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Non-mainstream classic sentences

1. You give me a tear, I saw all the ocean in your heart.

2. You let me roll, I rolled. You let me come back, sorry, rolling away.

3. You thought that I would watch you go to death and I would close my eyes.

4. Do you think that the most sour feeling is jealous? No, the most sour feeling is that you are not entitled to jealous.

5. On the day you left, I decided not to shed tears, and greeted the wind with my eyes and eyes.

6. Women use friendship to reject love, and men use friendship for love.

7. A friend is a person who has seen you through, and who likes you.

8. Life is like a cup of tea, it won't last a lifetime, but it will always suffer for a while.

9. Silly and not stupid, depending on whether you will be stupid.

10. A donkey, eating the best grass, will not be a good horse. Practice with perseverance and separation, and further progress will not become a Buddha.

11. Use the indifferent attitude to live a good life.

12. Knowing it is knowing, I don’t know Baidu.

13. With a complex mood, look at complex life and take a complicated road.

14. The past is no longer coming back, and the return is no longer perfect.

15. Living in a tragedy shows that God makes me stronger.

16. The occasional memories of the past made me feel that my life is regressing.

17. Expectation, waiting, failure, life is so entangled.

18. There is no truth in life, only consequences and consequences.

19. If not strong, who will you look at?

20. Speak not to be offensive, not to be lethal, not to boast, not to raise people, and to naturally turn enemies into friends.

21. Although you hate a person, you can find out the advantages and benefits of him. There are so few people who are cultivated like this.

22. The so-called lay-off is to remove your separation, your heart, your heart, your heart.

23. All patients, doctors are the most difficult to treat, all sentient beings, self-righteous people are the most difficult to cross.

24. People who appreciate themselves too much will not appreciate the merits of others.

25. We do have the same advantages, but we also need to hide a few points. This is called conservation.

26. My future is not a dream, it is a question mark.

27. Learning Buddha is not a kind of sustenance for death, but living and surpassing it now.

28. To overcome the fear of death, you must accept the idea that all people in the world will die.

29. The heart is the biggest liar, others can lie to you for a while, but it will lie to you for a lifetime.

30. What is happiness? Happiness is that it is dawn to sleep, and the activity is dark.

31. A person who often looks at other people’s shortcomings is not good enough because he does not have time to review himself.

32. Love has come and passed, and hate and hate it. If you hurt, you will understand. Everything is wrong.

33. Don't see one love one, love too much, your love will depreciate.

34. When happiness ends, indifference begins, there is no reason, no reason is needed, everyone obeys silently; thin transparent glass, separated by two worlds, no one resists, no one escapes

35. When we move away from the stumbling blocks of others, it may be just paving the way for ourselves.

36. When tears flow down, I know that separation is another kind of understanding.

37. Have the courage to bow and raise your head.

38. It seems that the next second will fall down, and I will spend it in tears every day, and the unconscious tears will be left.

39. If one day we are not together, we must be together.

40. Before the court, the flower blossoms and falls, the honor and disgrace are not shocked, and the sky is clouded and clouded, and it is unintentional.

41. Everyone has a sorrow that wants to hide but wants to cover it. Everyone has a sorrow to hide but grow.

42. The love that is engraved behind the chair will be like a flower on the concrete, and a lonely forest without wind.

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