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1. Life is not in the long and short life, but in the morning and evening of the epiphany. Life is not used to correct the right and wrong of others, but to practice their wonderful life!

2. Happiness is a profound thing, and it should be slowly engraved on the heart of bronze.

3. True happiness comes not from wealth or honor, but from doing something worth doing.

4. The true meaning of happiness is to develop good habits to store health. Indulgence of bad habits is an overdraft of life. Those who excuse the time to go to fitness, will sooner or later make time to see a doctor!

5. Diligence is a healthy panacea. Happiness is a great medicine for longevity. Exercise is a healthy investment. Longevity is a gift of fitness!

6. Nursing the heart will make the body adjust, exercise can make the spirit rest, health should have an open-minded optimism, fitness needs a tenacious will!

7. Wealth and fame and fortune will not be equal. Time is fair to people. You have Jinshan Yinshan. It is not necessarily the life of Nanshan. He is a thick tea and will be happy for a hundred years!

8. The three-layer single can't reach a layer of cotton. The good coat can't resist the beauty. When you are young, you should be beautiful. When you are old, you can rely on healthy beauty and inner life. It is a long life!

9. Happiness makes people physically ill and has no heart.

10. Laughter brings sweetness to life, making it as fragrant as the flowers in the rose garden.

11. The greatest happiness of all happiness exists in the meditation of the truth. - Aquinas

12. The so-called happiness refers to the painlessness of the body and the undisturbedness of the soul. - Epicurus

13. The true joy of life is to be able to contribute to a cause, and realize that it is a great cause. - Shaw

14. The greatest happiness in life is not in possession, but in the process of pursuing what. - Banting

15. All the joys of life are the joy of creation: love, genius, action – all by the creation of this group of fires. -Roman Roland

16. Everyone who lives in life will have joy in his life, but he will lose his age in sorrow, and his anger will be lost. There is nowhere in sorrow and anger. Love is quiet, in the face of chaos, do not lead to do not destroy, blessing will return. - Guan Zhong

17. The so-called inner happiness is the happiness that a person feels when he lives a healthy, normal, harmonious life. -Roman Roland

18. When we love others, life is beautiful and happy. --Leo Tolstoy

19. When you are happy, friends will know us; when you are in trouble, we will know friends. - Collins

20. Family harmony is the happiest thing in life. - Goethe

21. No one can feel deeper sorrow and decline than someone who laughs too much. - Rickett

22. A person becomes himself, and that is the culmination of happiness. ——Desidu Erasmus

23. Happiness is like perfume, not on others, but on yourself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

24. The so-called happiness refers to the painlessness of the body and the undisturbedness of the soul. - Epicurus

25. Sadness can be cooked by yourself. If you want to fully understand the taste, you need someone to share it. --Mark Twain

26. The secret of happiness is to let interest expand as much as possible, and respond to people as much as possible with good intentions rather than malicious interests. - Roland

27. Everyone has an ideal paradise for everyone, a world that they are happy to enjoy, and pursue in the direction they are willing to pursue. It is the road of your life, you don't have to complain about the environment, and you don't have to envy others. - Roland

28. If one can let himself maintain a pure heart like a child, do things with optimism, treat people with kindness, and be fair and frank, his life must be much more happy than others. - Roland

29. Happiness is a state of mind that has nothing to do with wealth, age and the environment.

30. How can I be happy? Abandon hatred, stay away from troubles, live simple, indifferent to fame and fortune, stand alone for others, smile and open, and have love in my heart.

31. True happiness is intrinsic, and it can only be found in the human mind. - Bremer

32. There are no cosmetics in the world that are more beautiful than happiness. - Breton

33. Only faith makes happiness true. ——Montaigne

34. The greatest happiness in life is to be committed to a goal that I consider to be great. - Shaw

35. The greatest happiness in life is not in possession, but in the process of pursuing what. - Bunsen

36. Laughter is a sedative with no side effects. - Grasso

37. Happiness is not inherently bad, but some happy producers bring many times more trouble than happiness. - Epicurus

38. There is no such thing as happiness without any trouble. - Foley

39. Doing good is the only action that is truly happy in life. - Sidney

40. Happiness is the greatest thing in life! - Gorky

41. Happiness allows life to continue. Happiness is the vitality of the spirit and the body. It is the hope and the faith. It is the confidence of the present and the coming, and the confidence that everything should be done. - Gogol

42. Happiness lies not in things but in ourselves. - Richard Wagner

43. People need to be happy, just like they need clothes. - Margaret Collier Graham

44. You can create more happiness to fill up the time, and you can live with time to accompany you. - Wen Yiduo

45. Is it better to allow children to be happy in their own way? - Sey Johnson

46. ​​Happiness and suffering never come to a person at the same time, but if you pursue one of them and experience it, you almost always have to experience the other, they are like two under the command of the same brain. The same as the body. - Plato

47. All people have happiness and happiness as their purpose; no exception, no matter how different the methods they use, everyone is moving towards the same goal. - Pascal

48. Everyone has a certain ideal that determines his direction of effort and judgment. In this sense, I never regard ease and happiness as the purpose of life itself - this ethical foundation, I call it the ideal of the pig pen. - Einstein

49. The brightest festive flame is probably ignited by an unexpected spark. The fragrant flowers from time to time on the road of life are also naturally grown by accidentally falling seeds. - Sey Johnson

50. The happiest people seem to be those who are happy without special reasons. They are happy only because they are happy. ——William Ralph Inge

51. I have never regarded ease and happiness as the purpose of life itself - this ethical foundation, I call it the ideal of a pig pen. - Einstein

52. The happiness of the home is the ultimate goal of all ambitions; it is the end of all the hard work of the cause. - Sey John Johnson

53. For those who are filled with happiness, all the processes are wonderful. - Rosalind de Cassio

54. A person with real talents will feel the highest level of happiness in the course of his work. - Goethe

55. The real laugh is to be optimistic about life, happy about work, and excited about career. - Einstein

56. Laughing is a symbol of love, a source of happiness, a medium to be close to others. With laughter, human feelings are communicated. - Shelley

57. Staying happy, you will do well, be more successful, healthier, and be more kind to others. - Maxwell Maltz

58. Some people say that the best way to make yourself happy is to make others happy first.

59. Happiness is a by-product of success.

60. Every day, like a headless fly, looking for happy people, there is always nothing. The reason is that happiness is not omnipresent, but it depends on oneself to make it. Available online.

61. In the noisy urban jungle, you are almost not happy. At this point, you may wish to take a short walk to the country. Breathe in the fresh air, smell the aroma of the earth, look at the green earth, listen to the sonatas of nature - hum, birds, streams... you will have a different feeling.

62. If we just want to pursue personal happiness, this desire is easy to achieve; but if we want to be happy than others, it is too difficult, because we always think that others are more happy than us.

63. There is nothing wrong with it, nothing to lose money, no shortage of health, health is not everything, no health, nothing!

64. Senior officials are not as good as Gaozhi, Gaozhi is not as good as high salary, high salary is not as good as high life, and high life is not as happy! Not afraid of low treatment, they are afraid of returning to the West. Not afraid of making less money, they are afraid to go early!

65. Nothing can be bad, mood can not be bad; nothing can be lacking, self-confidence can not be lacking; nothing can be, happy can not be; anything can be forgotten, every day fitness can not be forgotten!

66. Choosing a career can make a lifetime, choosing a friend can be a smart life, choosing the right environment for a lifetime, choosing a partner can be a happy life, and choosing a lifestyle can be a healthy life!

67. Happiness is a feeling from the heart, a clear and clear inner feeling.

68. Three things that are extremely important in life: treating the world with a tolerant heart, treating life; creating a world with a happy heart, changing life; feeling the world with gratitude, feeling life!

69. Pedestrians full of joy and fighting spirit, always with happiness, welcome thunder and sunshine...

70. Be kind to yourself, be very happy, be kind to others, be very happy, be kind to life, and be very healthy!

71. Life is only 30,000 days. Success and failure are calm, and you are not worried. Health and happiness are the most valuable!

72. The rebuilding of the house is also a temporary residence. Only the small wooden raft is a permanent home. Therefore, the width of the house is not as wide as the heart, and the body is not as good as the peace of mind!

73. The biggest mistake in life is to exchange health for the things outside of the body. The greatest sorrow in life is to exchange life for personal troubles, the greatest waste of life, and to solve the troubles of self-made with life!

74. A wise man can understand, a savvy person can see it right, a wise man can see far, a wise man's voice is a fool's direction. If you can't give up the ignorance of the past, you can't walk into the temple of wisdom, treat health, and prejudice is more terrible than ignorance. !

75. Happiness is a great medicine for longevity. Diligence is a healthy spirituality. Exercise is a healthy investment. Longevity is the reward of fitness.

76. The way of happiness is to make your interests as broad as possible, and to respond to people and things that are of interest, do not react hostilely, and do a friendly response.

77. Selfish people are often unhappy because they protect their own character and confidence even if they protect their interests and safety.

78. Action does not necessarily bring happiness, but without action there is certainly no happiness.

79. Smart people laugh at fools, fools laugh at smart people, and both sides feel equally happy.

80. If you are dissatisfied with everything you have, you will not be happy when you have more.

81. Fame and fortune can only bring us short-lived happiness; only a calm mind and love for work can bring us eternal joy.

82. To be happy, not to increase wealth, but to reduce desire.

83. Selfish people can never find happiness.

84. Happiness is a precious resource that cannot be enjoyed but not discovered.

85. Busy people are often the happiest people because he doesn't have time to think that he is not happy.

86. Some people say that the best way to make yourself happy is to make others happy first.

87. Love yourself will only make us more lonely, and loving others will make us happier.

88. Happiness is like a butterfly. If you reach out and catch it, it will often fail; but if you sit quietly, it will stop on you.

89. If happiness can be bought with money, most people will be unhappy because the price is too expensive.

90. People who never know how to be grateful can never experience the true meaning of happiness.

91. How can I be happy? Abandon hatred, stay away from troubles, live simple, indifferent to fame and fortune, stand alone for others, smile and open, and have love in my heart.

92. In order to find happiness, you have traveled all over the world and never seen it. In fact, as long as you have a contented heart, happiness is on you.

93. If you want to be happy, don't let yourself be languid.

94. A healthy body with bad memories will make us live happier.

95. When the sun shines into the window every day, I am happy; when I have a hard time thinking about solving problems, I am happy; when I see others showing my smile because of my help, I am happy. I am a person who loves to create happiness, happiness, and will flow because of me or you.

96. Happiness is like a breeze, blowing away the dark clouds that hang over people's minds; happiness is like wine, the longer it is brewed, the more fragrant the taste is; the happiness is like a creek, only when it flows into the sea, it can feel its own existence; happiness is like a drink, once opened There is a seductive bleakness.

97. Happiness is like a glass of water. It is so simple that it can be seen everywhere around us, but sometimes we often ignore its existence. There is no reason for happiness. We can't change the weather, but we can change our mood and make ourselves happy. It is the best way to be kind to ourselves. Sometimes we don't need to stick to other people's words, maybe they just have no intention to affect our mood, so when others misunderstand you or laugh at you, then raise your head and smile, it is the best way to fight back.

98. Happiness is always accompanied by generous people. Wealth is always accompanied by honest people. Wisdom is always accompanied by noble people. Charisma is always accompanied by humorous people. Health is always accompanied by open-minded people!

99. The cause does not need to be shocking, there are achievements; money does not need to be incomplete, enough to spend; friends do not have to shape, think about it; children do not need more and less, filial piety; life is not over 100 years old, health is OK!

100. No friend is worse than health. No enemy is more likely to be sick. Instead of crying for illness, it is better to add energy to life!

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