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Blessing phrase

1. Send you a New Year's greeting flower. When you ignite, you will have your good fortune, sweet love, happy family, brilliant career, happy life, happy life, good luck, happy life! Happy New Year!

2. Home and 睦, people like fairy, swaying away from the world; wine as a song, song flick, children and grandchildren full of flowers; flowers beautiful, clear water, the sun and the moon chasing the clouds; dreams come true, Fu Luquan, happy every day! The Year of the Rabbit is happier!

3. Sweep away the fatigue and dust of the year, let us work together in the new year! I hope that everything will go well! The Spring Festival, good luck!

4. A pound of peanuts, two pounds of jujube, good luck often run with you; three pounds of apples, four pounds of pears, auspicious and you are not separated; five pounds of oranges and six pounds of bananas, financial resources rolled into your pockets; seven pounds of grapes eight pounds of orange, may you I want to think about things; nine pounds of mango ten pounds of melon, I hope you will bloom every day.

5. If one day, you are too tired, as long as you turn around, my blessing is by your side! No matter how far away, no matter how many years, I wish this blessing will become a starry, flashing every day of your life! happy New Year!

6. Spring Festival Banquet, green wine, a song, and then Chen Sanyuan. One wished that Lang Jun was a thousand years old, and two would like to be healthy. The three wishes are like Liang Shangyan, who often meets at the age of one.

7. The New Year's bell has not yet sounded, my blessing has arrived early, I wish the New Year a good mood, I wish my work is going up early, I wish my three troubles to scare away four happy days until I am old, and I wish you a happy birthday. .

8. I take out a coin to throw it. If you face up, you will be happy for a lifetime, and if you face up, you will be happy. But it is standing up! God said that there is no way, let you be happy forever!

9. 2011 A Ruiqi, two gas 雍 and, Samsung arches, four seasons safe, five-star high-light, six animals thriving, in short, happy new year, all the best!

10. I wish you a healthy and safe life, a full and full life, a rising career, a sunny day, a fortune, a happy family, and a happy New Year!

11. I am afraid that starting tomorrow night, I will book you the first sunshine of the New Year, Happy New Year! Book the first morning breeze, and wish you all the best! Book the first bird song, and think about it!

12. May the bell of the New Year ring the happy notes in your heart, luck and peace, such as the footsteps of spring! Spring flowers and autumn, I will always be with you! May the Happy New Year of the Rabbit!

13. New Year surprises you, promises you one: want money? Yes; want beauty? Yes; want success? Yes. As long as you are willing to pay, your wishes will come true. Valid for a lifetime. Hurry up!

14. It takes three seconds for the stars to fall, one day for the moon to rise, one year for the earth to revolve, one twenty-four hours for a person, and one person for a lifetime, but one heartfelt blessing is only one second: Happy Year of the Rabbit!

15. Legend has it that lavender has four green leaves: the first leaf is faith, the second leaf is hope, the third leaf is love, and the fourth leaf is lucky. Send you a lavender, wish you a happy new year!

16. Please forget the trouble in one second, think about the New Year in one minute, spend the hour with your lover, and use a smile to exchange the blessings I gave you in advance when the old and the new alternate!

17. Love is two occluded gears that will last forever as long as they meet specifications. On the first day of the new year, I want to say that you are the gear that I have been looking for in my life. If I change things, I will bite with you and turn to the end of my life.

18. The ancients have been sweeping the dust for the New Year. May you also sweep away the dust of the year. I wish you a happy year in the Spring Festival!

19. A little more happiness, less trouble! When you are tired, go to sleep, wake up and smile! What is the taste of life, put your own seasoning, and receive my message, smile and smile! Happy New Year of the Rabbit!

20. There is no need for a career to be successful. Friendship does not need to say riddles, just think about it. Money doesn't have to be exhausted, it's enough. Life does not have to be over a hundred years old, and health is enough. Friends don't have to have much, you can do it. Good friends wish you a happy new year!

21. You add me equal to happiness! I add him equal to happiness! He adds you equal to health! You add me plus his happiness, happiness and health together to give you! Happy New Year!

22. The firecrackers rang a golden tens of thousands. The fireworks put on the children's full house, and the rice cakes were raised in a steaming position. The blessings were so affixed, the blessings and wealth were flourishing, and I wish you a happy new year! Happy and happy!

23. The mood of the United States and the United States is still bubbling, the lazy Erlang legs are still high, the happy tone is still screaming, the feeling of the New Year is still in the pottery, and the lovely holiday has sounded the assembly number. Oh, don't sneer. Get up the endorsement!

24. Spring Festival arrives, early in the morning: a good worship for the whole family; less difficulties for the second worship; troubles for the three worships; four worships are not old; five worship children are filial; six worships happiness; seven worships sorrows; eight worships are high; Worship the hood; ten happy.

25. The newsletter will become delicious, the text will open a rose, and the mutual transmission is a date. The perusal is to understand the loneliness, not to drink, to blame one person for not being drunk, in the world, only friends are the most precious! Daji.

26. Let the wind blow away your melancholy, let the rain wash away your troubles, let the moon bring you warmth, let the sunshine bring you happiness, let me give you unlimited blessings, may you be happy every day! Wish Happy New Year of the Rabbit !

27. May all your troubles be cut off by the diodes, happiness is amplified by the triodes, the shackles in life are rectified by the voltage regulator, all the happiness is integrated by the loved chip, stored by the capacitor of life, undamped oscillation with your life. Happy New Year!

28. Silently miss deeply, quietly bless the truest, silently miss the hardships, silently care forever, waiting for the Spring Festival silently, silently wishing the Spring Festival a happy, reunion, joy!

29. May you be happy every day, 365 days a year, 8760 hours a day, 5256,000 points, and 3,1536,000 seconds.

30. Blessings and blessings are many blessings. Blessings are blessings with unlimited blessings. Blessings and blessings are the starting point of blessings. Blessings are the only blessings, blessing you, happy and happy New Year!

31. Welcome to the Spring Festival, Yulong Tubao Qingji Day; Lucky Fortune, Jinfeng contains the New Year of the Pearl! My friend, I wish you a happy New Year!

32. There is more water in the sea, more mountains, more spiders, more peppers, hot peppers, but also how many ghosts Laden has, how tired the United States is, in short, you are the most beautiful in the Spring Festival!

33. May luck chasing you, good things follow you, money sticks to you, nobles help you, evil things hide from you, villains around you, lover around you, family hangs you, family hangs you, God bless you, I am blessing you. happy New Year!

34. Love is arrears, love is down, the fate is not in the service area; thinking no answer, thinking is also busy, love can not be recharged; love if moving, heart is not connected, feelings can only be roaming. wish you happy everyday!

35. Day: Give you warmth; Month: Give you warmth; I: Wish you a blessing, I hope you will be as dense as the raindrops! The troubles fly like clouds, the sorrows are extinct like dinosaurs, and happiness is as sweet as honey. Happy New Year 2011!

36. Fulu Qunxiang gathers treasures, and everything is prosperous and long-lasting. The red robe is added to the world, and the masters of the Qiankun step by step, the harvest of the grain and the spring willow, and the golden jade will be full of good years. Happy New Year!

37. Winter is going to spring to bloom, a message is sent to the Quartet, the East sends you a cash cow, the South sends you Yongankang, the West sends you a good business, the North sends you a full box of money. The New Year is not worthy of luck, and it is a joy to celebrate another year.

38. You are wanted on New Year's Eve. Your crimes are: good for your friends, good loyalty; youthful faces, bright smiles. The court now rulings as follows: You will be my friend for life, and you must not protest!

39. A family and peace, happy in a year, happy and happy in life, a peaceful life, a hundred times of spirit every day, the moon and the moon are full of joy, and the annual financial resources are wide. happy New Year!

40. A small newsletter has brought us closer! Just like in the old Mr. Guangzhong, a small stamp is entrusted with infinite thoughts! A small newsletter is a good way for us to express our feelings – New Year is coming, newsletter to send greetings, wish a happy new year!

41. Lose the confusion in your heart, wipe away the sorrow in your eyes, the new year and the new road, go, flowers are blooming in front of you.

42. Love is sweet and bitter: when it is together, it is sweet like honey; even if it is temporarily separated, it will be as painful as medicine. May we never separate! Happy New Year!

43. The bells of zero hour resounded throughout the world, and the New Year’s train departed on time. It took an unforgettable day and ushered in another round of flaming years. I wish you a happy new year, Pengcheng Miles!

44. The first sunshine is my deep blessing to you. The last blush of the sunset is my heartfelt greeting. On the occasion of New Year's Day, I will send you a sincere blessing: Happy New Year!

45. This year's holiday is not a gift, in fact, it can be given. Ten blocks and eight blocks are not abandoned, and 100,000 are worth going. You really have to send it, and the newsletter is OK. happy New Year!

46. ​​Happy every second, happy every day, happy every year, healthy forever! Happy New Year.

47. When the New Year is over, miss me? If you want me to press, press again, do you miss me? I said that I would like to press. Still press! I didn't expect you to think about me like this, so touched! Press again! I have tears in my eyes.

48. New Year arrives, smiles, and holds a lot of money in your arms! Sticking blessing words, welcoming the new year, good luck and good luck are coming! Newsletter flying, blessing chasing, God of Wealth running behind! I wish you a happy new year, haha, a year later Better than a year!

49. Another year, time once again stopped at the New Year’s station, bid farewell to the past year, prayed for the coming year, felt the ruthlessness of the years, and raised new hopes in my heart. Let us embrace the New Year and go to the future!

50. Acquaintance is the most precious fate. Missing is the most beautiful mood. Concern is the most sincere heart. Greetings is the most beautiful language. I will give you all the beautiful blessings in a long life! I hope you are more happy than me! happy New Year!

51. Annual blessings are sent every year, this year blessing for a briefing; just a few warm words, I wish you warm and happy; New Year’s greetings are safe, lucky luck often accompanied; I wish you all the best, the whole family is healthier and healthier!

52. Wonderful music surrounds you, hearty laughter accompany you, warm life to follow you, sweet blessings close to you, healthy and happy to rely on you, take care of you safely, good luck always guards you, sincerely wish you all the best!

53. The jasmine in the bottle, the leaves are no longer green, like the memories of going farther and farther; the water droplets on the window sill penetrate the wall, just like you can't linger; the clouds are light and windy, this kind of weather is suitable for you... ...think how to fix you! Haha, Happy New Year!

54. Life is like a dream, years are ruthless, and when I look back, I find that people live a kind of mood, poor or rich, good or bad, everything is over the eyes! Good mood, everything Ok, I wish you a good mood every day, Happy New Year in the Year of the Rabbit!

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