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Written to the son 2019

1. You are a silent, quiet child. The tasks assigned by the teacher will be completed conscientiously. However, if you have problems in learning, you will not dare to ask questions, lack confidence in yourself, and have a little laziness. You also have the desire to be motivated. I hope to be loved by teachers and classmates. It is easy to be distracted in class, affecting the efficiency of lectures, and lack of review skills after class, so that you have not realized this desire. I hope that in the future study, if you don't understand, ask, and boldly ask, success will belong to you. As long as there is perseverance and perseverance, the teacher believes that you will make great progress in all aspects.

2. Your honesty and kindness shines like warm sunshine, your enthusiasm, hard work like gentle raindrops, nourishing everyone's heart. You will move on to a new starting point, hoping that you can learn more with a more earnest attitude and continue to maintain your excellent character. Your flute is awesome, crisp and pleasing to everyone. I heard that you will play the piano. It is really a talented woman in our class. Students like to be around you and play with you, because you are understanding, but sometimes you are more introverted. If you are more generous and naturally perform in front of classmates and teachers, your talents will be better played. Your excellence is first and foremost the guidance of your parents, I thank them!

3. Children, you need to know how to cherish and be grateful. Cherish will be possessed, and gratitude will last forever. Your heart should be as soft as a stream, your eyes should be as bright as spring, you will cry, because tears let you learn to move, you will appreciate, because appreciation will enrich your mind.

4. Children, you must learn to be a person before doing things. I hope that you don't interrupt others, don't be squeamish. You take at least two hours a day to study, the poor are rich because of books, and the rich are expensive because of books. Learn to respect teachers, unite classmates, and care for others. For the help of others, there must be a heart of feedback. The ancients said that they were told by the dripping water. Children, you will gradually meet people who are better than you than you, you will find your own shortcomings, which may make you depressed or even inferior, but you must face it, do not escape, always compare with yourself, learn from others, Make a little progress every day, experience the joy of growth, and feel the positive power. Because the most meaningful challenge is to overcome yourself rather than conquer others.

5. Being brave, kind, happy, affectionate, and grateful, I hope that you are a good person! It is more important to have a sound personality than a hundred kinds of wisdom! I believe that you must do it! I am proud of you. proud!

6. Maybe you are a little naughty, some very active, and often criticize, but in my mother's heart, I always think that you are also very good, you are not a bad boy, you know? You are smart, very aura, you It shouldn't have been an ordinary student, but unfortunately, you are too greedy. But as long as you say goodbye to laziness, I believe that you will not be worse than others. In the method, you have to ask more classmates. You can often exchange learning experiences with classmates who have better grades than you. Your father and mother have come this semester, and they can see that they value you. Every drop of water can reflect the radiance of the sun. Starting from every little thing, Mom believes that you will continue to make progress.

7. Your brain is good. Your current grades are not ideal. However, your hard work is only about 40% to 50%. Imagine if you use your morning and evening self-study and usual time, be more patient and be more careful, then your What will happen to the results? The vast ocean comes from the trickle, and the extensive knowledge is accumulated over time. You are very talented. Why not read more extracurricular books, learn more nutrition, and taste the success in the ocean of boundless knowledge. ? To establish a glorious idea of ​​labor, otherwise who will create a clean and tidy learning environment? What I want to tell you is that it is still too late, don't waste your talents.

8. First of all, I hope that you will be a person full of ideals from beginning to end, and the ideal will make people outstanding. Don't worry about your appearance, because ideals will purify your temperament and purify your mind. The road to ideals may be rough and unsatisfactory, but the children are going to fight for it! Because in the rough journey of life you will meet many wise men and gentlemen, and you will see many miracles that no one else can meet. Landscape, don't give up your dreams for the small profits, don't give up your beliefs for a certain trend, let alone let vanity and lure-lost lose us to pursue valuable life.

9. You are a kind-hearted, kind-hearted child. You always listen carefully to your class and your homework is done seriously. If you continue to work hard, care about the class, be bold and enthusiastic in the classroom, and have more contact with other students, know more, I believe that you are definitely a GoodBoy, and look forward to your continuous improvement in the next semester. Being diligent, practical, and meticulous is the deepest impression you have given me in my studies. In life, you follow public morals, and personal hygiene is also done very well, but sometimes it is a bit lax in public health. The teacher hopes that you will continue to work hard to improve your learning methods. With a short winter vacation, you will get what you lost in terms of knowledge. Do you have this courage?

10. Child, I hope that you are a brave person to practice. Only when you are practical, pragmatic, and implement can you achieve the facts, and the small things in the completion are better than the big things in the plan. You are a very intelligent child, and you will think that you can accomplish many great things. We must be brave in learning, courageously admit, courageous, and courageous to change. Don't be opportunistic, don't give up, don't attack things you can't do, and don't underestimate ordinary people. When you grow up, you will know that you are incompetent, complaining about venom, and getting good habits can be used for a lifetime. Develop good study habits and living habits from now on!

11. The kind and sensible boy is the most admirable, just as you are; the passionate and sensible boy is the most praiseworthy, just for you. You are very serious and hard at learning; in life, you can be diligent and simple, and work positive. Many students praise you. The teacher hopes that while you are studying hard, you can continue to improve your learning methods and strive to improve your academic performance. I also hope that you will dare to ask and dare to say. Do you have such determination to strive to be a strong person in life?

12. The excellent results of the mid-term exams illustrate your potential. The teacher hopes that you will continue to work hard to maintain this rising momentum and strive for great progress in all aspects! No accumulation, no miles, no accumulation of small streams There is no way to go to the river, there is no shortcut to study, you must be down-to-earth, perseverance, perseverance, in order to learn something, I hope you always use this sentence to encourage yourself, do not ruin your good talent. When you are born, you have the idea of ​​being dirty and tired, sometimes you don’t listen to the command of the leader, or even evade the responsibility of being a valued student. This is not the performance of a good student.

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