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Sad sentence 2019

1. Sometimes, the happiness is not as good as possible, but it is just right.

2. Sometimes you care too much about yourself and you are tormenting yourself.

3. Some people's encounters are like meteors, bursting with enviable sparks, but they are destined to pass by.

4. Some things, only with memories. Some people can only be a guest.

5. A person has only one heart but has two atriums. One lives happy; one lives in sorrow. Don't laugh too loudly, or you will wake up the sorrow next to you.

6. Happiness is always full of flaws.

7. There is a grave in the heart, and the dead are buried.

8. Acquaintance is the fate, knowing is a share, under the sky of fate, we have experienced a lot of unforgettable love together.

9. I have old memories that you can't take, you can forget you quietly.

10. I can feel your heartache, you have helplessness that you can't tell... But you make an indifferent look, the more you do, the more uncomfortable I am.

11. We can see the bustling, but we can't feel the memories.

12. I don't feel any more about him. I don't love her anymore. Why is this happening? It turns out that our love has been lost to the years.

13. I humble myself and miss you in my heart.

14. Hearing a name, remembering something, the city is quiet and tremble.

15. Missing is a happy sorrow, a sweet sorrow, a warm pain; a miss is a long-term precipitation and a good yearning for the future.

16. Who is pale, my waiting, satirizes my attachment.

17. I tried to erase it in any way. In my old age, I did not see the same pain marks as you gave me.

18. It seems that flowers are not flowers, and no one is afraid to teach. When you are throwing your own way, you think about it, and you are ruthless. Derogatory and soft, easy to open and close. The dream goes with the wind, and the locomotive goes everywhere, and it is still screaming. Do not hate this flower to fly, hate the West Park, it is difficult to decorate. Xiaolai rained, where is the trace? A pool of chopped. Spring is three points, two points of dust, one minute of water. In the eyes, it’s not Yang Hua, it’s just a tear.

19. The most painful thing is that if something disappears, it will never disappear. It will never come back, but it will leave a thin and pointed needle, which will always be stuck in your heart. It wants to hurt you, you have to hurt, absolutely powerful!

20. The most sad thing is not to be seen. Instead, I met, got it, but hurriedly lost. I can’t ask for it, I can’t help it, I don’t hesitate, and then my heart is entangled into a flaw. It makes you hurt when it hurts.

21. I didn’t know each other at first, but I didn’t recognize it at the end.

22. Walk the same street and return to the two worlds.

23. The world. So dirty. Who is qualified. Say sad.

24. Stand in a corner of the world and watch the sunrise and sunset.

25. He died in the sun, died under the most splendid encirclement, and opened his heart to the embarrassment.

26. Chopard of the cows can't play the sorrow of Lao Tzu.

27. There is a kind of love, obviously love, but can't say it; there is a kind of love, obviously want to give up, but can't give up; there is a kind of love, knowing that it is torment, but it can't open; there is a kind of love, knowing that there is no way forward, The heart has already been lost.

28. Some things turn around for a lifetime.

29. Some things, some people, who don’t really want to forget, will definitely forget.

30. Some injuries are never healed.

31. In some cases, it is just for love that quietly escapes. It is the figure that hides, but the silent feeling that cannot be avoided.

32. In my life, I don’t need much, just a bowl of rice and a cup of tea, but I hope that the rice is what you do, and the tea is yours.

33. This world has deceived me. I have to give back. I will not let go of any happiness that belongs to me. Even if the price paid is to fall into hell, I will not hesitate.

34. There are too many people in this world who are laughing at you. Really tolerate you, too little and too little

35. Stand in a corner of the world and watch the sunrise and sunset.

36. He died in the sun, died under the most splendid encirclement, and opened his heart to the embarrassment.

37. When I thought I was going to die, I still thought about you.

38. If you are tired again, you will be two hundred and five. If you are hard to be dangerous again, you should be a second skin.

39. There is also a lost day for the best things; there is also a day of deep forgetting for a deep memory; those who love again have a day to go; the dream of beauty is also a day of waking up.

40. Even ugly people can marry, and beautiful people will be single!

41. I used to be a supporting role. Maybe he didn't take me seriously. Sorry, I think too much. It is my passion.

42. There was a time when I never forgot, not because I couldn’t bear it, but because it was too deep and deep.

43. Some injuries are never healed.

44. Some roads can only be walked by one person. The hardships on the road are only known to you.

45. Sometimes I can see it very lightly. Sometimes I am obsessed with it.

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