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1. Be proud, can be publicized, and excessive modesty is equal to pride.

2. Learn to express your thoughts correctly, and practice from "I want", the more direct the better.

3. Learn to reject others correctly, and start practicing from “no”, the more direct the better.

4. Going to do it is better than waiting for you to lie in bed.

5. Be a strong person, don't show weakness and ask anyone to sympathize. Can be shackled, but don't be sympathized, we don't need any form of sympathy.

6. Love a woman, as long as she does not fight against it, take possession of her, and then give her to her, so that she hurts her.

7. Believe that you are the only one. Believe that everything you do is unique. Believe that your love is unique. Believe that your experience is unique. There is nothing to refer to because all the directors are It is you.

8. It is a dragon dish, when the tiger is lying down, when people are lost and frustrated, you are born and raised, not to be at least spiritually.

9. Don't talk about summer scenes in summer insects, you have your life circle, others have other people's life circles, and some truths will show off in others' eyes. A white eye and you said that the egg has to be! You have to answer, grace is quite long.

10. Bad style light does not practice, stupid style does not say light, so the style can be said to practice.

11. The plan has not changed quickly, the change is not fast, the goal is to set aside, and it is also for others. But it must be executed according to the plan.

12. Don't think that all people are human beings, some are just personal ones, don't care about them, let them go, stay away is the only thing you want

13. Do it.

14. Try not to argue with people unless you think the results are important to you and you must convince them.

15. There are two dilemmas in life. One is to put things in your mind into the minds of others. The other is to put the money in other people's pockets into your own pocket. If you want to take it slowly, you are in a hurry.

16. How big is your heart, how big your world is, and you just expect a head every day, and you are like that.

17. You don't owe the children anything, never grow up, raise them up, don't let them get sick, get them educated, and you owe too much to your parents.

18. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Leave everything to others. If you really want to beat the other side, don't leave a little room. Don't give the other side any chance to turn over. This is not contradictory. One is for people and the other is for doing things.

19. Don't lose your temper easily, it's a very weak behavior, unless you trust someone. Otherwise never let others know what you are going to do next.

20. The process is just as important as the result. You should do as much as you can.

21. To give each other a face is to give yourself a face, if you don't want to stay, don't stay.

22. Tell everyone about all the bad things that can happen, and be honest.

23. Don't compare with others, just compare with yourself. God knows that you will improve a little every day. What will you look like in a year? What will be ten years? It's just that you can't keep improving a little bit every day. Want to learn English? You only need to remember one word per day, just one grammar. You seem to be an expert for ten years.

24. Don't break the unspoken rules. Sometimes the hidden rules are more terrible than the rules hanging on the wall.

25. There are only two kinds of people, one is to eat people, one is to be eaten by people. What do you want to do?

26. The words are a roadblock, and the clothes are swearing. This is the common people. Self-cultivation is king!

27. Either you are very good, or you are very good, otherwise you are two knives. That is, you are not.

28. Don't love for sex, but love is not sure. Unless... Hehe wants to go.

29. Speaking skills and deception are two conceptual issues that you should not confuse.

30. Look at the ancient books and listen to the old sayings. Some words are rough, but they are not rough. Some old people are worth more than books. You can understand the three-character text thoroughly, not much worse than Confucius.

31. Don't understand too much modern things and classical things. They all come from life. Philosophy is just a human world view. Join and say that you think the world is square, then you fool a large group of people who recognize you, you are also a philosopher.

32. Keeping yourself will be more enjoyable than staying B all day.

33. Silence is the most powerful weapon against reality.

34. Smoking and drinking are not as terrible as people describe, but there must be smoke and wine.

35. Except for your mother and the woman you love, don't give extra face to any woman. Are men and women not equal? ​​When you are same-sex, this is respect.

36. Young people don't care too much about the body, the disease will always be ill, and the damn will always die. Work hard, usually you will not die.

37. The high and low of the person is determined by himself, and has nothing to do with the composition. If you scorn yourself, you will be embarrassed. If you think that you are noble and constrain your words and deeds with noble conduct, you are noble. Seeing clearly is a constraint, not a advertised.

38. Thinking determines action and action determines outcome. So think twice before moving, don't regret it once you choose. Sometimes you don't necessarily remember your original thoughts.

39. You can't break your brain, you have to learn a lot of things, but you don't have to do it. It's always a useful day to learn.

40. You can't complain about go-vern-ment, you can't blame society, you can take your own medicine and eat it yourself. Your situation today is caused by your performance yesterday, and you should not blame anyone.

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