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Learning aphorism

1. Grasping one today is better than two tomorrows.

2. Things that don’t last long in the morning, one day in error; young people don’t study hard, they’ve lost their lives.

3. People who wait for time are people who waste time.

4. The most precious wealth is time, and the biggest waste is the vain.

5. The black hair does not know how to work hard, and the white head regrets reading late.

6. Spending money is a ruin, and vain is a corrupt person.

7. Whoever loses his life's time is to leave gold and not buy anything.

8. If the treasure is lost, you can still find it. If the time is lost, you will never find it.

9. The lazy man has more mouths tomorrow.

10. There is no morning in the day, and time is no longer coming.

11. Read the swimming lessons, not the following big river

12. People in the mountains feel small in the mountains, and people enter the mountains to know the mountains.

13. Everything is like a pro.

14. Jingjing composing a small basket, it is easy to do it.

15. Don't know, don't do it.

16. If you don't go into the water, you won't swim for a lifetime; if you don't sail, you won't be able to hold a boat for a lifetime.

17. Don't climb the rugged mountains, I don't know the flatness of the earth.

18. Knowledge, insight, and no knowledge.

19. The balance is a measure of gravity, and practice is the touchstone of right and wrong.

20. Send a return to the water and make it a mud. After one thing, it will be a long time.

21. It is difficult to buy more experience with money.

22. Read a book and add one wisdom.

23. If you don’t eat, you’re hungry.

24. Don't move forward, don't know where to go; don't study hard, don't understand the truth.

25. The tree is not repaired, the length is not straight; people do not learn, no knowledge.

26. Dress yourself up with Orbs, and enrich yourself with knowledge.

27. The bee picks a hundred flowers to make sweet, and the people read the books to explain the truth.

28. Labor is the source of knowledge; knowledge is the guide to life.

29. Knowledge is the torch of wisdom.

30. Learn to drive a mountain, do not enter and retreat.

31. The book is read a hundred times, and its righteousness

32. I can't read it, and it's not very useful.

33. One pass, one hundred pass

34. There is no eye in my heart, and it is useless to have eyes.

35. Considering one day is better than ten days.

36. Eating cockroaches that others have chewed has no taste.

37. There is no book in the letter of trust.

38. The light does not turn on and the light is not clear.

39. Everyone who has no will feels difficult; anyone without a mind feels simple.

40. There is doubt in learning, while small doubts are small, and big doubts are big.

41. It is not heard if it is not heard.

42. Reading without knowing is equal to chewing bark.

43. Don't chew on eating, don't want to know what to read.

44. I don’t want to read books, and I’m scratching my boots.

45. Know the new things.

46. ​​The more the knife is sharpened, the more the brain is used.

47. I am afraid that I will not move.

48. Keeping in mind is worse than understanding.

49. Thinking is to argue with yourself.

50. A thoughtful, better than a hundred hasty actions.

51. Knowledge is bottomless, learning the sea is boundless

52. Wanchuan is not happy with the sea.

53. The stones on the mountain can be finished, the water in the river can be dried up, and the knowledge of the world can not be finished.

54. The book has no bottom.

55. Life is limited and learning is boundless.

56. The endless road can't be understood.

57. Learn to be a salary, and later come to the top.

58. When you learn the shame, you don’t know how to be good.

59. Everything is learned.

60. The springs are not picking up, and the knowledge can’t be finished.

61. Be old, learn to be old, and live to 80.

62. A smart coward should be good at cutting wood and sharpening the knife.

63. Cleverness comes from a wide range of knowledge.

64. Those who do not want to see are more jealous than those who are blind; those who do not want to hear are more jealous than their nephews.

65. A scholar’s ​​day is worth more than the life of a person who does not learn.

66. Countless soils, unable to learn the sea.

67. Knowledge has no bottom, and learning is boundless.

68. Time is a precious asset

69. One inch of time, one inch of gold, it is difficult to buy inch inches.

70. Less but not learning, old and ignorant.

71. Young and hard, the boss is sad.

72. When the sun sets, the talents feel the preciousness of the sun.

73. I remember that the teenager was riding a bamboo horse and turned to be a white-headed eagle.

74. When it is difficult to buy a teenager.

75. Lost time nowhere to look.

76. Saving time means extending life.

77. The miser said that money is the root of life, and that diligent people see time as life.

78. Time is the most precious asset.

79. You are joking with time, but it is very serious to you.

80. The trap is fine, and the reading is young.

81. Knowledge does not apply, as is cultivation without planting.

82. How do you look at Sanchunjing when you close your eyes? When the book is used, it hates less, and the matter is not difficult. I can't listen to it, I can't see it.

83. Near the water knows the fish, relying on the mountains to know the birds. Children who go out often know more than their parents. Read the thousand talents, and see the swordsman Xiaojian.

84. If reading is not combined with reality, knowledge is nothing but a cloud of the sky.

85. Standing outside the forest, you cannot fully understand the forest.

86. If you want to know the other things, you have to cross the river.

87. A wise man hears once, thinks ten times; sees it once and practices it ten times.

88. Dancing swords is one thing, and combat is another.

89. Ironing can become a blacksmith.

90. The sword does not wear to rust; people do not learn to fall behind.

91. The lush seedlings need water; the growing teenager needs to learn.

92. The stars make the sky dazzling; knowledge makes people grow.

93. Make a candle and seek for it. The grain complements the body, and the books are rich in wisdom.

94. Three things in the world are the most precious – knowledge, food and friendship.

95. Books are prepared without reading such as waste paper.

96. Accumulating knowledge is better than accumulating gold and silver.

97. Modesty is a friend of learning

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