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Consolation of a bad mood

1. When you haven't studied Buddha, you don't see anything. When you study Buddha, you have to look at everything very smoothly.

2. When you know the confusion, it is not pitiful. When you don't know the confusion, it is the most pitiful.

3. When he said, “Let's calm down for a while?”, say calmly, then hang up. Don't beg, he is not asking for your opinion.

4. Although things are lost, even if it is precious and has any defense, after all, the monks are good, understand? This is called "retaining the green hills, not afraid of no firewood." I hope this thing will not affect your mood anymore.

5. Be faithful to yourself and not deceive others.

6. People who are not enough to report well will often hear right and wrong; those who have enough for the good news have never heard of right and wrong.

7. Hurry and let your mood get better. You see that even today's sunshine is so bright and bright, you are trying to excuse you for your troubles. I hope that your dark mood will brighten up at this moment to meet a beautiful tomorrow!

8. Feelings are always difficult to say clearly. I know that breaking up is always sad, but in any case, I will always stand on your side and support you. Try to make yourself happy, ok?

9. Loneliness is a feeling, but long-term loneliness always makes individuals become more melancholy and sensitive. It is not easy to be happy. I really hope that you can be happy because we have all experienced sadness and failure.

10. To make a big difference, don't hurt anyone.

11. Destroying people only needs one sentence, but it takes thousands of words to cultivate a person. Please ask for more.

12. Almost everything is two-sided. If you only look at the negative side, your mood will naturally be low and depressed. Let yourself change your perspective and look at the problem from a positive side, which will get you out of your mood.

13. Remember what to remember and forget what to forget. Change can change, accept unacceptable.

14. When you are lonely, think about me. When you think about me, come see me. When you look at me, bring fruit, banana oranges and apples. Bananas mean you hurt me. Orange means you think about me. Apple means you love me.

15. Today's persistence will cause tomorrow's regret.

16. Praise us and admire us, this is not a famous teacher. We will tell us and instruct us. This is good knowledge. With them we will make progress.

17. Happiness is not eternal; pain is not eternal.

18. Happiness is not because of the amount of ownership but less

19. Happiness needs to know how to share, in order to double happiness.

20. Hold the greatest hope and do the worst for the best effort.

21. The curse of others will become your blessing.

22. Don't go to grief when you don't like it, think about the days of laughter.

23. Not every effort will be rewarding, but every harvest must work hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.

24. Don't take all the words out of your heart. These are the wealth that belongs to you only.

25. Don't worry about getting married, don't get married because you are too old, worrying about getting married is better than worrying about your husband's derailment, and getting a small divorce. It's just a matter of worrying about getting married, just worrying about getting married, and still feeling the same. In the days, my husband really wants to get divorced. That is really trouble.

26. Don't be afraid to do something wrong. Even if you are wrong, you don't have to worry about it. Life is right and wrong. What's more, there are many things. Looking back, right and wrong are no longer relevant.

27. Don't talk to a person and him in the same circle, no matter how reliable you think he is.

28. Don't regret, don't regret it anyway, regrets are more terrible than what you're doing wrong, because it destroys your self-confidence, self-esteem, and is likely to make you do something more wrong.

29. Don't think about the same problem over and over again. Don't put all your feelings on one person. You have parents and friends.

30. Don't be afraid to do something, don't be afraid to touch the scene, don't be afraid to say the wrong thing, don't be afraid to think of the past, don't be afraid to face the future.

31. Don't make any decisions when you are in tears. When you have negative emotions, talk as little as possible.

32. Don't pursue what results, everyone has the same result, that is, death.

33. When you don't know what to say to him, then don't say anything, silence has infinite meaning.

34. When you are upset, you have to tell yourself that all this is fake, what are you upset about?

35. When you are happy, you have to think that this happiness is not eternal. When you are suffering, you have to think that this pain is not eternal.

36. The arrogant is saved, and the inferior is not saved.

37. Without comparison, there is no strength; if there is no appreciation, the crow's voice will be the same as the skylark. If the nightingale sings in the noise during the day, people will never think that it is more beautiful than singing. How many things can be achieved because of the favorable environment

38. The realm of goodness has won a proper appreciation.

39. Everyone has life, but not everyone knows life and even cherishes life. For those who do not understand life, life is a punishment for him.

40. That person, suddenly not contacting you, is normal; that person, suddenly contact you again, is also normal, this does not explain.

41. There is no difference in heart, it is true asceticism.

42. Being able to press yourself down is the real honor.

43. Those who can conceive for others will never be lonely.

44. You don't bother yourself, and others can't bother you.

45. Don't always be dissatisfied with others, you should always review yourself. Dissatisfied people are suffering yourself.

46. ​​Your life is no longer only for you, but for all who love you!

47. You can have love, but don't cling, because separation is inevitable.

48. If you see the faults and right and wrong of all beings every day, you must hurry to repent. This is spiritual practice.

49. What you have now will become others with your death, so why not give it to those who really need it now?

50. When do you let go, when will you have no troubles? You must accept your life at any time, because you are human.

51. You want to master eternity, then you must control the present.

52. Love is the cause of distress, let go of your feelings, you can be free.

53. Sunrise in the East China Sea, the mountains are falling, and the day is also a day, and the day is also happy. When the incident is not thorny, the people are comfortable and the heart is comfortable.

54. If you don't understand, the mirror is coming, if you understand, don't say it, just smile.

55. In life, there is no need to worry about it. Every time you might think about your sweet love, deep sea-like affection, and alcohol-like friendship. Isn’t it enough? In fact, these are the strongest backings.

56. If you fall out of love, try to find some shortcomings of the other party, so that you are not too sad or sad. Learn to comfort yourself, okay? Make yourself a little more happy and less annoyed!

57. Do you still have a good job? Don't be too anxious at work, put your mind to be smooth, okay? Take time to relax yourself. I hope my love can bring you a refreshing mood.

58. If you have said it, you must do it. Even if it is stupid, it is better to be stupid than to say nothing.

59. It’s not that you have to go through it, because you’re doing it, but you’re listening to your destiny.

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