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Describe the fast time sentence 2019

1. Lose the East, and accept the mulberry.

2. The deceased is like a husband! Staying up late.

3. Go to the string and throw the arrow. .

4. One inch of time, one inch of gold, it is difficult to buy an inch of time.

5. The year is in spring, and the day is in the morning.

6. There is no morning in the day, and time is not coming back.

7. Zhishi is short-lived, and people know that night is long. .

8. What is the daylight?

9. When Baichuan is east to the sea, when will it return to the west.

10. Not enough to eat all day long, do not give up on the Yin.

11. The black hair does not know how to work hard, and the white head regrets reading late.

12. Flowers still have a reopening day, and life is no longer a teenager.

13. The Emperor of the Emperor was thirty years old.

14. The solar terms are not slender, and the years are not forgiving.

15. The wind is blowing in the wind, and the scenery is flowing west.

16. Time is like a shuttle

17. Time is like an arrow

18. Sanchunhua is good, and it is necessary to learn early. When flowers bloom, life is easy to get old. - "Worry Time"

19. The green tea in the Green Garden is waiting for the sun. Yangchun Budeze, all things shine. Often afraid of the autumn season, 尡 Huang Hua leaves decline. Baichuan east to the sea, when will return to the west. Young idler, an old beggar. - "Long Songs"

20. Yesterday, yesterday, how good yesterday! Today is annoyed. The world, but regrets yesterday, does not feel that today has passed. The water goes to the sun and the day is small. Successfully established today, waiting for tomorrow to regret the present. - "Yesterday Poetry"

21. Today is today, today is how little! Today is not, what is the matter? Life is a hundred years today, today is not a pity! If the words are waiting for the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty has a Ming Dynasty. For today's poems, please try to start today. - Wen Jia "Today's Poetry"

22. Tomorrow's Day, how many tomorrows will be! I will be born tomorrow, everything will be a success. The world is tired of tomorrow, and the spring is coming to the veteran. Look at the east of the water, look at the sun and the west, the century can be geometric tomorrow? Please listen to my tomorrow song. - Wen Jia "Tomorrow Song"

23. Three more lights, five chickens, it is when the men are reading. The black hair did not know how to study early, and the white first party regretted reading poetry late. ——Yan Zhenqing, “Encourage Learning”

24. Do not wait, white heads, empty and sad.

25. Years of age are similar, and ages are different.

26. Life geometry is like a frost. When there is no heavy, Hua is no longer yang.

27. Young and hard, the boss is sad.

28. The living should be in the south of the field, and the situation should be paid to the east.

29. It’s hard to come back in the prime of life. Timely and self-satisfied, the years are not waiting for people.

30. Tianbo is easy to thank, it is difficult to stay in the heat

31. Time is the biggest innovator

32. Have fun at any time

33. The author of great time, she can write the future ending

34. Time is a golden river, let it slip through your fingertips gently

35. Time is the least private, giving 24 hours to anyone; time is also the most private, not 24 hours for anyone.

36. Diligent people are the masters of time, lazy people are the slaves of time.

37. The nail is knocking in, the time is squeezed out.

38. People who use "minutes" to calculate time are fifty-nine times more likely to use "time to calculate time."

39. Life is like sunrise and sunset

40. Years of the month

41. Time 荏苒

42. Time is gone forever

43. The past can only be reminiscent

44. Things are people’s non-interest

45. Years are not forgiving

46. ​​Years of ruthlessness

47. It seems to be still yesterday

48. White gap

49. The deceased, such as Steve, stayed up late

50. Three autumns a day

51. One inch of time is one inch of gold, it is difficult to buy inch of inch

52. If the world is tired tomorrow, the spring will come to the veteran to

53. Looking at the east of the water, look at the sun and the sun

54. Life geometry is like a sunset. There is no heavy time, and China is not in the sun.

55. The flow of water falls and the spring goes to heaven and earth.

56. Advise the monarch to cherish the sorrow and sorrow

57. Tomorrow's Day, how many tomorrows, I will be born tomorrow, everything will be a success

58. Mo is idle, white head, empty and sad

59. Adolescents are easy to learn and old, and one inch is not light.

60. Three more lights and five chickens, it is the man who is reading, the black hair does not know how to work early, the white hair regrets reading late

61. Young and hard, the old man is sad

62. Years are difficult to stay, time is vulnerable

63. One person misunderstood, one year wrong

64. The year is in spring, the day is in the morning.

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