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Thank the teacher for the words

1. When the seedlings need a glass of water, never give a bucket of water; and when a bucket of water is needed, never give a glass of water. Timely, given in moderation, this is a good gardener's skill. My teacher, this is also the art of your education.

2. Your eyes are silent language, full of expectation for me; it is a burning flame, giving me great heat: it will be printed in my heart for a long time, for a long time...

3. If I can fight the blue sky, it is the wing that you gave me soaring; if I am the warrior who beats the waves, it is the power that you gave me the tide; if I am the torch that is not extinguished, then you gave me The light of youth!

4. The pleasing ringtones and the enchanting flowers are limited by time. Only my blessings will always bless you to the teacher of the Spring of Wisdom.

5. It is your use of blackboard eraser to purify my mind. You add chalk to the mind of my blackboard with chalk. I sincerely wish you happiness forever!

6. Step through every corner of the heart, step on every inch of the soul, full of deep respect for you, thank you, dear teacher!

7. May my blessings like tea to moisturize your dry throat, like a candle to illuminate your office, like a flower to give you a scent

8. In the future, whether I will become a tall and straight tree, or a low shrub, teacher, I will pay tribute to you with the green of life!

9. I am grateful to you for saying a thousand words, and your blessings will not change for hundreds of thousands of years - teacher, I wish you all the best!

10. One day, rise and fall, the students of one session walked and passed, the constant is your deep love and bright smile. Bless your dear teacher

11. The chalk in your hand slowly turns into the dust of the sky, which loves your original black hair. On this special day, offer a sentence: Teacher, you have worked hard!

12. When we pick the harvest fruit, what you leave to yourself is the two white hairs of chalk gray and white. Pay tribute to you, dear teacher!

13. In a beautiful festival, I will use the teacher to teach me the words, use the teacher to teach me the beautiful words, and write a beautiful poem for the teacher...

14. The pleasing ringtones and the enchanting flowers are limited by time. Only my blessings will always bless you to the teacher of the Spring of Wisdom, Happy Teacher's Day.

15. Your hard work is our driving force, our success is your pride, but we will be proud of you!

16. Teacher: Every sunshine is my blessing to you. Every star is my eyes. Every rain brings me to miss you deeply and miss you.

17. Give the cup of iced black tea in the summer and let it take your heat away. Give it a cup of hot lulu in the winter and let it warm you. At this time, please send a cup of pleasure and wish you a Pepsi!

18. You are ordinary, you are special, only ordinary and special with you! Ordinary + special = happy, happy!

19. Teacher You are great, like a candle to illuminate others to burn yourself. I wish you a happy holiday and take care of your body!

20. When returning to the teacher, it is not yesterday or tomorrow but at this time - today. "Happy holidays, my teacher!"

21. On the day I stepped into the school gate, you gave me endless care. When I stepped out of the school gate, you have already paid for all of you. Teacher, you are fortunate!

22. You can't forget your smile and you can't forget the memory of youth. I hope that the bright moon will send lovesickness in a thousand miles, and wish you good life.

23. Teacher, teacher, dear teacher! September 10th, your birthday! Students wish you happiness forever!

24. Teacher, in the wisdom of the light that we radiate today, it still sparkles the spark that you ignited that year!

25. Later, you planted the seeds of knowledge in my heart. Today, I have the fruit of my research - teacher, this is your harvest!

26. Your teachings are turned into wisdom in my mind, blood in my chest, norms of behavior... I thank you, thank you for your meticulous cultivation.

27. Because of your loving pouring, and the hard work of hard work, you will have the beauty of peach and plum, the golden of rice and wheat. May my gratitude be turned into a bundle of flowers that will bring fragrance to your life.

28. I can't forget your words and the drizzle, and wash away the dust on my heart; I can't forget your mighty winds and the courage to advance. Teacher, I am grateful to you forever!

29. Vacuum, firmness, humility, simplicity – this is the song you teach me to sing, this is the road to life that guides me.

30. Teacher, everyone said that you cultivate the pillars of the motherland; but I want to say that you are the pillar of the motherland. It is you who support the backbone of our generation!

31. You are like a red candle, giving all the heat and light to the younger generation! Your character and spirit can be used in two words - burning! Burning!

32. My respected teacher, my success is your support, a thousand words "thank you" - you are my forever teacher, forever friend!

33. Dear Gardener: Hello! Under the hard work, you are already fruitful, and the peaches are full of the world. I sincerely wish you a happy Teacher's Day!

34. Teacher, please accept a late greeting! When I was a teacher, I felt how much effort you have made for our talents!

35. Teacher: Every sunshine is my blessing to you. Every star is my eyes. Every drizzle takes me to miss you and miss you.

36. There is a place in the end of the earth, only the infinite period of grace. Bless you, teacher!

37. Send a newsletter to bless you and express my heart. Peach and plum blossoms in the world, happiness is always in your heart!

38. Hello teacher, a thousand words can not express my gratitude, I only say a word of my heart: the teacher is happy, I hope you have a better tomorrow.

39. Hello teacher! It is your painstaking efforts to spread the vast number of students, your hard work has cultivated a new generation of heavenly pride, I wish you a happy holiday and good health.

40. With you, my life is wonderful!! Thank you! My teacher!

41. Teacher--The season of the wind blew my eyes and the rain fell on my heart. After a few curtains, I couldn’t help but remember the childhood and quietly greet you.

42. Teacher, you are a tall and straight tree. I have matured fruit. The years are engraving the old rings on your body. A forest is lush by your side.

43. When the stars are hiding in the distant sky, the faint light is still shining in front of your window. Thanks to your persistence, we will have our awkward tomorrow! Thank you, teacher!

44. Teacher, I will use you as the navigation light on my work. I wish you a step by step when our common festival is coming!!!!

45. "Strong perseverance can conquer any peak in the world." In that year, you used this to teach inferior people. Today I use this to control my life. Teacher, you have worked hard!

46. ​​The teachers under the sun, you are the shining stars in the sky, use your bright star to illuminate the hearts of every student, bless you, thank you!

47. Teacher, when the children call me like this, it is like that year... Today I sincerely say to you: Teacher, you have worked hard.

48. Teacher, this gift is a little bit of a student's wish: I hope that when you invigilate, you will close your eyes with one eye; when you judge the paper, you will be noble; when you write a comment, you will be more beautiful.

49. Working quietly, don't just praise the sun and the sun for tomorrow, what words do you like to praise your character and mind? Deeply say: "Hello teacher!"

50. Ah, with you, the garden is so beautiful, the earth is full of spring! Teacher, just open the window and watch it. This garden is full of spring, this garden is full of salutes!

51. If there is no moisturizing of your thoughts, how can you bloom so many beautiful soul flowers? Ah, teacher, engineer of human soul, who is not to praise you!

52. Dissemination of knowledge means planting hope and planting happiness. Teacher, you are the seeder of hope and happiness!

53. Teacher, you are a beautiful cultivator, a beautiful sower. It is your beautiful sunshine, moisturizing with beautiful rain and dew, our heart is only green grass, flowers are beautiful!

54. You are busy with the blossoming of flowers, the ripeness of the fruit, silently hanging the green leaves of the leaves! Ah, teacher, your spirit, remember my heart forever!

55. Grateful teacher, give me the motivation to move forward; thank you teacher, give me the wings to fly; grateful teacher, give me the direction of life; grateful teacher, give me the eyes of the world... The teacher is like a red candle, Melt our glacier little by little, approaching our hearts and keeping us away from loneliness. The love she gave us, soft, soft, like jasmine, exudes a refreshing scent. The teacher's love reveals the ordinary in selflessness, but implies some greatness.

56. Teacher, you use the most noble feelings of mankind - love, sow spring, sow ideals, sow power...

57. On the journey of life, you enrich my mind, develop my intelligence, and ignite the light of hope for me. Thank you, teacher!

58. The spring rain has smeared the world, but it has disappeared silently into the earth. Teacher, you are the spring rain that nourishes our hearts, we will always thank you.

59. Teacher, you are the ocean, I am a shell, you gave me a colorful color... How can I thank you!

60. Every step of the heart, stepping through every inch of the heart, is full of respect for you.

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