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1. Open your eyes, there are 2 of you in my eyes; bring glasses, there are 4 in my eyes; close your eyes, there are countless you in my eyes.

2. If you love you is wrong, I don't want to be right; if you are equal to not having you, I would rather be wrong for a lifetime.

3. If I am a rose, I will give you fragrance; if I am the sun, I will give you warmth; if I am a diamond, I will give you eternity; if I am your love, I will give you all of me.

4. It is my pursuit to love you for 10,000 years; it is my desire to love you for a thousand years; and kissing you once is the happiest time of my life.

5. Think of your feelings, sweetheart; love your feelings, joy and joy; hold your feelings, just like this life, willingly!

6. Tell me an address, let me go to your heart; give me a password and let me open your heart. Asking you a silly question, what should I do if I like you?

7. If I have a magic lamp, I will have three chances to make a wish. But as long as I only need one! I will make this wish: I want your countless future lives, and love you for 100,000 centuries!

8. You ask me how deep I love you. I can't say it. I only know that you have become a habit of my life. An indispensable habit. Every night, you can not eat or sleep, but you can't miss you.

9. I will always remember those days when I was with you. Happy, happy, happy, lost, sad, and painful all the days. I miss you very much, miss you very much.

10. The heart wants you to hear, love wants you to see, not afraid to admit how much you love you; when you miss you, I hope you can receive my true message!

11. I know that I can't stay with you. I know that all I can do is far away. Are you happy? Are you happy? I bless you silently.

12. Maple leaves are red, and it is time for more thoughts. I wish you blessing with the enthusiasm of maple leaf, I hope it will bring you unlimited warmth.

13. The farther apart, the deeper the thoughts; the longer it lasts, the more we miss; the long nights, when is the love of Acacia?

14. Thinking of you is a beautiful sadness and sweet sorrow. In the heart, it is a kind of warmth that cannot be expressed in any language.

15. Do you know how to miss someone's taste, just like drinking a large glass of ice water, and then it takes a long, long time to flow into tears.

16. If it is not because I love you, how can I still sleep late at night, every thought is about you, I miss you, miss you!

17. There is a kind of pain that I want to see and dare to see. This kind of love is still buried in my heart, and I am thinking more and more about you. I can only put you in my heart.

18. I really like you. I see you every day, I hear your voice, I am very satisfied. I feel very happy and happy with you.

19. Missing makes me mature, miss makes me hope, miss makes me intoxicated, miss makes me fantasies, but miss is better than seeing...

20. You left, leaving me with endless thoughts. But even if you can't see you again, it's enough to have this true affection.

21. Lonely night, you and me, Acacia, the cold wind, I am embracing you. May we always love each other! I don't think I love you enough, because I can only love you 24 hours a day.

22. I feel very lonely, except when I am with you, because I love you! I am afraid of electric shock when I see you; I don’t see you, I need to charge; without you, I think I will lose power.

23. The hardest part of life is not that no one understands you, but that you don't understand yourself.

24. If you still have a tiny me in your heart, please come back to me with a letter, I am infatuated, waiting for your reply! Only your letter can rescue me.

25. Don't leave too long, miss too much, often lost in the boundless expectation; under the lights of the winter night, the past stories, always set off my endless thoughts.

26. The weather is hot and cold, and it is difficult to calm down in this season. I always miss you in the distance. I am willing to raise a pigeon and let it fly to you every day. Even if it can be done simply, one action: Pull a bubble on your head!

27. Hundreds of roses wrinkled and faded in time. Thousands of gentle honey words are forgotten in time, disappearing, only my love for you will remain unchanged in time.

28. I am waiting for you, I don’t know how much courage I need. It is far more courageous than I love you three words. Not everyone is willing to wait, not everyone is worth waiting for. I am waiting for you, including a lot of helplessness, sadness, bitterness. Maybe you can't love it, maybe you can't love it. Anyway, I am waiting for your promise, which is far more beautiful than I love you. However, how much love can stand up to wait?

29. My site, you are the master. I am willing to be your slave, serve you every day, I will listen to your dispatch at any time, are you willing to let me serve you forever?

30. Don't let my love go out, one minute and one second in your life, you can't lack your love. You have a wonderful life. You are better than the world. Love me, please let go of my heart, let me be bold. Come in.

31. Which careless bartender is putting together the helplessness and carelessness, so that I can't wake up and wake up. Isn't love like this helplessness, when I miss you?

32. Into the wind, the details fly in the air, do not dare to look at your eyes, ask the breeze, dear friends, you may read my thoughts?

33. Actually, I care about you very much. Just didn't tell you! I really want to say "I love you!" In the days without you, the protagonist in the dream is you!

34. You are spring in my memories, you are water in my heart, you are far away in my thoughts, you are the scenery in my life forever!

35. You are at the tip of my heart. If you are not feeling well, I will suffer from all over the body. Get up, my dearest baby!

36. In fact, love is an onion head. If you peel off one by one, there will always be a tear that will make you cry. In this process you have to pay for perseverance, tolerance, patience and passion.

37. It is a coincidence to know you! It is a fault to fall in love with you! It is a sad thing to lose you! Thinking of you is a singer! It is a joy to have you! Wishing you happiness every day! Love you forever!

38. The beloved is not around, so that the lovers always miss their lament and make them feel great pain, but no short parting is more beneficial to deepen mutual affection.

39. Time is not a friend of the wine, the distance can not open the hands of the miss, bless you, forever and ever! May happiness always lick your head, happy to engrave your feet.

40. I finally lost you, in a crowd of people. Each has its own choices, each with its own happiness, each with its own unhappiness, warm and self-aware. It is not that we have forgotten the original intention, but that the original intention has gradually become more important than imagined. Only in memory, you love to talk, I love to laugh.

41. A love story, if it doesn't start, may be a ridiculous thing, but love is like this. It is just a moment of returning, and it is doomed to the mourning of two people. Although there is a beginning story, there is not necessarily a result, but love is to have expectations, illusions, and waits, and life will have a different kind of excitement.

42. Although the distance can separate you from me, it is the thought of you that cannot be separated. Whenever you look up and see the bright moon in the night sky, there is a thought in my moonlight, faint, scattered in front of your window.

43. What is the fate that guides us to know each other? In the encounter of life, the red line that is implicated in you and me is the real thing.

44. My heart is a small shop, but I can only come to miss every night. Therefore, I can only face the night alone, alone to dawn. Now, give an exclusive ad for you, open for a long time, welcome!

45. Thousands of thoughts, solidified in the air. Raise the wind to blow you, take my blessing, I don't care about loneliness, I am satisfied when you are happy, I think you are my happiness!

46. ​​Stay restrained on what you want and reject it without hesitation.

47. 25, God arranged us to know each other from knowing each other. There will be some stories of us. I don't know how the editors write the ending, but since I have appeared, I will try to make it a happy result. Even if there is an unreasonable regret, I will have a smile that has no regrets.

48. In the past few days, I really know what it means to fall in love with people. I miss the kind of uneasiness that I am eager for, and what kind of entanglement is horrifying.

49. Fall in love with your smile, fall in love with your kindness, and fall in love with your innocence. You are the other half of my destiny, love you. . . . .

50. Leaking long and fragrant, Yunfei has no shadow, and the sound of the sound of the birds lingers on the slim fingertips. Looking at the end of the world, it is the moon and the moon, which is dyed with thoughts, is the scene that cannot be erased in the heart. Perhaps, there is still an inch of hard-to-drink. The moon's condensate is like a pile, and the thoughts are filled with frowns inadvertently. Tonight, I am still there. Purple jade chills, a single standing back and the next jade string pearl, now you are where.

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