year. ——Cao Cao quoted from “Stepping out Xia Menxing·Turtle Although Life”

14. The world is full of worries and worries, and the world is happy. - Fan Zhongyan quoted from "Yueyang Tower"

15. Determined to be unswerving and successful. - Zhang Xiaoxiang quoted from "On the body of the body, Jia Shen February 9"

16. Wealth cannot be lascivious, inferiority cannot be moved, and mightyness cannot be bent. ——Meng Yu cited from "The Mencius Teng Wengong"

17. If you don't climb the mountains, you don't know how big the sky is; you don't know the depths of the valley. ——荀荀

18. The sea is full of rivers and rivers. Standing on the wall, no desire is just. - Lin Zexu

19. I don’t want to relax, the roots are in the rock, and I’m still struggling.

20. Ren, east, south and north winds. ——Zheng Banqiao quoted from Zheng Banqiao Collection

21. Life is a great person, and death is also a ghost.

22. So far, Xiang Xiang Yu, refused to cross Jiangdong. - Li Qingzhao cited from "Wujiang"

23. The human life must always make the greatest efforts, spread to the highest ideals, spread infinitely, sweep out the old organization, the stagnation of the functions, and open a new situation. - Li Dazhao quoted from "Selected Works of Li Dazhao"

24. Huge buildings are always stacked with one stone and one stone. Why can we make this wood and stone? I often do some piecemeal things. ——Lu Xun is quoted from the Complete Works of Lu Xun, Volume 10

25. The head can be broken, the limbs can be folded, and the revolutionary spirit cannot be destroyed.

26. The head of the patriot is the party, and the body of the hero is broken. - Zhou Wenzhao was quoted from "Revolutionary Martyrs Poetry"

27. The enemy can only cut our heads and never shake our faith! Because our belief in religion is the truth of the universe! - Fang Zhimin quoted from "Lovely China"

28. I can abandon everything, but I cannot abandon the party, abandon the class, and abandon the revolutionary cause. I have a life, I should work for them for a day. - Fang Zhimin quoted from "Lovely China"

29. You cannot hang up the great communism because you hanged me today! We have cultivated many comrades, like the seeds of safflower, and spread all over the place! We are convinced that communism is in the world and must be obtained in China. Glorious victory! - Li Dazhao

30. People, as long as they have a belief, have a pursuit, what can be tolerated, and what environment can adapt. - Ding Ling

31. The ideal is like the stars in the sky. We are like sailors. Although we can't reach the sky, our voyage can be guided by it. ------ American politician Schultz

32. Ideal means a beacon. There is no ideal, no firm direction; no direction, no life. ------ Russian writer Tolstoy L

33. Winter is coming, will spring be far behind? ------ British poet Shelley PB

34. If you don't doubt yourself, your foothold is really not stable. ------ Norwegian playwright Ibsen

35. If you want to go to a height, use your own two legs! Don't let someone else lift you up; don't sit on someone else's back and head. ------ German philosopher Nietzsche FW

36. In order to hit a target, the aim must be slightly higher than the target, because the arrow of the string is affected by gravity. ------ British poet Longfellow

37. Imagine a way that is not a hole in the wind and cannot be separated from the actual situation. ------ British philosopher and mathematician Whitehead AN

38. Imagine enabling people to observe a new world sensibly, and imagining can keep people enthusiasm for life by implying satisfactory goals. ------ British philosopher and mathematician Whitehead AN

39. The three armed forces can win the handsome, and the husband can't be ambited. - Confucius is quoted from the Analects. Zihan

40. The happiest thing in the world is to fight for the ideal. - Socrates

41. The human mind needs ideals more than materials. - Hugo

42. Ambition is the beginning of a noble behavior. - Moglich

43. In the ideal world of the best, everything is for the best purpose. - Voltaire

44. The more noble a person’s ideal is, the purer his life is. - Vonich

45. If people’s activities are not inspired by ideals, they will become empty and small. - Chernyshevsky

46. ​​The ideal ambition of a person is often proportional to his ability. ——Johnson

47. I would rather be the most insignificant person in human beings who have dreams and desire to fulfill their dreams, rather than being the greatest, dreamless, and unwishful. - Gibran

48. The past belongs to the god of death, and the future belongs to oneself. - Shelley

49. If there is no ideal encouragement, human activities will become empty and small--Chernyshevsky

50. Everyone has a certain ideal that determines his direction of effort and judgment. In this sense, I never regard ease and happiness as the purpose of life itself - this ethical foundation, I call it the ideal of the pig pen - Einstein

51. Don't give up what you were determined to achieve just because of one failure. Don't give up on your fantasies. When the illusion is gone, you can still survive, but you are still alive.

52. I want to reveal the secrets of nature for the benefit of mankind. I think that in our short life, the best contribution is nothing more than this. Ideal is the road light. Without ideals, there is no firm direction; without direction, there is no life.

53. Winter is coming, will spring be far behind?

54. If you doubt yourself, then your foothold is really not stable. If you want to go up high, use your own two legs! Don't let others lift you up; don't sit on someone else's back and head.

55. It is at our mother's lap that we have acquired our noblest, most sincere and most ambitious ideals, but there is very little money in them. Life without a goal is like sailing without a compass.

56. Some ideals have led the way for us and have given me new courage to face life with joy. Those ideals are true, good and beautiful.

57. The important thing in life is to set a great goal and resolve to achieve it.

58. A person with a very fulfilling spiritual life must be a very ideal person. He must be a noble person. He must be a person who only acts as a material master and not as a material slave. - Tao Zhu cited from "Ideal, Sentiment, Spiritual Life"

59. If life is compared to leverage, belief is like its “fulcrum”. With this appropriate fulcrum, it can become a powerful person. - Bo Yibo quoted from "Speech Young Friends"

60. The ideal of revolution is not a dispensable item, but a driving force for one's life. With an ideal, it is equal to having a soul. ——Wu Yunyu

61. If we need to sacrifice for the ideal of communism, each of us should and can do it – the face does not change color and the heart does not jump. - Ouyang Hai

62. Life is alive and career is a priority. There is still a breath, and I will never let go.

63. The east wind is gaining momentum and the times are updating. At this time, I will go forward bravely. ——Wu Yuzhang

64. Spring silkworms go to the dead silk, and life is not endless.

65. It is necessary to work hard to survive and stay in the good old age. ——Wu Yuzhang

66. We are the world's largest idealists! We are the world's largest activists! We are the world's largest combination of ideals and actions. ——Chen Yi quoted from “Gift Comrade Guo Moruo”

67. If unfortunate, Yuner gave it to you, and hoped that the education would follow the footsteps of parents to build the new China and fight for communism. Children should never be fed, and rough tea is enough. ——Jiang Jie

68. In order to truly make a name for yourself in the career, the first thing is to have a strong sense of professionalism and the superhuman strength and surprising excitement generated by this kind of career. ——Yuan Weimin

69. Individual interests should obey and serve the revolutionary cause and the country’s socialist construction cause. If you leave your career to emphasize individual interests in isolation, you will lack the correct purpose. It is not easy to get encouragement from many aspects, it is not easy to stimulate lasting and tenacious confidence, and ultimately there will be no outstanding achievements. - Guo Moruo

70. Enthusiasm, like a blazing flame, is the driving force of everything. With great enthusiasm, great action can be taken. However, if there is no revolutionary reason, it will lose direction and become blind action. If you combine passion and reason, you will be invincible. ——Wang Ruofei

71. Aspirations, work and success are the three main elements of human activity. Aspirations are the door to career, and work is a journey into the room. At the end of this journey, there are successes waiting to celebrate the results of your efforts. ----- Pasteur

72. We can't live with the grass and rot, we can't be drunk and dream, die life, and make a difference. ----- Fang Zhimin

73. Originally, life was only once, and it was precious to anyone. But if his life melted into the public, if he was doing something for the world every day, then he would always grow, even though aging is still a disease. Can't escape, but his career---the cause of the masses is not dead. ----- Lu Xun

74. The stone can be broken, and it can't be won. Dan can also wear it. ----- "Lv Spring and Autumn"

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