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Non-mainstream aesthetic sentimental sentence

1. When you love someone, his shortcomings are beautiful and lovely in your eyes. When you don't love someone, even if he has all kinds of advantages, you are extremely fussy.........

2. The name of life you will discover one day is called futile

3. Meeting you is my fate. Falling in love with you is destined. The most hope is to be with you.

4. I am insomnia, I am afraid, are you alone?

5. Not every time I go back to the capital, someone waiting for you, not every time I reach out, someone will help you.

6. The ultimate indifference after the ultimate love is the most cruel.

7. Even if I missed my thoughts, I broke my memories, broke the past, and the traces of love lived in my hands.

8. Forgive me for not being able to use your sweet words to win your favor.

9. The promise is that a liar says to a fool, and the fool is a real fool, and the liar also recognizes the truth.

10. How dare I fall behind me without me?

11. You told me not to be afraid, you said that I have you behind me, but when I turned and wanted to hug you, I found that there was no one behind me.

12. Have you said that I am your life, are you still alive?

13. I want a gift for me to dream again of all the people I love.

14. Even if it’s really sad, it’s really lost, really sad, you can pretend that everything is fine.

15. The retention of heartbreaking is nothing but an unwilling expression.

16. You are not the wind, I am not sand, no matter how lingering, I can’t reach the end of the world.

17. Their commitments will be together for a lifetime.

18. There are no surprises and no surprises every day.

19. Life is not lacking, crying down, don’t forget to look up and continue. If fate does not favor you, please don’t hurt yourself.

20. Actually, I never said anything about it. When I said that I was deliberate, I just wanted to say that I was very unhappy.

21. The old time was a dumb, I couldn’t sing the Cape of the World I wanted...

22. Although we are crazy, we love more than anyone else.

23. The most fearful person speaks suddenly and changes tone.

24. I would rather be the cigarette in your hand, there is no regret after burning!

25. Your most common words are the sweetest words I have ever heard.

26. How many idiots are paranoid that they can impress a person as long as they like it very seriously.

27. See if I am not pleasing to the eye, you can commit suicide or you can pretend.

28. Everything you say can affect my emotions.

29. One person who learns the most is patience.

30. I want to let everyone know that I like you.

31. Christmas, no one wishes no one to give gifts or even a greeting. In fact, I have always been alone.

32. Beautiful and sad sentences _ the ultimate love is gradually the most cruel

33. Can feelings be controlled? Can grievances be said? Is it painful for others?

34. I always feel that he will understand as long as I work hard.

35. ζั͡ޓއއއ Time is a corpse. It always absorbs your energy until it finally lives and you die.

36. Don't think too much about your imagination to create a problem that didn't exist at the beginning.

37. When you and I finished my good night, I don’t know who you are talking to.

38. Don't trust your memories so much. The person inside doesn't necessarily miss you too.

39. What is lost will never return to its original state.

40. Some friends don’t want to stop, they will only remember you when you need them.

41. Every time you go online, the first thing to see is that you are not online and then don't bother because I know that I don't take the initiative to wait for your initiative.

42. You are very popular. I don't have the ability to make me remember.

43. I am not a special person except I especially like you.

44. Every time I find you chatting, I will return to you in seconds. You don’t know how important you are to me.

45. Don't trust someone you love because you have one sentence.

46. ​​You are someone who can say that you like me when you are not blind, but I am the one who can let go if you don’t lift your head.

47. There is no one more, let you watch her smile, will lighten the lips, see him frown, want to take the lead. - "Step by step startling"

48. The most unpredictable thing in the world is the kind of look when you don't love someone. --"One liter of tears"

49. Please forgive me for not knowing how to love you for so long.

50. Growth is to mute the cry.

51. Our relationship is like building blocks, and it is hard to change but it is ever-changing.

52. [Excessive kindness is to prepare a sharp sword for those who stab you]

53. [Love you is a dream I am doing and ready to do for a long time]

54. I really don't have the ability to keep everyone I don't want to lose.

55. I am sad that your qq has been showing the line and the messages I sent are sinking.

56. [You said that you are afraid of being alone but you have forgotten me and you!]

57. I am a geek listening to songs and crying to remember who will not fall asleep

58. If I push you away indifferently, can you stick to it again?

59. I am distressed to be a person who can’t be a lover but love each other.

60. I don't know what is young and frivolous, I only know that the winner is king.

61. Maybe after years of laughing and listening to others talking about me, I will say a little: I don’t know

62. I walked around, stopped and stopped, and knew how to be self-sufficient.

63. As long as girls take the initiative, they often touch boys.

64. Love must share the burden of persistence and trust. Be considerate and be brave.

65. How many people are driving QQ music in order to let others see the song you listen to!

66. [This life only wants to live in your warm eyes]

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