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a famous saying that protects the environment

1. Don't let cute creatures disappear in the hands of our generation

2. Developing the economy cannot be at the expense of the environment

3. Environmental protection is a basic national policy

4. Construction projects must carry out environmental impact assessment according to law

5. Rational use of natural resources to prevent environmental pollution and ecological damage

6. Respect for nature and fear of life

7. Respect the heavens and respect the heavenly lover

8. Judging the beauty of heaven and earth and analyzing the truth of everything

9. Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility.

10. For the life on earth - save our oceans."

11. Protect the blue sky and clear water.

12. Building a beautiful frontier and caring for our home.

13. Environmental protection starts from my side.

14. Protect the environment for the benefit of the people.

15. Protecting the environment means protecting ourselves.

16. Protect the water environment and save water resources.

17. Establish a strong environmental awareness and protect the ecological environment.

18. Appreciate the wilderness and return to nature

19. Qingshan clears my eyes, calms my ears

20. What is in the mountains?

21. Water and mountains and people, endless, infinitely good

22. Nature can't be improved, life can choose green life, healthy and moderate consumption.

23. Only one earth, human beings should help each other

24. Human beings are kind to nature, they are kind to themselves.

25. The Earth can satisfy the needs of mankind but cannot satisfy the greed of mankind.

26. A happy life is not only about getting rich and eating, but also about clear water and blue sky.

27. Pursue green fashion and move towards green civilization

28. Please don't trample on the grass under your feet, because, like you, it is the sacred mission of this green environment.

29. Environmental protection behavior, everywhere, civilized and clean, everyone insists

30. Because of luxury, it’s hard to get into trouble

31. Before the history of the country and the home, the succession is lost.

32. Everyone is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly for everyone.

33. Everyone cares about the quality of the environment and everyone participates in environmental protection

34. Cherish the sustainable use of resources

35. Protecting the environment, glorious pollution, shameful environment

36. Relying on scientific and technological progress to promote environmental protection

37. Raising environmental awareness to protect beautiful homes

38. Rational use of resources to protect ecological balance and promote sustainable economic development

39. Protecting the environment means protecting productivity

40. Protecting the environment, Shanhemei’s sustainable development

41. Don't let cute creatures disappear in the hands of our generation

42. Developing the economy cannot be at the expense of the environment

43. Quiet to cultivate, to cultivate morality.

44. The luxuries are swayed by the sorcerer. Bai Juyi

45. Whoever saves food on weekdays, is easy to tide over when he is poor; who is rich and luxurious when he is rich, he will die of hunger and cold when he is poor. - Sadie

46. ​​Once there is a technical need in society, this need will push science forward even more than ten universities. - Engels

47. Poor, clean and simple life is where our revolutionaries can overcome many difficulties! - Fang Zhimin

48. Not confined to poverty, not worthy of wealth. - Tao Yuanming

49. Society is like a boat, and everyone has to be at the helm. —— Ibsen

50. There are many shortcomings in the activities of the world, but they are still beautiful. - Rodin

51. If the world is calm and full of beauty and welcoming everywhere, then shamelessness, fraud and ignorance will have room for growth; no one will reveal it again, no one will say the harsh truth! - Belinsky.

52. “The higher the evolution level of a species, the more developed its central nervous system is, and the stronger its ability to feel happy and painful. Therefore, the more individual animals with higher ability to feel, the more they should be respected.”-- --H.Ralston "Philosophy Goes Wilderness"

53. “Do humans kill the Mother Earth, or will it save her? If the growing technological power is abused, humanity will put the Mother Earth to death; if it overcomes the arrogant greed that leads to self-destruction, humans can make her Returning to youth, and human greed is paying the price of the great mother's life, including all life creations, including humans."---Toynbee: "Human and Mother Earth"

54. If we do not use our critical rationality as soon as possible, we are still extremely selfishly obsessed with power and ignore the natural laws that human beings must rely on. Once we find that the victory we are pursuing is tantamount to human suicide, I am afraid it is too late.

55. Protecting the environment is in the forefront of the future

56. Pursue green fashion and embrace green life

57. Sharing the clear blue water and blue sky with the green and warm home

58. Winds and rains start from the environmental protection life

59. Ji Dexing is good for the benefit of future generations

60. I love flowers, I love grass, I love green saplings, I don’t pick flowers, I don’t walk the grass, I don’t fold the branches, I don’t mess with the flowers, the trees are friends, everyone should take good care of them.

61. Harnessing environmental pollution and reviving the blue sky

62. Love the green mountains and green waters, love the blue sky and white clouds, let life be full of vitality in love every moment.

63. When environmental guards are citizens of the era

64. Protecting the ecological environment creates beautiful mountains and rivers

65. Human beings depend on human beings for environmental protection

66. Life and green embrace human coexistence with ecology

67. Caring for life and health advocates green fashion

68. I am proud of my environmental protection.

69. Let the environment take root and now show the future in green

70. I love a family together under the blue sky.

71. Pursuing environmental protection is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to participate in environmental protection.

72. Having green humans will not lose dreams

73. Green mountains and blue water create a beautiful world

74. Also the earth is a pure earth blue sky that makes human beings happy forever.

75. Cherish life and protect the environment for the benefit of mankind

76. Keep the earth away from pollution and let the green enter the home

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