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Describe the sentence of the river

1. The river is full of giant cymbals, and the snoring sounds like a hundred guns roaring in the same fire, as well as a whole group of wolves.

2. The beautiful river shines brilliantly with a silvery chest.

3. This river is like a wayward girl, endlessly playing temper, changing the environment every year and choosing new rivers.

4. This is a river without a navigation mark, thus showing a simple, simple, natural beauty, just like a woman who is not decorated in the mountains.

5. As far as I can see, I saw the flood, and the turbid waves were empty, but I could not see the North Shore.

6. The water flow is very exciting and quite indulgent.

7. The water is green and there are not many ships coming and going. There are several wrinkles or small vortexes on the mirror-like water surface.

8. The river is entangled in the mountains, and the waves are shining in the sun.

9. The Yellow River sprayed out the same cold air as the fog, forcing people to breathe. It penetrated the bones and penetrated the blood vessels.

10. A river is criss-crossed, flowing, and deep.

11. The river is like a cyan vein. It bends in the riverbed, turning and undulating. Zhang Weng beats.

12. The river flows like a ghost without a word.

13. The Jiuqu River is like a vanity mirror, reflecting the stars and the girls in the mirror.

14. On the turquoise river, it reflects the crystal-like blue light of the bend.

15. On the river, the reflections of the shore trees squirmed in a bend, like a drunkard.

16. Here, the mountains are beautiful, some rivers are like naughty little girls, suddenly coming out from the underground rock, jumping and jumping. After a while, I went into the cave without knowing it, and there was no trace.

17. The Yellow River is like a myriad of giant dragons twisting together and spinning down. Between the narrow mountains and the mountains, the roaring white waves are higher than the hills on the shore.

18. The water in the river seems to be splashed with mercury. Shining bright brilliance

19. The dark brown river screams and snarls in the cracks between the two mountains. It spins straight down. It sounds like a sound, but it changes for a long time.

20. The water waves on the river, reflecting the faint starlight, are shining. It looks like a dark, smooth scale on a giant snake.

21. The spray flashes like a million white carp jumping

22. Behind the boat, there is a sleek, sleek, endless river like a slick

23. The river is flowing quietly, ripples, and it feels fast and cool.

24. The river flows like a stream of molten tin.

25. The river is covered with white lilies and water lilies. It is like a pure flower embroidered on a green carpet.

26. On the river, winds and waves are on the waves. A turbulent thing, there are some black things, like the shadow of a bird's wing, quickly smashing from one end to the other on the water.

27. The raging river, chaotic, so heavy, bleak, hurriedly always flowing forward.

28. There is only a turbulent scorn in the river, thousands of flowing waters, and whirlpools.

29. The rivers in this village are busy and never flooded. It is only as safe as it is, as if it were a member of every household in the village along its coast.

30. The Neva River does not move, like a person who is asleep, hears some noise and blinks, immediately closes again, sleepy, and the heavy eyelids are tighter.

31. The waves followed one, and the avalanches overlapped. They rolled up huge vortices and violently slammed the embankment and made a loud noise.

32. The water flow is full of heavy loads, smashing the stone ridges, smashing the waves, and withdrawing the wild, violently splashing into white waves, and then bravely marching forward, like a fierce horse, jumping over the road. .

33. The river water storm is like a monster, breathing, like a beast that hurts and hurts.

34. There are leisurely flowing water, light green water, and ripples in the canal.

35. A river, like a velvety, flashes in the sun, between the alders and willows on both sides, the meteors splash.

36. The river flows like a silver wire. It shines like a snake scale

37. Ying Ying Yi Shui. Tenderness and dependence, clear waves and waves, turn around

38. The Weihe River flows down the Taihang Mountains. Like a fierce horse, in the canyon, flying in the air.

39. The light river, like a narrow path, squats over the undulating fields.

40. A white ribbon-like river. Distorted on a green meadow

41. The river is flowing quietly, flashing the faint water, just like flashing bright eyes, staring at the beauty of this autumn mountain.

42. The river of darkness flows down in the moonlight, and the silver light flashes like a dream.

43. There is not much water in the river, but there are a lot of green algae, like the greasy long green belt, narrow and dark green, giving off a slight tidal smell.

44. The river is like a silver string embedded in a green tent. It sways, jumps cheerfully, nourishes the grass, and opens up the clusters of flowers.

45. The river is like a violent dragon, piercing the mountain, and praying with impetuosity.

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