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Hyun dance family impression sentence

1. I feel bad, you will hurt. ?

2. Missing your heart, 'They are full of you'

3. The rat's sickle is full of streets to find a cat. (o

4. ┌┐ is irreplaceable ゝ □. Different from othersゝ

5. - The cat has nine lives and only one heart

6. If you are well, it will be a sunny day.

7. Hook the little finger. I will do my XX for a lifetime.

8. ┌┐ is irreplaceable ゝ □. Different from othersゝ

9. 铅 Lead gray broken clouds _. Casting light and shade alternately

10. Let me lose my memory and disappear into your world.

11. ╱╳╲╲╳╱ 1 heart is only for the soul

12. Tears are a gift for you. - The address is not so happy.

13. We are the only way to get out of the way.

14. The only way we can get out of the way

15. _. The most beautiful is not rainy days. But the eaves with you hiding from the rain

16. 铅 Lead gray broken clouds _. Casting light and shade alternately

17. The time when the thoughts blown away by the wind are rolled up

18. I like to use my tone ̅ | Sing the taste that belongs to you ̅

19. There is always a journey that makes you reluctant.

20. Don't feel too much in the age of innocence | Let everything be in full bloom.

21. ·you are my everythInG ╰----------

22. _Don't let time dilute the thoughts~_Don't let the distance break off the implicature'

23. _ even lost everything. ┈ _ Do not lose your smile.

24. I still owe the Russian lingering

25. 沵 gentle smile, warm 珴旳x1n.

26. ⌒ ⌒ I like to look at the sky and think about the beauty of the renminbi.

27. ┅┇ 花 花 ◎ ◎ ┇┅ Open to 荼蘼 ◎

28. I can’t forget it, it’s a memory.

29. The cool breeze has a letter, and the cold moon is silent.

30. A flower blossoming time, an instant eternal memory. When you are impressed, it is best not to punctuate.

31. Crowded crowds, I can feel your love in the palm of your hand.

32. The smile that is constant in the depths of the condensate will never change forever.

33. Good morning, good night, good night, I will be upset.

34. Use my three fireworks to change your life.

35. Send a copy of the song, do not ask the end of the crowd

36. There are branches of wood in the mountains, and I don’t know if I am happy.

37. I went to the old age in the spring, and I lost my life.

38. Waiting for the flowers and the waves to be exhausted

39. Fenghua is a sand, and old is a period of time.

40. At both ends of the life, we stand side by side

41. Only a sense of sensation is a review, which makes me think about the dynasty

42. One flower and one world, one leaf and one pursuit. Said for a song, live for a man

43. If you are wild, I will accompany the wine.

44. If life is only as early as the beginning, then it is only ordinary.

45. If you are wild, I will accompany the wine.

46. ​​Toasting alone, drinking and snowing, still another year old

47. You love me, I love you, we love each other.

48. Holding hands with big hands, we have to go to the end with happiness

49. Infrequent contact does not mean that you don’t care

50. You have to know that there is another person around you who cares about you.

51. Love to the depths without complaints

52. I don’t need anyone’s favor, I can do it myself.

53. At least, now you are still with me, what else do I have to look forward to?

54. On the poor, the blue falls

55. I am enough to accompany you.

56. You are six hairs, six hairs, we can have two

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