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a painful sentence

1. Obviously you are doing something wrong. Why pretend to be very sad.

2. Imprints of different shades, paying for a smile.

3. The most painful pain is forgiveness, the darkest black is despair.

4. The scenery along the way, I can only forget while walking.

5. If I fell in love with your smile, how do I collect it? How do I have it?

6. They all said that they only know how to cherish after losing. In fact, the loss after cherishing is the most painful.

7. We are always practicing smiling and finally becoming a person who can't cry.

8. In fact, the wine is not intoxicating, just remembering the unbearable past when drinking

9. Remember, on a rainy day, you said that you will hurt me, now, it’s raining, and take away all our vows.

10. Gorgeous turn, gorgeous tears, gorgeous talk, don't love you.

11. The hand that you have been able to take can be emptied casually, those gentle, taken away by you.

12. Sometimes you close your eyes to see the cleanest world.

13. I know that it is a lie, but I will still be touched.

14. Red is not guilty, just too beautiful.

15. Use life to interpret your performances.

16. Some memories are lingering, and some memories can't be erased.

17. Recall that the water that is in the palm of your hand is still clenched, but the fact is that it will be cleaned from the outside of the finger.

18. I just want to ask you, if I look back, are you still there?

19. The happiness on your face can be seen by others. dog.

20. Many people tell you that there is a kind of sunshine that can penetrate your body and reach the heart. You don't believe it.

21. You can't see the way I was the most lonely forever, because I am the most lonely when you are not by my side.

22. Don't touch me if you don't love me.

23. Express the deepest love with the deepest hurt.

24. Looking at the world through tears, the whole world is crying.

25. It’s your pale waiting, ironic my attachment.

26. I am not missing you, but the fatal one you gave.

27. The most terrible word in the world is not separation, but distance.

28. It’s tired to cry for a long time, and it’s just someone else’s thought.

29. How can I get rid of it? The whim of fate.

30. I pretend that the past is not important. I found that I could not do it.

31. I used to think that you are oxygen. It turned out to be a farce.

32. One is afraid of loneliness and two are afraid to live up to it.

33. The promise of the broken land, pieced together yesterday.

34. What is the distance between us?

35. Fireworks are easy to get cold and easy to divide and you ask me if I am still waiting.

36. Once the sea was dry and stone, it was not good enough to get together.

37. You said that time will dilute everything, and distance will make us better.

38. You forgot to remember, I forgot to forget.

39. Some people will never know, one of his words, I will remember for a long time; one of his promises that he did not agree, I have to wait.

40. More irreparable things, old dreams, years, feelings for one person.

41. The breeze took away, it was unbearable to look back yesterday, but the years can not take away, but it is a long-lasting attachment.

42. The only thing that can't be wiped out and can't be erased is the memory buried in the bottom of my heart.

43. In fact, I have been waiting around you, waiting for you to rely on my shoulder to protest, will there be a day, your gentleness belongs to me, I will not let you sad, let your tears flow again.

44. If I change my mouth first, is the day still the same?

45. Forgetting a person is not a reminiscent of it, but an occasional reminder, but there is no longer a wave in the heart.

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