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What is the sentence like what

1. The little girl's mind is as pure as cotton.

2. The daffodil is beautiful, like a fairy standing in a small river and dressed in white.

3. Spring is like a beautiful girl, making the world colorful.

4. Spring is a magician. She melts the ice and snow and makes the grass break out.

5. Spring is a wonderful piece of music that makes the world alive;

6. Spring is a happy bird that makes the world vibrant;

7. Spring is a beautiful dance that makes the world full of smiles.

8. The bright moon of the bright moon hangs in the light blue sky, and the moonlight rushes down like water, and the earth is silvery white.

9. The moon slowly rose from the heart of the river, round and sparkling, like a silver plate.

10. The spring breeze is like a colorful pen, which makes the whole world more colorful.

11. The spring breeze is like a kind mother, holding your cheeks, making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

12. The cloud is like a white feather, floating gently in the air.

13. The color of the eastern sky is changing, such as frost maple, such as grenades, such as agate, such as amber.

14. The West Lake is like a piece of jasper, like a bronze mirror.

15. The stars shine like a pair of bright eyes in the night sky.

16. The green hills in the distance and the lake near you are covered in a gauzy morning mist, like an ink painting with a light makeup.

17. The pure heart of the little girl is like a flower bud that contains cockroaches.

18. There is no white cloud in the blue sky, like a blue glass.

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